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Keeping Fans Engaged in the Stadium: The Top Tips for Effective Sports Advertising

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Sporting arenas and stadiums draw huge crowds and for sports advertisers, these crowds present them with numerous opportunities to promote their brands. Advertising in-stadium has plenty of advantages to offer for those involved in sports advertising, but only if it’s done right.

In this article, you’ll get to know some of the most effective tips for keeping sports fans engaged when they’re inside the stadium. So, read on.


Low-tech advertising options

These days, advertisers are increasingly exploring tech-based advertisement options, which involve engaging fans through their smartphones. While that’s definitely an avenue you should explore as well, you shouldn’t forget low-tech options such as:

  • Restroom ads
  • Sideline and wall banners
  • Billboard ads
  • Cupholders
  • Stairway ads
  • Posters across halls and concourses
  • Wraps and court branding
  • Branded areas such as smoker’s rooms and VIP lounges

The options tend to be more limited in public or local outdoor arenas, but despite the restrictions, there are numerous opportunities as well.

Modern, high-tech options

Modern stadiums and arenas offer way more than conventional, low-tech sports advertisement options. At such stadiums and arenas, you can employ one or more of the following ideas:

  • TV-visible signage that can be viewed on-site as well
  • Ads placed on LED signs and scoreboards
  • Digital courtside banners (ideal for hockey and basketball games)
  • Brand experiences and sponsored events
  • Advertising through in-stadium apps

As technologies undergo further evolutions, more options are bound to be available soon for more effective sports advertising than ever before.

Make the ads crisp and concise

Funny commercials are fantastic for grabbing people’s attention, but how many times have you remembered a humorous advertisement but couldn’t remember the products and/or services being advertised? This is something you don’t want to experience with your adverts, especially when you have such a tremendous potential to reach a large number of people at one go. So, make it clear who you are and what you do through your advertising efforts.  

Achieve consistency through your advertising

From stadium advertisements to your website or retail outlet, your brand’s design must be consistent across all platforms. Long after a game comes to its conclusion, consistency will facilitate people knowing your brand, especially when they encounter you online or somewhere else.

Give value to the audiences

Potential buyers will remember your brand if your ad provides them with value, and they will be increasingly likely to assume that the items or services you sell will give them value too. Make sure that anything you’re spending money on will benefit the consumer, whether it’s an ad placed on the exterior of a beer cup or a spot on the in-stadium app.

Make use of social media

Fans are hooked to their phones even at athletic events. This is advantageous for businesses wishing to promote themselves at sporting events or matches since consumers will have immediate access to your web presence. Customers will check your social media profiles once they see your commercials on the field or in other parts of the stadium. You should make sure that your social media is up to date, aesthetically attractive, and consistent with the brand’s message.

Pay attention to ad placement

Check your contract again to make sure you understand when and where the ads will appear. Imagine how bad it would end up if there’s any misinterpretation due to the tiny print and your ad was put in a dark area of the arena where no one would notice it. Instead, make sure that the ad is in a prominent location and if it’s a digital ad, that it’s viewed at the right time.

Try to create interactive ads

The design of a good advertisement is only the beginning. Allow your target audience to engage with your ads. Depending on the technology you have at your disposal, this might look like a variety of things. Still, having a baseball throw, a branded picture booth, or another interactive event can suffice. You have built something that your audience will remember when you can physically engage them.

Embrace negative space

We recommend you to use negative space in all your in-stadium advertisements, following the same reasoning as utilizing just a few colors. Customers will be able to take in more of your ad and grasp what you’re attempting to say thanks to the extra space in the advertisement. On the other hand, an ad with too much text or photos clogs up the image, making it difficult to interpret the message.

Opt for frequent advertising

There should only be one ad running at any given time throughout the game. Instead, promote often so that your brand may capture people’s attention many times during the night. Apart from employing repeated advertising, showing your advertisement numerous times throughout a game is required since consumers may overlook it when it is shown the first few times. With all the enthusiasm around their team, your message will need to be seen and heard more than once for it to sink in.


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