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Products from China: is it worth the risk

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The phrase “Chinese goods” scares many people. And if the wrong one comes? And if a fake comes? And what about the guarantee? Doubts, doubts… Let’s analyze in this article whether it is worth ordering something from China.

Free shipping

When people find out about free shipping, they don’t believe it. What’s the catch to deliver a smartphone case worth $ 1 for free? Isn’t it unprofitable?

Unprofitable. But the whole point is that the Chinese government subsidizes its manufacturers and takes the cost of shipping on itself.

For many products, delivery from Aliexpress is free. Although there are exceptions. Carefully study the product.

Delivery speed

When ordering, you should pay attention to the period during which the seller must send the goods. Usually, it is 7 days, although some sellers who have the goods directly in stock indicate a period of 2-3 days. But sometimes you can meet 10, and even 15-20 days. Therefore, an inattentive buyer who did not pay attention to this small item risks being very surprised a couple of weeks after making a purchase that his order has just been processed and has finally been sent.

The greatest excitement of shopping occurs before the holidays, especially before the New Year and Christmas. The post office is overloaded with parcels, employees do not have time to process an endless stream of parcels. The delivery time is increasing. If you do not want to wait for your order for too long, try to make purchases a couple of months before the “hot time”. This way you will get the things you like much faster and spend less time waiting, and nerves, if suddenly the protection period has come to an end, and the parcel has not yet arrived.

You can use online ems tracking!

Arriving at one of the postal companies for delivery, the parcel receives a unique code, which can consist of different numeric-letter combinations. Tracking of parcels from Aliexpress is just conducted through this code. Having found it, you will be able to view where the product ordered on the Aliexpress server is located, and you will understand how many days are left to wait for its arrival.

Parcels arrive much faster inside the sender’s country. And you can also use epacket tracking to know in which city or district your parcel is located.

Refund of money or goods

If we are talking about cheap goods, Chinese sellers easily return the money or send a new product. You just need to attach a photo and explain the reason.

If the buyer canceled the order on Aliexpress, the refund takes place according to a special procedure that will take some time. The refund process on AliExpress will last from 3 to 15 working days after the relevant decision is made. The refund is made to the banking details from which the payment was made. In addition, an important role is played by the stage at which the buyer canceled the order. If the seller has already sent your order, then you will not be able to cancel the order on AliExpress. It will be possible only if the product came in poor condition, or it did not come at all what you ordered, and then after going through some procedures, you will be able to return the money.

Buy products wisely with Aliexpress. Do not order products from sellers with a bad reputation. We wish you pleasant shopping and fast delivery.

How to choose a reliable seller

Find out his rating and read the reviews, especially negative ones. There is another sign: the larger the sales volume of the seller, the faster he will send your order. Therefore, look also at the volumes.

If you buy electronics, then keep a life hack: buy it through joint shopping sites. A large group of people gathers and together submits applications for the purchase of a device. A large group gives us a discount. The main plus is that only proven products are included in the purchase list. For example, smartphones that work perfectly. That is, the risk of running into a bad product is much less!

In case of a problem, you can always contact the moderator of the group, who is already solving the issue with the seller. In addition, in the topic of each purchase, you can ask other buyers about prices, consult if there is a problem, and get a fairly quick answer.

You register on such a site, choose a product and get a special code that you will already indicate on the AliExpress website. That is, you do not have any money matters with the procurement site.

This method is a guarantee that you will not buy some garbage without understanding it. Because at the same time, hundreds of geeks and resellers buy goods with you, defects and malfunctions will not slip past them.


Saving time

Chinese goods — is the whole point about money? No, saving time is often more important. Often, if you urgently need something, you can go around dozens of stores in your city and not find the product you need. With Ali, you save your time and money when searching and choosing products.


Many people believe that shopping in China is a lot of geeks. Only they are able to separate garbage from good things and find real “pearls” with good quality and a reasonable price.

But, it turned out not to be so. China is simple, fast, and … cheap, of course. We just need to figure it out a little. It will take you a couple of minutes to find out about the seller and read his reviews and determine for yourself whether this is what you are looking for. Plus, the main thing is to choose reliable delivery, for example, as China Post.

China Post, legally the China Post Group Corporation, is the state-owned enterprise operating the official postal service of China, which provides the service in mainland China, excluding its special administrative regions, Hong Kong and Macau, which have their own postal service independent of the mainland’s. The Corporation officially shares its office with the sub-ministry-level government agency State Post Bureau which regulates the national postal industry theoretically including the corporation.


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