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7 Brilliant Tips for Revitalizing Your B2B Tradeshow Marketing Strategies

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The most effective tactic for B2B marketers is their in-person events. These events, such as tradeshows, require a lot of effort and investment and you can only get the results you desire when a solid strategy is implemented. You can see the disparity at a B2B tradeshow; there are some booths that generate a lot of buzzes and are a constant hub of activity whereas others generate no interest and their employees are envious of others around them or just seem bored. The former are able to get a good return on their investment while the latter end up wasting their money and resources.

You need to plan and strategize properly if you want to fall into the former category and generate the hype and interest you want. Some tips that can help you in revitalizing your strategy for a B2B event are outlined below:

1.   Always plan in advance

Most of the time, businesses register too far ahead for a tradeshow and promptly forget about it or they decide to register at the last minute. In both these situations, they don’t have enough time to plan and strategize and are unable to achieve their goals. In order to be successful, you have to plan in advance, but not too early. This doesn’t just refer to booking hotel rooms and flights.

Planning is a strategic process because you need to organize every aspect of the tradeshow; the pre-show part, during the event and after the show. Here, you will find your laptop immensely useful because you can meticulously outline everything on it and tie it together with an appropriate strategy. Keep track of your business objectives and goals. Take your laptop along so you can check in and ensure you are doing everything as decided.

2.   Speak out instead of just exhibiting

It is great to have your own booth, but it holds no candle to the platform of being a speaker. You can get instant credibility when you speak to a targeted audience on a topic of your expertise. You can also cross-promote your booth features and happenings in your speech and give your visitors something to discuss when they stop by. Write a speech and make a presentation on your laptop that you can show. There is a platform made for speakers in most tradeshows. Hence, you just have to have your laptop handy and you can just get on with it.

3.   Spread the word beforehand

Buzz generation isn’t just restricted to the tradeshow. You need to get everyone buzzing before the event. You can start by posting about the event on social media, host a webinar or even publish an online press release. Don’t forget to take your laptop because you can use it for sharing information and other details right before the show and even during it. This can serve as a reminder and keep everyone updated about what you have to offer. You will be able to enjoy lots of traffic in this way.

4.   Choose a good space and make it inviting

The success of your efforts at the tradeshow is heavily influenced by the booth location. Your planning should include getting a layout of the exhibit hall and you should select a location for your booth that will present plenty of engagement opportunities and bring in a high volume of traffic. Again, this requires you to register in advance or else all the good spots will be taken up by others. Bear in mind that premium locations have a higher cost and you should allocate your budget accordingly.

Apart from that, you should also make your booth welcoming and open if you want your visitors to feel comfortable. Don’t create a space that makes people feel trapped or comes off as formal. They will shy away from it automatically

5.   Have an impact

Remember that there is a sea of booths at a B2B tradeshow and you just have mere seconds for attracting visitors. Therefore, it should be your priority to create a powerful visual impact amidst the crowded aisles. Take advantage of clear and simple messaging to draw the eye as soon as people step into the hall. Your booth isn’t a brochure; it is simply a backdrop, which means that you should also be recognizable. Keep your brand prominent and noticeable so visitors can know instantly who you are. One way to stay different is to hand out giveaways that veer off from tradition. Anyone can give a t-shirt or a pen so give something that reflects your brand and will also be memorable.

6.   Have an engagement plan

Your booth should be staffed with enthusiastic and energetic employees who give off a positive signal to passerby. Bored expressions on the faces are just going to have a negative impact and prevent engagement. Your employees should be active and be able to engage visitors in conversations for luring them in. Keep your laptop handy for showing them videos, images, motion graphics or other demonstrations to maintain their interest and succinctly convey your message.

7.   Don’t ignore the follow-up strategy

This is a common mistake that a lot of businesses end up making. Your job isn’t finished just because the tradeshow is. You have to follow-up with all the visitors or attendees who came by your booth. However, you should bear in mind that they aren’t all warm leads and trying to sell them something immediately is only going to annoy them. Start out with just an email of gratitude and let them know that you will keep in touch.

In fact, you can even offer to send them a free presentation or other information even during the tradeshow. This you can accomplish when you don’t forget to take your laptop along, which can be very important. Later on, you can simply build on it and gauge when the potential customer is ready to commit to you.

As long as you stay organized, keep your laptop within easy reach and follow the steps listed below, your marketing strategy for the B2B event will be a success.

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