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The Ultimate Guide on B2B Lead Generation

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The foremost aim of every business is to drive sales by attracting customers. In industry jargon, it is called the customer acquisition process. At the very onset of this vital process is B2B lead generation. B2B lead generation is essentially the identification and screening of customers willing to buy your products and services. There are many ways enterprises seek to achieve that with email search and Internet marketing being the most popular these days.

While lead generation seam pretty straightforward in the retail sector, it is a bit perplexing in the B2B setting. B2B lead generation is explained as a process of capturing the interest of the customers that are most likely to buy with you. To simplify, let us understand it with respect to the four main elements or steps.

First, you need to find the businesses, companies, or organizations that can use your product or services and get benefited from them.

Secondly, you should identify the people who the key decision-makers and influencers in the companies you have targeted.

Next, you align your marketing strategies and campaigns to impress and lure these individuals towards your offerings.

Finally, you need to screen these prospects to shortlist those who match your ideal client’s profile the best and show high interest in your marketing activities.

In the modern-day setting, B2B businesses have plenty of options such as PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, etc to pursue their clients and create interest in your offerings.

Why is B2B lead generation important? Who does it?

The exponential growth of Internet markets has completely changed the game. In modern times, you need to pay explicit attention to lead generation as this kick starts your customer acquisition process. It gives you a head start by finding the right kind of prospects. Additionally, with an effective lead generation strategy you can:

  1. Know who B2B clients begin to buy and help them find exactly what they want.
  2. Rapidly and accurately align your customer acquisition program to meet the changing inclinations of the prospects.
  3. Find customers that are really interested and qualify as your potential buyers.
  4. Seize the deal and also develop loyal and long-term relations with the customers.

You and your team can use several lead generation tools available in the market to streamline your process and ensure greater ROI. However, it still seems a lot of work for many organizations who decide to outsource it to expert marketers. These experts monitor your lead generation activities and track customers’ response to give you valuable insights along with the contact information of your website visitors.

Is lead generation using email hunter legit?

Yes, definitely. B2B lead generation is certainly a real thing that is as legit as it can be. You can find real prospects that are genuinely interested in your products or services and save plenty of time and money by shortening your sales cycle. However, B2B lead generation takes a lot of hard work and perseverance before you reap the harvest. 

There are several tools that can simplify the job and help you achieve your sales target faster. Email hunters are one of the popular tools that marketers and sales reps use to find the contacts of their promising prospects and execute their email marketing campaigns. It prevents the wasted efforts on crafting and sending emails to the obsolete addresses and maintaining their records.

How do you generate leads for B2B?

Lead generation for complex products of B2B businesses is a bit intricate and also encompasses lead management that helps you continuously improve your lead generation strategy in later stages. Here are a few steps that are taken at ground level in addition to the aforementioned basic lead generation process.

  1. Create and Continuously Refine the Buyers’ Persona
    Defining your leads is the most crucial step for effective lead generation. You must clearly define and continuously refine your ICP. 
  2. Enhance Your Data Collection Process
    With information such as contact, capacity, etc, every lead generates significant data that signal its convertibility. Include intent data and have a system that can manage it all.
  3. Revive Your Model for Scoring Leads
    Have a flexible and adjustable scoring model. You should include intent in the model and integrate data from all sources to get consolidated truth about a prospect.
  4. Carefully Ascertain the Hand-off Plan
    Every lead travels a long way and reaches the hand-off point where the marketing team transfers it to the sales. You must define clear guidelines for hand-off and common definitions for both the departments to ensure conversion.

How to generate your first leads through email search?

In simple terms, lead generation is capturing the right prospects and getting their contacts. In present times it would not be incorrect to say that lead generation is finding emails of the prospective clients that the marketing team pursues to convert into paying clients.

One of the best ways of generating leads through email search is using an email finder such as the Snovio finder. It is one of the most sought finders that help you find emails in numerous ways. Here are half a dozen ways you can use Snovio to find emails and generate leads.

  1. Bulk domain search: You upload a list of domains and get all the emails of those domains.
  2. Search using company’s profile: You can use this feature to search emails of companies filtered by industry, size, and many other parameters.
  3. Search using social network: You can search social URLs to get emails by uploading a list of professional social network profiles as a file.
  4. Bulk email search: You can upload a list of names and domains/URLs to get bulk emails.
  5. Search through linker: You can use generic attributes such as job title, location, etc to find emails from multiple platforms.
  6. Emails on the go: To get all emails of the domain of a page (including the search engine result page), you only have to launch the Snovio extension on that page.


A good lead generation program is one that encompasses all the activities that are related to lead generation. It aims at giving you a comprehensive picture of every prospect. It continuously refines the information and singles every opportunity as the lead travels through the sales funnel. 

Although B2B lead generation is an intricate process, email finders like Snovio significantly simplify it and accelerate your pursuit. With an effective lead generation strategy and the right set of tools, you can gain a competitive edge and drive your sales to new heights.

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