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How Can You Get Hired as An Outsourced CFO by a CFO Service provider?

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Technology has allowed a lot of professionals to thrive as consultants and provide their services to firms across the globe in a bid to ensure that they are not restrained in their earning potential only by the salaries they receive. The same applies to CFOs in today’s world.

In previous times, if you were a CFO, you would just have to suffice for a job in a company that paid you a fixed amount of salary each month. But now, with the global outsourcing trend gaining steam, CFOs can offer their services to specialized outsourced CFO Service providers and open up another steady and lucrative stream of revenue for themselves.

But how exactly can you get hired by an outsourced CFO Service provider? Is it the same as applying for a job? Well, not exactly. You will definitely need to search for vacancies in firms that offer outsourced CFO services, but the process here is entirely different from a conventional job search.

To help you gain a much better perspective on things, here is a comprehensive guide on how you can get hired as an Outsourced CFO by a CFO Service provider:

Gain The Relevant Credentials

First things first, you need to match the credentials as required by outsourced CFO Service providers. You might think that just your academic qualifications are enough for this, but this is just one of the many things required to get work as an outsourced CFO.

Modern day CFO service providers utilize the latest tools, processes and professional standards to get their work done and if you don’t know about them, then you won’t probably make the cut.

So if you do want to increase your chances, go out there and search for the most relevant industry certifications related to these processes and acquaint yourself with the technologies used in this sphere to have a solid chance of securing a position as an outsourced CFO.

Amplify Your Network

Having the right contacts is crucial in almost everything we do in the business world today and the same holds true for the prospect of getting a job as an outsourced CFO.

You should be actively moving ahead at getting to know people who run firms that offer CFO services or those that work in them. You can achieve this via a multitude of methods like reaching out through Linkedin, attending industry conferences, personal reach outs etc.

Here you should remember one important thing i.e. be personalized in your approach. The chances of a custom message getting a response are far higher than sending out a generic message to everyone you know in your circle. Personalization is key here.

The bigger your network is, the more chances you have of coming across the opportunity of working as an outsourced CFO.

Follow Social Handles Of CFO Service Providers

We all know that social media is now the fastest way to get the word out about anything out there so it should come as no surprise to you that CFO Service providers also use social media platforms to announce vacancies or positions for outsourced CFOs.

From Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, you cannot shun out any platform for this.

So know its only the case of how many such CFO service providers you are following and how actively you are following them.

And once you come across such a post, be sure that you act on it and fill in all the requirements as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting considered with top priority.

Provide Pro-Bono Services

Even if you don’t get work as an outsourced CFO, you should never stop working on building your profile and ensuring that you have a high amount of validation for your work even before you start working in a professional capacity with a CFO service provider.

Outsourced CFOs do a tons of different tasks for a business and if you have a friend or a contact that has a firm which needs any of these tasks performed, then offer your services for that.

This will ensure that you have prior experience in knowing what a firm expects when they hire an outsourced CFO for their F&A tasks. You can then throw in this experience you have accumulated along with your academic qualifications and industry certifications when applying for a vacancy as an outsourced CFO, thereby increasing your chances of the firm considering you as a profile that they need to work with.

On top of this, you can earn some much needed money and make this a consistent side hustle till the time you get noticed by an outsourced CFO Service provider.

Become an Industry Thought Leader

This is one of the most important trends that you need to follow if you want to get noticed by an outsourced CFO provider. Industry thought leadership is now a thing that millions of business leaders and workers follow across the globe in order to get relevant insights and solutions related to existing problems in the industry.

And moreover, such thought leadership is scant in the accounting domain if you compare it with other domains like marketing, so if you manage to become one by pushing out your thoughts then you will be noticed much more quickly than others by outsourced CFO Service providers.

Here, the best platform to use is Linkedin. Once you increase your contacts on this platform, use the posts and article features to share out your thoughts on a consistent basis. This will amplify your reach within the industry by making more people follow you.

Wrapping Up

As businesses come to the realization that outsourced CFO services are a whole lot cheaper than getting a full time CFO on board, among a myriad of other advantages that accrue from engaging with an outsourced CFO, the demand for people willing to work as an outsourced CFO will rise in the upcoming future. So, if you begin your search now and apply these methods, you will surely get hired as an outsourced CFO by a CFO Service provider very soon.

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