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What Kind of Data Management Tools are Being Used by the Top Companies?

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Almost every aspect of a business organization leads to the generation of some amount of data. In today’s generation, data is at the core of every business operation and is considered to be the most valuable resource that a company can own. Owning the best data management tools could help you minimize potential errors in business operations.


What is Data Management?

Data management could be described as the process business organization gathers, stores, accesses and secures data. Data is collected from business software that is used by different departments within an organization. Data management tools unify these data and store them in one spot. It thus provides businesses with easy access to their data analytics to seize opportunities and expand their business.

DAMA International states, “Data management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices, and procedures to manage the information life cycle needs of an enterprise effectively.”

It enables employees across the organization to have quick access to information without wasting any time. It also allows businesses to stay flexible and quickly adjust to changing market trends.

The benefits of Data Management          

  • Significant reduction in time and cost
  • Increases data accuracy by reducing manual error
  • Helps a company to become more flexible
  • Access to high-quality data for accurate analysis
  • Ensures data security
  • To have consistent data architecture that scales with the enterprise.
  • Consolidates data across various sources for increased efficiency.

data management tools

Data Management Tools

Some of the data management tools that are being used by the top companies are:

SaaS Tools

SaaS tools are highly preferred by top companies as it makes data access quite easy. It is a cloud-based system that gives elements to streamline single or numerous business functions. SaaS tools make running a business much easier. SaaS tools are mostly sizable which implies that with the growth of the business, SaaS tools can adopt simultaneously. SaaS tools help in reducing the requirement for human labor resulting in less manual error. SaaS tools possess the ability to cover every aspect of a business. There are different SaaS tools for project management, sales, digital marketing, organizational communication, customer support, and many more.

API Tools

API data management tools are mostly used by businesses that operate in the IT and Software industry. API tools help to set up a definite set of rules for applications and systems to interact and connect. Whether you are connecting modular components of a micro-services-based application or a new application to an IT infrastructure, API tools are the most cost-effective and fastest way to establish those connections. API tools are also very flexible and have a loosely-coupled structure that enables minimizing the chances of coding conflicts, making faster changes, testing new services, and many more.

Test Data Management Tools

Here’s another crucial tool. Test data management tools help to manage the robust end-to-end business needs of testing an application. Data is present in all formats and is spread across various systems in a business organization. A team often finds the need to find the right sets of data depending on the test cases and according to their requirements. These teams must locate the right data in the correct format, within a stipulated time. This has led to the increasing need for test data management tools in top companies around the world. Manually locating and retrieving the right data is time-consuming and lowers the efficiency of the process.

The process of test data management generally involves provisioning, data masking, scripting, cloning, and data generation. Automation of these activities is extremely helpful for companies, as it quickens the procedure and makes it significantly more proficient. Automating these processes also assures the quality of test data during the testing process.

iPaaS Tools

iPaaS consists of a set of tools that helps to integrate a large number of software applications. This too is extremely useful for businesses that run enterprise-level systems, to integrate data and applications. iPaaS tools help in the development, execution, and governance of integrating flows that connect any cloud-based or on-premise applications, services, and processes. iPaaS tools provide companies with simple workflow automation solutions.

Most of the iPaaS tools that are available in the market are user-friendly and the operator does not require having deep tech knowledge. The majority of the iPaaS tools use point-and-click connectors to provide basic workflow automation. iPaaS helps in the assembly of the needs of an organization into a cloud-based tool set that is designed to handle the increased data volume. iPaaS tools help to make the overall technology infrastructure very simple for a company, by making a virtual stage that interfaces applications and assets to make a reliable design.


In Conclusion

The future is data-driven and so businesses must use some type of data management tool. There are a wide number of data management tools that are available in the market. You, however, need to decide the right one, based on your business requirements.

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