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Advantages of Incorporating Your LLC Online

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There are benefits that come with incorporating your LLC online. Most of these reasons are pretty much more or less the same with incorporating it offline. However, there are a couple of reasons why incorporating it online may bring you a couple more benefits. In case you are looking out for platforms to incorporate your llc online, here are some online incorporation services for businesses.

1. Generally Saves Some Time

Incorporating your LLC online means just that, incorporating it over the internet. You can register your LLC in the matter of anywhere from just a few minutes to a couple of hours. The time depends on the state you are in. Different states have different “time zones” in completing your incorporated businesses online. You can do it via your PC, tablet, and even your phone. All you need are the correct set of documents and you’re good to go.

2. “Bypass” the Need of a Lawyer

Business owners generally hire a lawyer to advise them on the structure of their business nature. Sometimes they hire lawyers to advise them on the tax laws, federal laws, business laws, business structures, and whatnot.

However, when you decide to incorporate your business online, you may choose to bypass the need for a lawyer. It help saves time when you bypass one. It’s not saying there is no need for one. It’s great to hire a lawyer to advise you on the abovementioned. This is because you are able to understand your business structure better in the long run.

3. May Save You Some Money

Incorporating businesses online generally cost less than US$100 most times. Some services offer the service for around US$79 to US$99 just for you to incorporate your business online. Which is a pretty big deal as not everyone or every state incorporates their businesses for less than US$100.

However, you will have to take into consideration that the abovementioned fee is just for incorporating your business. There are government fees that you will also have to pay on top of the incorporation fees. The government fee differs and varies from state to state that you reside in or choose to open a business in.

That just means that if you live in one state, your incorporating fee and your government fee may be cheaper than the ones in some other states. There are reasons for it and you should be prepared for it too.

4. Name Search “Made Easier”

Since that everything is done online, it can also mean that the name search for your business is a lot easier. We are sure that you do not want to register a business name that is similar to another business within the same state you are in (or in the same country for that matter). Having said that, all you have to do is to run a quick search of the company name to make sure that you are not copying someone else. After all, we are sure that you do not wish to plagiarize another company.

Again, we will like to mention that the name search may vary from state to state. They have different ways of doing it. So we’d advise for you to “be prepared” in how some states do their company name searches.

5. Same Document Requirements

If you choose to incorporate your documents online, it pretty much needs the same set of documents offline. Some people may think that there are no differences here, which is true. However, people often forgot that submitting the same set of documents online mean that the state will need consistency from everyone.

People will also forget that incorporating it online will also save them a lot of time and effort in needing to go to the center in person. Doing it online requires less formalities so to speak. Just think of never having to go to the center in person and having to deal with the officers and executives.

6. Company Name Trademark and Protection

We have previously mentioned that you are able to search for your company name online to see if it has been taken. Let’s say if your company name has not been taken. You can go ahead and register for it, and have it trademark. The process doesn’t really take a lot of time and is pretty much straightforward.

As soon as you have registered your company name and have it trademarked, you can be rest assured that your company has been protected. Nobody can take that company name away from you as it has already been protected. And yes, you are able to do this online just as much as people who chose to do it offline in person.

But just in case your company name has been rejected, all you need to do is to change for another name. Then go through the same process again. All you need to do is to do the name search on their online database again and file articles under a numbered corporation. It takes a while but it should not be long.


In conclusion, the bottom line is that incorporating your business online has just as much benefits as filing it offline or in person. The difference is that sometimes it may take less time for you to incorporate it online than it does for you to do it offline. Sometimes, incorporating your business online may even take less time for it to be approved than doing it offline.

Otherwise, incorporating your business online should not be as different as it is if you do it offline.

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