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Telephonic Calls for B2B Sales Honestly Sucks! But Here’s How You Can Fix It

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Effective communication has to be faster and shorter, this is where real business conversion begins.

Being in a B2B company, you know the value of every single lead. The process of marketing, converting leads to potential buyers and winning a potential lead is the keystone of your business. A real-time communication tool is a gimmick for maintaining high volume leads in a streamlined communication line.

It has been stated by Hubspot in the State of Inbound 2018 that around 6200+ respondents from 99 countries believe that 69% of converting contacts/leads into potential customers is the top marketing priority of an inbound company.

However, generating traffic, acquiring contacts and converting potential leads into business with a definite communication is where the businesses lag.

The Game Plan to Manage Your Sales Conversation

A Real-time Communication tool has the power to shorten your sales cycle and nurture your leads conversation more engaging and positive. Major communication possibilities such as Personal messaging, Video Call and SIP calling are the essential mode of parameters to streamline the conversation with clients.

Chat integration into your CRM software basically keeps a record of the entire contact of the leads from the initial message to the final product support conversation regardless of the mode of B2B communication. Let us walk through some of the effective benefits that will help your sales team to nurture the lead into a streamlined funnel with real-time communication modes.

1. Customize Your Sales Talk With Leads

Pushing the potential leads one-step closer to conversion is the ultimate hot cup of coffee for every B2B salespeople. To attain this, the salespeople have to be available in whatever communication mode the prospect would like to have the conversation.

Whatever the method of communication way, either it can be direct messaging, video call or voice call. These modes of communication make the lead more responsive and chances of conversion rate are high.

2. Nourishes the Prospective Trust With Your Sales Team

Building trust with your potential leads takes quite a large amount of effort and time. A real-time video call with your lead can gain trust. End miserable cold calls over the traditional phone calls. Let the prospect see the real you and your entire team. Before the purchase of product/service is made, the Demo part is predominantly at the high ratio in converting the leads into businesses.

You can progress an end-to-end instant demo of your service/product through video conference or video calls to your clients which increases the lead conversion ratio to the maximum.

3.  Have Seamless Routing of Instant SIP Calls to Global Leads

When the SIP business was introduced, it was regarded as the low-cost alternative to traditional phone services for businesses. With VoIP in-built chat platform integrated into a CRM is merely a golden egg for B2B Salespeople and businesses to make clear & instant calls to follow-up leads. This certainly cuts the connection cost of traditional carrier calls and plays as a cost-effective tool for B2B sales.

4. A Real-time Interaction Should Also Possess Security

Your prospects always prefer personal-touch with a real-time conversation where their requirements are at top priority. So, your customers’ valuable insights on requirements are more valuable than anything, it deserves maximum security & privacy. Most of the Enterprise chat is embedded with end-to-end encryption where the messages transferred between your salespeople and customers are totally encrypted.

So, Real-time Communication Drives Lead Conversion and Streamline Your Sales Funnel Than Ever You Experienced

Besides driving the exponential volume of traffic to your landing page and managing the entire contacts in CRM, streamlining the entire pipeline of b2b communication between your salespeople and potential leads are the cornerstone for the successful lead conversion. To achieve this, you would probably have to integrate voice call solutions into your existing CRM software. So go ahead – take up your opportunity and drive your sales pipeline to convert leads into businesses and generate over Millions.

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