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How to Choose a Bumper and Where to Find the Best Auto Parts

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Due to the course of exploitation, the car’s body may suffer for different reasons which impact its exterior appearance. The impact of outer circumstances or traffic accidents can be most often noticed on automobile’s bumpers. Car repairmen who specialize inHuge selection and affordable prices body components know that these parts suffer more than others. Damaged component replacement is not complex to replace, yet it can be rather hard to find high-quality auto parts.

Huge selection and affordable prices

Online spare parts shops free the car’s owner from selecting compatible components for replacement. For the right purchase of such component as car bumper exact car model name is pretty enough.

You can easily make sure it is true if you have a look at the relevant website section – thousands of spares and kits are represented there. Items filter can help you save your time as far as it displays all compatible goods in a few seconds after you set initial requirements. Descriptions attached to each spare part include specifications and the list of automobile models for which separate automotive components are intended.

It is important because the construction design of cars does change with the course of line production, so it often happens that even two cars of the same production year but of different months have incompatible bumper mountings. Some car owners fail to notice this aspect and, consequently, the terms of their repair works get delayed. Boodmo website takes care to avoid such situations and so describe compatibility aspects, so purchased spares will take their places without any problems.

You can see both genuine spare parts and compatibles on the website. The first ones are safe and clear to use – these are items produced directly by a vendor brand of the automobile. In case your objective is to save money for repair without noticeable drawbacks is quality, low-cost units from third-party companies will go well. They are almost identical in the scope of quality.

The stock list of this section is not limited to bumpers only. One can find lots of other spares and accessories, just to name a few:

  • caps and covers;
  • front grills;
  • moldings;
  • protective units for headlights;
  • protective films of different colors;
  • fastenings (studs, clamps, pistons, etc.);
  • brackets;
  • bushings.

If you are in a hurry with repair operations, you would be pleased to know that auto parts can be delivered directly to any place in India, so shipping will not take much time. One more pleasant bonus is fast preparing the order for shipping. The website deals with accredited suppliers only, and everything displayed on the market’s web pages is present in stock. No need to wait until they receive some spares from the manufacturer’s factory.

A beginner car owner can possibly get wondered by such attention to the mentioned body element and a variety of produced types. However, there is no wonder here – a bumper is a thoroughly developed structure that is responsible for performing its specific functions.

What are bumpers needed for

What are bumpers needed for?

Experienced drivers and mechanical engineers well know the basic functions of such elements. They are:

  1. Protective. In simple English – they cover the body and suffer from smashes instead of important body elements. A closer look at its structure uncovers the fact that under strong front or rear smash the bumper partially buffers its energy which is transmitted to enforced elements. The very component suffers and can no more serve as efficiently as it did earlier but it saves more expensive assemblies from damages.
  2. Aesthetic. Rare one would argue that a car with scratched or, even worse, torn away bumper looks unattractive. A unit in good condition is another matter, it looks pleasant for the owner and other people.
  3. Aerodynamic. Most up-to-date autos have thoroughly developed streamlined shape. Counterflow air stream slips along the body surface, and it is bumper that first meets airstream and spreads it to left, front and top in correct proportions. In digits, the correctly installed component allows saving fuel by 10-15% in comparison to the ‘appetite’ of the automobile with a damaged or absent item.

The latest point is most important for high-speed autos used on roads with even surface. The higher the speed is, the more aerodynamics helps it run with less effort. Under the circumstances of city traffic confined spaces, security features come to the foreground. Those who have at least once experienced the rhythm of driving in traffic jams appreciate bumpers’ stiffness.

Auto parts manufacturers regularly give a test to their products. Official authorities who issue certificates for using such items revise them as well. You can be sure in the quality of the item you have chosen in boodmo – all products are certified and comply with all security requirements. The inner structure of the mentioned spare parts plays a crucial role in security.

Structural features

All in all, bumper’s construction understands the presence of the following components:

  • the very bumper;
  • a beam;
  • carriers;
  • mountings.

The first one is pretty clear – it is the most noticeable component. It is fixed to a steel beam through side carriers (special slots, which are stamped out on the inner sides of bumpers, carry the load). Front carriers connect the beam with the body. The front part is fixed by studs whose caps are often covered by cover plugs. Pistons and brackets do the same from the inner side.

Structural features

This is the common design of automotive bumpers. Mainly it is similar for front and rear blocks. However, new models have a more complex structure as far as so-called ‘front-end modules’ are integrated into bumpers – so mentioned elements are complemented with headlights, front grill, and Parktronic (clearance sonar).

Replacement of such assemblies requires much attention, so it is a good idea to inspect the design of your car’s front or rear before purchasing a bumper.

What to pay attention to?

The main object of inspection is to figure out mounting points and count the number of mountings. They may vary in different modifications of a single model. Moreover, it is common practice that with the course of even careful exploitation studs and pistons can get lost. So, they should be replaced as well. If you buy a ready-to-install kit of auto parts, everything necessary is already included in the set, so when you receive the kit everything it is ready for installation.

When dismounting the old component, pay attention to the location of pipes and wires set nearby. Terminal brackets from headlights cables can be simply disconnected but radiator and hydraulic powered steering mechanism (if present) are better not to touch. In any case, it is worth to check their condition before the final components installation.

Bushings, washers and other minor details have an unpleasant habit of being lost, so it’s better to keep them in a safe place. Remember that even such small components also should be able to carry loads required a car manufacturer.

Scroll through a website catalog and you will easily understand how to choose the right spare part.

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