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Rati Chelidze Uses Strategic Advantages To Set up New Fintech Services

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Many businesses have been forced to shift to online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial enterprises that have been obstinate to digital trends and insisted on traditional models of accessing the market are steadily losing their share market. Digital transition necessitates knowledge and awareness of online security standards. Loss of funds continues to be a persistent issue affecting online transactions, and it undermines the credibility of e-commerce. This is where modern FinTech solutions come into the picture.

The indispensable contribution of proactive new technology companies has redefined the security of online payments. Rati Tchelidze, the founder of Axios Holding, has built up a number of financial companies by recognizing the competitive advantages of the FinTech industry. This is achieved by formulating futuristic concepts and working with other like-minded tech companies to innovate realistic digital solutions tailored to the complex existence of modern lifestyles. It’s not coincidental that a handful of the world’s leading companies that develop custom-built platforms for online payments belong to Axios Holding.

Digital e-payments channels have experienced a dramatic turning point in the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, which led to the implementation of radical containment measures. The government imposed lockdown has instigated a drastic shift in consumer patterns, increasing the demand on e-commerce platforms and, consequently, improving digital transactions. Recent statistics reveal that an additional 50% of global consumers now prefer transacting online, and a substantial percentage will continue with digital payments even after the pandemic is curbed.

Online payment methods existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic, although they assumed a secondary role in the business world. Most people had inhibitions against e-payments, fearing online fraud, and exposing their banking data to potential scammers. Even though e-commerce operators actively implemented data protection protocols, consumers were still hesitant to venture into digital payments up until the pandemic forced them to. What’s even more interesting is that first-time digital consumers are taking to the convenience offered by e-commerce platforms.

Accelerated eCommerce

Cash flow is always the “lifeline of all companies” but during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in online engagement by users seeking alternatives to traditional financial institutions. Leading companies within the European FinTech industry offer a diversity of money services ranging from investment management to transaction processing. Trusted companies offer alternative money and investment services to provide an all-in-one money management platform with optimized security protocols. From such engagement, the European companies stay ahead with cutting-edge digital solutions integrating artificial intelligence with human resources, complementing life during the pandemic with safety and privacy in online platforms, offering top-notch workplace technology, and so much more!

Seamless Business Transactions

Digital businesses are characterized by massive and frequent transactions. That said, a lot of attention and commitment is required to sustain a secure online transaction channel. Using traditional payment methods as a primary mode of transacting limits an enterprise’s potential. BigWallet Payment is one of the most successful companies within the FinTech vertical of Financial Transactions. The brand prioritizes customers’ ease of making both local and global payments. A modern payment platform must be able to facilitate customers’ payments to or from any part of the world and deliver fast reports on transactions regardless of any unprecedented factor. Moreover, they must also allow for numerous payment options, including credit cards, prepaid vouchers, and local bank transfers.

Personal Finance For Everyone

Not many online platforms have the credibility to offer simple and secure ways of making money available for everyone and that’s why some FinTech companies focus on closing this gap. By providing a concise online application and processing methods, these companies stand as a better option than traditional banks. A major downside of banking institutions is the cumbersome procedures. Companies with custom-built financial platforms use simple yet understandable terms in line with the new era of personal finance. Services like this have come in handy, especially during the pandemic, as people refrain from socialization as well as exchanging physical materials such as documents. The ability to use relatable methods to effectively manage financial issues through smart devices such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. has successfully eliminated impromptu visits to the bank!

Investments and Project Creation/Management

Modern investment platforms must be able to serve different users and their specific needs, from start-up investments to global, large-scale projects. During the pandemic, it’s become even more difficult to hold meetings especially since large projects often involve investors from different countries. An investment platform must be able to connect project managers with investors globally and across industries. One example is the Global Innovation Fund, established with the core objective of facilitating teamwork between investors and project owners. The platform offers project owners the strategic tools to manage submitted projects by providing critical support. Additionally, the organization offers options to either take action on behalf of the project owners or guide them accordingly to make informed decisions.

Brokerage and White Label Services

In addition to the business obligations discussed above, investors may require white label and brokerage services. This need has created another FinTech vertical, an industry with the most favorable conditions to facilitate these services. Besides improving sales by associating investors’ products with prestigious names in the market, the versatility of technology by the recognized brands facilitates a quick responsive customer support system that further contributes to the success of e-commerce. With the timely provision of critical market information, traders have strategically positioned steps ahead of competitors in the market. For investors seeking to start a white label, they need to develop a product that adequately covers the basic necessities and offers reporting tools, among other critical requirements.

Safety precautions are paramount in the uncertain times posed by Coronavirus induced recession. Nonetheless, the crisis shouldn’t hinder digital businesses from thriving. Smart decisions and exercising caution are key factors when choosing an online service provider for business or personal use since not all are equally reliable.

In truth, the companies within FinTech verticals mentioned in this article provide the major financial services needed to start and even manage a modern business brand successfully. What’s more, all these can be achieved in the comfort of your home!

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