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How NFC Application Development Can Be Useful for Businesses

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The combination of the world’s most popular mobile device, i.e, Smartphones with the novel NFC Technology, has provided today’s business with varieties of opportunities like Digital payments, access controls, smart advertising, and many more.

It is thus making its potential virtually limitless. NFC or the Near Field Communication is that invisible technology that is evolved from RFID and is being embedded in the objects around us to enable users interactions. NFC application development is technically feasible, commercially viable, and is being leveraged in almost all real-world applications.

What is NFC?

NFC i.e. Near Field Communication one of the most common feature that smartphone possesses. It is a simple, fast, and safe short-range wireless communication method that is being utilized by business these days for contactless payments, digital content sharing, and many more. It is a connection between two devices by a simple touch. NFC has lesser power consumption and allows it continuos usage with minimum effect on battery drain when compared with other systems like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

It has more simple security features compared to them. With NFC technology-based solutions, no configuration is required, and you can forget about complex passwords or pairings. They are not needed you just have to hold the NFC enabled devices close to each other for its efficient working.

Usage of NFC Applications in Business

NFC has become one of the most prominent valuable tool being used these days as part of business marketing strategies. NFC technology is not just a device to device or mobile to mobile technology; it is much more than that and includes the use of tags, which allow for its more expanded usage in Business.

It has become one of the most efficient technologies being used these days, thus making businesses discover more prominent ways to be used in their marketing efforts. Here are some of the means through which NFC application development can play a vital role in business.

Digital Contactless Payments

This was the first and foremost reason for using NFC technology in business as digital payment solutions via NFC can increase the real-time payments and thus enhancing the UX by speeding up at the checkout line. This contactless digital payment idea is being used in the B2B business as well. This mobile money payment solution would be used more efficiently during these COVID19 times when people are avoiding cash and contract payments.

During this pandemic situation and in the B2B market, the business could include this technology on their printed invoices, which would allow customers to pay quickly using their mobile devices.

Promotional Marketing Materials

Even though digital marketing has become part of business, but still many businesses maintain a brick and mortar store and always follow the promotional techniques of Traditional marketing.

For them, the usage of NFC application can be a breeze. For example: While printing posters, newsletters, or any promotional materials, one can include the NFC tag to be used by the customers Mobile device. This can work similarly to the QR code scan through which the consumers can reap the rewards too, like 25% off coupon, bonus, etc..

Product Information

This is one of the most commonly NFC application usage being followed by the business in which one can have easy access to all product and service information for there customers. Like promotional techniques, as discussed above, NFC technology can be included on product displays too so that when shoppers access it, they can receive detailed information about the product, a recipe, or other applicable content being fitted into the NFC chip.

Tracking of Employees

One more usage of NFC technology for a business that would enhance the consumer’s experience effectively is Tracking the employees. This usage of NFC application can be useful for businesses like Departmental stores or showrooms in which complete monitoring of salesperson and other employees becomes a must.

NFC can be used in such a store to monitor employees to check who is available for assisting any customer, who is one break, when individuals checked in, and how the employees are performing their tasks. The manager can have this valuable information just simply scanning the phone on the NFC tag. This information would help him know everything to keep their business running efficiently and effectively.

Business Meetings

This NFC technology can be used in Business meetings to share the information, file, documents with the co-workers at the time of the meeting so that the resources like Ink, paper can be saved. Through this, everyone has a copy of the item that is going to be discussed in the meeting with zero wastage.

Quality Control

Quality plays a vital role in the Business sector. NFC tags are being used by the Business these days to check the authenticity of the product. Manufacturers are using NFC tags so that anyone with the NFC application can read the tag data, which includes the information being fitted by the manufacturer and thus confirms the authenticity of the product.

Quality check plays a prominent role in businesses like manufacturers of luxury wines, brand clothing, and accessories, as well as medicines and equipment.

Identification and Access

NFC applications are being used to access a room, car, certain premises, events, and many more. So that one can have the data for the same. It is also being used to confirm the authenticity of boarding passes, tickets, etc. by many of the businesses in the aviation sector. These days many 5-star hotels are offering NFC support instead of a card for not just digital payments but also to access the rooms.

Identity plays a vital role during the time of exhibitions, conferences, and other events where there are thousands of participants. At that time, making unique identification cards and passes becomes an additional expense for the organizer, but by using NFC application, these expenses, as well as resources, can be saved to utilize somewhere else to make the event a grand success.


NFC Technology has become the talk of the town. The list of mobile phones, other devices, and its users are getting increased day by day. Even though it is being considered as an emerging technology, its usage is boosting up rapidly. The most significant advantage of using an NFC application in business is its Versatility feature. There are many usages of NFC in business, and the list keeps growing as it’s you who have to decide how NFC can be used in your business for your growth.

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