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The Best Data Science Companies

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We live in times of Big Data! Today, we can record and store lots of information, and while some data just needs to be kept, others can be used for analysis to make quicker and more effective decisions. It may be quite a challenging task to analyze an enormous amount of information, both structured and unstructured, and it is the moment when data science steps in.

Would you like to make the best decisions based on details collected from your customers, patients, guests, and others.? Then you need to hire a data science company. There are many options that you can consider, and just to make it a bit easier for you, we offer to go through the list of 10 best data science companies.

Company #1 — Light IT

Light IT has more than 10 years of experience in creating software solutions for different business types and sizes. More than 400 projects have been successfully completed by the company. It is capable of providing high-quality data science solutions for both startups and enterprises, and it specializes in building effective software products for various industries, from healthcare to travel.

Company #2 — Numerator

Numerator is dedicated to analyzing sales data. It allows getting a clear idea of what customers buy and why they do it. You can order the services of this company if you wish to improve your brand and advertising strategies. Moreover, they can also help you make smarter pricing decisions.

Company #2 — MU SIGMA

It is another data science company that also specializes in a broad range of industries, such as media, finance, technology, and others. Its goal is to make the decision-making process for its customers easier.


Opera Solutions uses artificial intelligence along with machine learning to navigate through enormous databases and provide a high-quality data analysis. Their services are also suitable for different industries.

Company #5 — Cloudera

Cloudera is another company capable of analyzing massive data to provide insights. One of its advantages is an enterprise data cloud that it provides, which allows accessing information wherever you are.

Company #6 — SPLUNK

If you need a data science company specializing in cybersecurity, IT, or similar fields, you can consider SPLUNK. Thanks to it, you will be able to visualize and interpret data easily.

Company #7 — UNIFIED

Would you like to have a better idea of your presence on social media? In this case, you can hire UNIFIED. This company will help you improve your advertising strategies based on a deep analysis of data.


This company uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from satellite images. For instance, it can find all the areas in a certain country where the construction works are held.


Acer can not only find the most important information in a large amount of data but also create forecasting models to significantly increase the chances of your success.

Company #10 — MIXPANEL

Thanks to this analytics platform, businesses can follow user behavior across different sites and applications. Such data can be used for a range of goals, for instance, experiments.



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