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Why building an international Blog with a Dot Com Domain helps with Digital Marketing?

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 For all the potential and aspiring bloggers out there, if you want to build a strong and internationally famous and informative online magazine, the .com domain is the best starting point.


The .com domain was launched as one of the first top-level domains (TLDs) when the Domain Name System (DNS) was first executed for use on the internet in January 1985 according to Wikipedia. Initially, the dot com domain was created mainly for the commercial use but later, it became the centrepiece for digital change.

Can you think of any established brand in the world that does not have a dot com domain business website? Exactly, it is still the most used domain in the world with an over 50% market share.


But what are the reasons for the success of the .com domain extension and why is it best for international websites tailored for digital marketing?

1. SEO & Rankability

Usually, if you use any country code domain such as for example, the chances of your website ranking well on search engines worldwide would be comparatively lower than those using .com domains. So, if you are trying to attract international visitors from around the globe, the .com extension would certainly help. It acts as a highlighter and trust factor. Because dot com websites are so commonly used, new websites rise and grow faster, especially if used for commercial purposes. Some big magazines even have a .com in their brand name such as, or If you’re intending to build an online magazine of similar magnitude, then don’t think twice and go for a dot com website with a great brand name.

2. Dot Com Domains Help with Branding

This extension itself highlights the authenticity and credibility of a brand. Most of the users preferably go to sites that have a .com extension as they consider it to be authentic, reliable, and real. It’s like a household name that is already established. Even if you are a newcomer in the market, people would believe that you have established your brand in your industry, if you use the .com domain. Hence why you should use your dot com website to market your brand too. Publish regular blog posts about your business and create more brand awareness. Share what’s trending today in topical guest posts you pitch to relevant national news or international news sites in your niche to reach more readers within your target audience.

3. The .com Domain Is not tied to Limitations

There are no specific rules tied to this domain compared to other domain extensions such as .org or .gov, which can only be used by specific organizations. Registering a .com domain does not require any proof of residency. For a country specific domain such as .uk or .in domains usually a proof of residence for that particular region, in this case, India or the United Kingdom, is required. Thus, if you are looking for a flexible method to start your international blog, this is the best domain to go for.

4. Best for International Attention

Using a .in or .us domain restricts the marketing area of the products to only a restricted region. A blogger who is looking to create an international online magazine doesn’t want this. A blogger always aspires for their content to reach as many people as possible. Those blogs that can’t reach and touch people’s lives can never fulfill the real meaning of blogging and scale their operations. To achieve this, the .com domain is one of the best options available, despite also being one of the most expensive. However, you can find cheap .com domains from just $5.99 per year, if you search for the best offers.

5. Attract top-tier Business Partners to Work with

Using the dot com domain name like a brand properly helps with attracting new customers and business partners. If you use your keywords to highlight your brand, your website would be shown in top SERPs on search engines, making the users curious about your site and clicking on it. Connecting with strong influencers in your industry is always a plus point and supports digital marketing campaigns. Journalists, bloggers, or top influencers may find your brand in their searches and get in touch with you about possible collaborations.

6. Dot com Ensures your Site is recognized on the Web

Having a strong and bold online presence is the goal of all bloggers and having such an established top-level domain is just like the icing on the cake. Hence why many dot com websites are sold for millions, especially if they have become established brands with significant domain authority and web traffic. Think of it like your property, but on the web. Invest in it, improve it, build it and it will provide you with a great return. The more content and functionalities you add, the more possibilities evolve. Most online magazines are more than just content platforms. They provide self-publishing options, advertising, and networking opportunities, or even business directories.


Final Words

The only drawback to choosing a .com for your new website is that at times the domain name would have been purchased by other website owners due to its popularity. The rise of the internet has meant that the web property market is a competitive one with domains and particularly dot com domains. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders acquired popular domain names and trade them as valuable assets. So, in conclusion, using a dot com domain has many advantages to build an international blog suitable for digital marketing.

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