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Top Inbound Marketing Practices to Boost Your B2B Company’s Conversion Rates

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The key to selling any product in the world is marketing.

No matter how brilliant your product idea is, if you fail to market it the right way, it’ll live and die just as an idea. Can you afford to let that happen to your products?

Well, if you can’t then it’s the time when you improvise your inbound marketing game.

Here’s a list of the top inbound marketing practices that’ll help you boost your B2B company’s conversion rates.

1. Fix your Offer

“A Mediocre copy with a good offer can always out-pull a great copy with a mediocre offer. This makes it crucial to make a good offer. This way, even if your grammar isn’t correct, spellings are wrong, or you have red text on a green background, your offer still might convert.”– Breakthrough Copywriting by David Garfinkel

This simply means that, if your product’s perceived value isn’t greater than its price, you are going to have a tough time converting.

Your best bet is to make sure this isn’t happening. If your product is priced way too high, you’d know it, so bring the price down. And if you can add more value to the product, do it; straight away!

2. Use Live Chat

If you’ve ever left a website because you had a query that couldn’t be answered at that moment, you’d know the importance of live chat.

It’s as simple as it gets. A visitor coming to your website may go through your content and may have questions regarding it. If you don’t want to turn them off, try to answer those questions as soon as they crop up.

And as you can’t always be available through email, it’s better to add a live chat feature on your website.

Stat to back: Consumers using the live chat feature have a 15% higher average order value than customers not using it.

3. Place Your Phone Number

Adding your phone number in your website’s header or footer will provide your prospects and existing customers one more channel to get in touch with you.

Also, this will send out a message that you are easy to reach out to and hence, happy to help. So, if your phone number isn’t already live and visible on your website, this is the time you make it be so.
See, how has their phone number mentioned at the end of their landing page.

4. Be Smart with Your CTAs

CTA buttons on your website are the wormholes that convert your prospects into your customers.

Every prospect that comes to your site has to go through them to be converted. This simply indicates the great value that your CTA copies hold.

So, when you design your CTA buttons and write your CTA copies, make sure you are doing it right.

The following tips will help you with this.

1. Choose contrasting colors: Always use contrasting colors for your CTA buttons. This is one way of making sure your buttons are evidently visible.

2. Pick the right place: The location of your CTA will also play a huge role in deciding how users click on it. If they have to scroll too far down for it, it’ll be a mood-killer. This is why, for a website, keeping the CTA shinning right in front of the reader’s eyes and above the fold works the best.

3. Don’t impose work with your CTA copies: CTA copies saying ‘Read More’, ‘Sign up Now’ or ‘Buy us a Coffee’ might seem appealing in the first go. Turns out, they can turn off users by evoking a sense of imposing unnecessary work.

So, it’ll be better to use CTA copies that don’t impose work. For example, you can try saying ‘Find Out’ or ‘Avail this Offer’ etc.

The right CTAs can dramatically lubricate your inbound marketing funnel, so pay attention and design spot on CTA buttons/copies.

4. Pay attention to user experience

The most fundamental albeit the most overlooked step of inbound marketing is making the company website perfect (or at least, as much as possible).

Many a time, when a user or a potential customer lands on your home page and something as simple as a search bar is not easily visible, it can become frustrating and lead to high bounce rates. Especially, many B2B companies end up overcomplicating their sales processes and with it, the user experience.

In fact, as per the report by Baymard Institute, 26% of people abandon the website because of their long or complicated checkout process.

However, there are certain ways with which you can ensure an airtight user experience of your website.

Remove the unnecessary: Research the websites of your competitors and evaluate your sales process against theirs. If you have certain steps that can be eliminated, don’t think twice!

Website UX: Simplifying your website design is also crucial since every potential customer’s first interaction with your business will be your website. Keeping in mind the importance of first impressions, things like contact, search tabs, and CTAs must be strategically placed for an intuitive website design that helps the users to navigate naturally.

Eliminate Distractions: If there are images, news or any other piece of information that you think might distract a customer from completing a transaction, it is better to remove it or change its location on the website.
After all, how important can it be to keep your company events page highlighted on your home page?

Make your forms simpler: If it is too complicated to read, navigate or do anything on your website, nobody is going to do that. Simple. So, if you have elaborate forms that require the user’s neighbor’s information, it is not required.

A user should be able to easily sign up, sign in, recover password, view order information and order history on your website, without having to provide unnecessary information.

Final words

Right after a product is made, it has to be sold, which can’t happen without the right marketing tactics.

In this post, you read about some of the top inbound marketing practices that can help you boost conversion rates for your business.

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