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How to Choose the Best Retailer for Your Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Needs

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Some may argue that where you buy a product is more important than what you buy. We would argue that both matter. In the case of refrigeration equipment, keeping stocked food items cool is an art – one that is mastered by a retailer and crafted as a solution in the form of appliances.

Products are continually evolving, and while you may be sold on a particular item, you should be equally as certain on the retailer.

Below are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a retailer for industrial refrigeration equipment.

Life-Long Warranties

The confidence of retailers in their products is often reflected in the length of their warranties. If you are paying a steep price for a quality product, it is a good idea to ensure that if it breaks prematurely or has manufacturer defects that you are able to replace it or claim a refund to minimize the collateral damage.

Common extended warranty periods range from 2 to 5 years. Due to the expensive nature of commercial appliances, if the retailer or manufacturer offers a longer warranty period for a set amount of money, you may be wise to take that offer. We understand the upfront cash might be tight for a newer business, but it will be worth it in the long-term if you do end up needing the fix.

Free Servicing

Selecting an appliance that is durable and of good quality is of the utmost importance. Besides this, regular maintenance is critical to the upkeep of a healthy refrigerator. Conveniently, many suppliers offer to service their products – some free charge.

These services could include free installation, 24/7 assistance, maintenance, remote monitoring services, energy control services, compliance services, upgrades and modernization packages. All of these services strive to reduce costs, energy savings and operational efficiency for the entire life cycle.

These are generally performed by highly qualified technicians. They can handle a diverse range of refrigeration equipment and help keep yours up and running.

Maintenance is a non-negotiable in the lifetime of a refrigerator. So, it is worth making sure that the servicing is either free or affordable.


Functionality and ease of use are essential aspects of industrial refrigeration equipment. When selecting a retailer, it is important to determine whether their products meet the requirements you need. You may also need to consider whether their style fits the specific aesthetic of your business.

With growing enterprises, owners need to consider both their current needs and the needs for specific appliances in the future. It is best practice to select a company that can meet all these cooling needs and more. This will help ensure that you avoid unnecessary administration with multiple companies for servicing.


While a good product can come from anywhere, it definitely pays off to have the peace of mind knowing that an appliance that has been assembled by a company with many years’ worth of a good track record.

There are several factors to consider when selecting a refrigeration system ranging from size to energy usage to servicing and functionality.

Reputable retailers don’t only have the experience to create products that effectively provide solutions to these challenges, but do so in a way that goes beyond the needs of the customer.

Counting The Cost

Costs are always central to any business decision. Long-term costs are fundamental, particularly with respect to refrigeration – both in terms of energy usage and maintenance. The greater the upfront cost (for a quality product), the more likely the buyer is to reduce the incurred long term costs.

Some retailers offer refurbished pre-owned refrigeration units. These may be viable (although more risky) option should your company be looking for a cheaper solution. I have plenty of stories where businesses went this route and regretted it later on. They ended up paying more in the end compared to purchasing a new unit because of the repair costs that were needed along the way.

Either way, it is always essential to do your research to find the best deals and remain within your company budget. No-one wants to go under because of a refrigerator.

In A Nutshell

Choosing to invest in a brand and buying into brand loyalty is sometimes essential. What determines whether the move is beneficial or to the detriment of the company lies in your choice of retailer?

There are thousands of factors that you could investigate when selecting a retailer for your industrial refrigeration equipment. But, they all freeze down to whether the retailer can give you what your business needs (currently and in the future), and whether they have your back in the long run.

If the answer to these matters is yes, then it’s safe to say that you’ve found your refrigeration retailer.

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