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How to Choose the Best Shipping Software for Your Business

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You can have the best-sophisticated system in the world to set up to market your product. Which in return, also generates sales leads, encourages the customers, and thereafter closes the sale.

But at the end of the day, you will be having a big bundle of orders to label and ship.

The eCommerce software solution should not at all end when once the transaction gets finalized. With this, you also need a shipping software that will directly lead you to the labeling process of orders. Moreover, gets the order out of the door with the features that will support eCommerce business and an affordable price point.

The major point of difference of eCommerce industries from that of the technology industry is it’s in physical fulfillment. Thus, once you occupy the cash, further you have to fulfill your shipping and delivery promises made prior.

The whole post-purchase experience, including the way of shipping, is considered as an extension of your brand. Placing the customers at the top in the post-purchase process, with giving competition to the likes of Walmart and Amazon is not an easy task to do.

What can a non-fortune 500 retailer can do to keep up?

It implements different shipping software that totally supports your business to meet your potential shoppers’ shipping and essential fulfillment needs. And all this, without making a hit to your profit margin.

Thus this shipping software and technology companies are performing their part to corporate mid-market and retailing in small businesses around the globe compete in a more effective way with the various shipping standards and expectations targeted by retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart. 

What Are Shipping Standards and Customer Expectations

Before going deep into customer retention and shipping software, let’s have a look at the recent customer expectations and shipping expectations landscape to get where do you stand exact! Thus, the following are the key data points to go through: 

60% of the customers want to buy with free shipping.

The statistics from 2018, tells us that free shipping is not just a playing tool or marketing ploy for gaining customer trust. Free shipping is a kind of truth in expectation among customers. And, if you are not practicing it, your competitors likely are doing the same to stand in the market. 

  • 54% of the potential consumers will make their mindset to cancel an order if shipping costs are too high for them, which will directly contribute to your abandoned cart rate. Just imagine being *this* close till closing the deal, and in this way, you will able to boost up your shipping cost.
  • With this, 52% of shoppers will prefer to buy more if they capture an order amount pertains to receive free shipping. Therefore, you should be creative with your promotional techniques, and use the effective tool of “free shipping” to enhance your average order value. Thus in this way, it makes truly a  logical sense for your online business to provide the free shipping, without consuming as much of a hit to your respective profit margin.

It is stated by 78% of consumers that a brisk delivery method is important

It is not only what your shoppers expect at increasingly cheaper shipping options, but with this the customers also need those options to be the fastest one. Different customers are now needing their products to get delivered in less than a week.

75% of consumers don’t pay more than $10 for shipping

On behalf of the business you want to charge for shipping, you have to just understand that many of the shoppers will not spend more than $10 as the shipping costs and more than half of those shoppers won’t be paying more than $5.

Best Shipping Software Available Now

Shipping Easy

ShippingEasy is totally up to its name as it provides a user-friendly experience. It is a great solution for shipping based on the web which is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

It is totally free if you ship 50 or fewer orders per month, with the price tiers ranging from $29 per month for the optimization of 500 monthly orders; to $149 for the infinite enterprise plan. 

Automation in labeling and tracking is involved, and they provide comprehensive onboarding and support.


If you have specific requirements involved in shipping the products with the need to have the whole of control of the shipping options which are provided to shoppers.

There exist a solid reason why ShipperHQ has been ranked as the world’s no.1 storefront shipping management system. In the ShipperHQ, the rating of in-cart customizations seems to be limitless.

If you are having a product that can’t be shipped to specific areas due to some of the restrictions, which ShipperHQ has covered.

But, if you are in the thought to offer free shipping but have to limit the products which are qualified, ShipperHQ can easily handle that.

Shopify Shipping 

If you are already using Shopify for your particular shopping cart and point-of-sale needs, you may be feel tempted to give Shopify Shipping a try. Overall, it is already involved in the subscription of your Shopify. 

This makes it a good deal for the various existing Shopify customers. As it is a shipping-only tool, it lacks advanced features is one of the major drawbacks. Shopify Shipping can shaft almost all the needs of smaller businesses in a fairly well manner.

Thus with this, they can easily get hooked up with good discounts from main carriers which also includes USPS, UPS, and DHL.


ShipBob is one of the leading modern Third Party Logistics i.e. 3PL kind of solution for the flourishing brands.

They can provide you incredibly fast shipping, which means 2 days or even fewer shipping tools to your clients across the various United States. ShipBob uses the dealing with the major complexities that go walk along with logics like managing the stock levels of your products over many fulfillment locations. 

In case personalization is a major element to your business then ShipBob has the involvement of partners that you can easily use to carry the custom packaging, which directly ensures your shoppers to have a social media photo-worthy one for the “unboxing experience”.


When it comes to internalizing the things, WebInterpret is one of the effortless solutions to the alliance into your existing store and in a very fast manner makes it available to more than 60 countries.

If you are noticing heavy traffic from foreign countries but just not able to get the high sales volume you would the cross-in-border commerce, just use WebInterpret localization expertise.

WebInterpret includes the full localization service involving currency conversion, language translation, conversion of size, and the shipping.

When it comes to international order, you just have to ship it to the WebInterpret and after that, they will take care of getting the order over the border and to the potential shopper.


Freightview is basically created for small to medium-sized businesses that ships with the help of LTL freight. The software offers a centralized hub with the help of which to make the comparison and choose the negotiated rates, handles the pickup schedule, with the automation process you can print the bills of lading and shipping labels with tracking available.

Future of Shipping Software 

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can be very difficult as well as a challenging part of the eCommerce store. It is considered as an important thing for the repeated success of your business. Overall, your website can do an amazing job as nobody can for effective marketing, with the various effective campaigns, attractive images, high rates of conversion rates, and good customer experience. But, overall if the product is not get delivered in a timely and effective manner with the perfect condition then the whole of the efforts goes drained off.

Various Shipping software helps the businesses to get coordinated and streamline their outgoing shipments to the potential customers with characteristics like comparative carrier pricing on the shipments, editing in bulk, and printing of essential shipment information with the custom tracking and confirmation notifications.

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