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7 Business Ideas With a Shipping Container

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Starting your own company can be one of the effective ways to boost your financial muscles. It allows you to do what you want, manage your schedules and control your destiny. That could be why thousands of businesses get founded each year.    

Despite the many benefits of running a business, it poses some challenges to potential and already-business owners. One of them is a financial constraint, especially when they’ve decided to construct their own business premises. For that reason, most people end up not venturing into their dream businesses. Little did they know that they could hire or buy shipping containers and run their companies from there. However, not every kind of business can work well with shipping containers.    

That said, here are some business ideas that can utilize shipping containers:    



1. Fashion Shop  

If you’ve got little capital but want to start your own business, opening a fashion shop could be an ideal option. This is because this type of business is easy to scale. You can start small and grow big.    

Besides, most fashion merchandise offers a high-profit margin apart from being in demand. So, a fashion shop can enable you to generate more sales and profits.  

You might not need a huge space when starting a small fashion shop. That’s why you can consider a shipping container. Shipping containers come in different sizes. You can therefore find one that best suits your dream fashion shop.    

2. Book Shop 

Another type of business you can run in a shipping container is a bookshop. Books and related materials are always in high demand.  

Learners want books to boost their education; tourists need novels to read when relaxing at the beach; a gardener will need a book to guide them in farming. Therefore, you won’t lack customers for your bookshop.    

Unlike most businesses, a bookshop doesn’t demand too much space. You only need an area to set up a few shelves and a space where you can put a chair and a computer for monitoring transactions. You can consider a shipping container for a small bookshop.  

3. Real Estate Office 

Today there’s a high demand for real estate properties. Most people worldwide are looking forward to owning lands, homes, buildings, etc. Therefore, you can start a real estate business and earn a livelihood.   

It’s no doubt that most real estate activities happen in the field. However, you will need a small office to meet with clients and other stakeholders.    

Constructing a permanent office for your real estate business can cost you a lot of money. You’ll have to purchase building materials, apply for construction permits, and pay builders and laborers. It may potentially harm your finances. You can avoid that by using a shipping container.    

Most shipping containers aren’t expensive. Besides, they are portable. You can always have them carried near your current real estate project. It allows you to connect with customers easily.  

4. Health Clinic 

Are you passionate about improving other people’s health or well-being? If yes, you can consider opening a health clinic. However, you need to be trained in health matters and obtain the right licensing before starting your hospital.    

You can rent or build a permanent building where you can run your health clinic. However, you can reap more benefits by utilizing shipping containers. As noted earlier, shipping containers are inexpensive. Using them enables you to save on startup costs.   

Besides, shipping containers are helpful, especially when you want to offer mobile health services. Some instances may require you to go to the field to meet patients. For example, you may need to camp for a few days in an area where people have been affected by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc.     

Also, some organizations may request you to accompany their workers when going to concerts or outdoor festival activities. Having a shipping container can make work easier for you as a clinical officer.  

5. Daycare Center 

Another business idea where you can utilize shipping containers is a daycare center. It is an institution that supervises young children (non-school going), especially when their parents are at the workplace.    

Starting a daycare center doesn’t require a lot of space. It is especially true if you’re dealing with a few kids. That makes shipping containers the best option.    

Even if you’ve many kids to take care of, it’d still be a good idea to utilize shipping containers. Why? Constructing a permanent daycare center might cost you a lot of money. Minimize costs by renting or purchasing shipping containers to build spacious or two-story daycare centers.  

6. Gym Studio  

Doing exercise plays a significant role in promoting people’s health. They help enhance both the physical and cognitive well-being of a person. That’s why you can find many people going to gym studios. You can take that opportunity to open a gym studio and make money.    

While a gym can enable you to earn a living, a good one will require a heavy investment. You’ll have to buy equipment and construct a building. But the good news is that you can minimize the start cost by finding shipping containers.    

Buying containers is cheaper compared to constructing a permanent building. Besides, they don’t occupy a large area. You may only need to set a small one in your compound. 

7. Bakery Shop  

Running a bakery shop doesn’t require a big area. Most bakery items like cakes are bought on a takeaway basis. That’s a scenario where customers buy your products and consume them at home. That makes shipping containers a perfect place to set up your bakery shop since you will not need much space for dine-in tables and chairs.    

A shipping container can be a convenient place to bake your products. It also promotes privacy while allowing you to generate sales.    



If you’re considering opening a small business, you can opt for shipping containers rather than constructing a permanent building. They’re cheap and portable. You can move with them to any place of interest.    

As you’ve seen in this article, there are several business ideas you can consider running in a shipping container. Select the one you’re most passionate about. After deciding on a business idea, ensure you find suitable shipping containers with quality and security features and other factors.

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