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How to Increase Your B2B Customer Base Using Digital Marketing Methods?

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B2B digital marketing

Increasing customers for your b2b business involves a unique set of challenges. With the constant improvement of technology, B2B businesses have access to the digital world which can change the way of b2b communication and increase brand visibility and revenue in an online platform. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote the business brand story and push your company to life on the digital platform. Website, Social media, and email campaigns allow businesses to reach customers directly in a more effective way.

The proper use of digital marketing platforms determines business success. Let’s look at these 7 digital marketing methods that can help you not only to get ahead of the competition but also help you to increase your customer base.

1. A comprehensive Website

The objective of the most business website is to drive customers to the website to make the conversion. Studies found that the b2b market owns 80% of its customers through its website, also the website always gives an option to customers that they can decide to engage after getting clear information by going through all your business resources that will help to run their business. So the business website should be unique and need to carry more relevant information about business products/services. Website content should give a clear picture of what your brand stands for, the service it provides helps customers engage with a product that will lead to conversions. Presenting the mobile-optimized site will boost website visits and conversions, as we can see through studies found by smart insights, 70% of b2b buyers increased mobile usage significantly over the past two to three years, and 60% expect to continue to increase their mobile usage.

2. Search Engine Optimization

For any b2b business, search engine optimization is one of the sustainable ways to generate leads. According to recent research, 94% of b2b buyers search online before they purchase a product or service. So websites that are inactive in SEO will be left behind and miss out a great deal of value that could be adding to their business.

Modern consumers view online platforms as an important part of their shopping whether they buy online or in-store, they use the internet to learn more about the product they looking forward to purchasing. Here is what every organization should know the importance of SEO.

Main principles of SEO

Search engine optimization describes a strategy that encompasses every aspect of site-building and quality content development. When it’s done, your website creates an outstanding experience for the audience, also build your brand trust.

The main goal of SEO is showing your website value to the search engines. When search engines know the value of your website, it will rank highly for queries relevant to your business.

Keyword optimization

Optimizing relevant keyword for your webpage is the core of a successful SEO, right keyword phrase extremely helps the customer or prospects to find you between thousands of results.

Optimizing website for mobile device

Search engine optimization would not be complete without optimizing your website for mobiles. Google has noted more searches are taken place on mobile compared to other sources, so if your website is not mobile-friendly then your search engine result rank will get decrease. You can increase your website ranking by

  • Optimizing website content for every device.
  • Optimizing easy navigation on mobile.
  • Reducing page loading time.
  • Avoiding unwanted popup to get good user experience.

By optimizing the above factors you can improve your website SERP ranking that can lead to huge website traffic and conversions.

Finally, for any marketing channel the goal will be lead conversions and sales revenue, when a well-optimized business website in place, you will find that it one of the highest revenue-generating channels in digital marketing.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the successful ways to build a relationship with targeted customers as well as prospects. Through content, a webpage or a resource can give a clear image to customers and will guide them to understand business product/service, quality of the product, and how that product will improve their business. This information keeps them engage with business and that helps your business with the quality leads. Creating fresh content for business product/service, publishing niche information like blogs, creating infographics, sending product content through email are some of the successful content marketing strategies that should be recommended to a b2b business. Also content plays a key role in converting leads into the customers.

4. Email campaign

Email marketing is the best method of communication between the two b2b businesses. Communicating with your target audience through email extremely builds a strong relationship with your prospects and also the two-way communication increase the power of b2b business engagement. One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is as it won’t disturb a customer’s personal space or interrupt their busy schedule. Also, marketing through email is highly recommended and customizable and can interact with the individual customer based on business needs.

The primary advantage of an email campaign is, we can start a campaign with a small budget and can generate a high return on investment compare to any other marketing platform. Email campaigns are highly measurable and allow access to measure the data of the campaign and identify the errors, also email marketing is a must try marketing platform which allows focusing on the area where business needs improvement.

Using a dedicated landing page is one of the best practices in any business that leads customers to convert through email marketing. Campaign specific landing pages won’t waste the valuable time of customers with unwanted irrelevant information also decrease the bounce rate.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the way businesses access the information and share the data, also it helps in achieving business goals such as generating website traffic and creating a brand identity with the audience.

When it comes to b2b business, it is always recommended to follow three major steps to achieve effective results in social media marketing.

1. Defining your campaign objectives

Without defining the campaign objectives, it’s difficult to make your business profitable; also your return on investment depends on setting your campaign goal. So having measurable goals that relevant to your business will help you to create a winning b2b marketing strategy.

Generate Relevant Leads

If your business wants to get a high return on investment from social media, then your priority will be generating new and quality leads. Each lead you are generating from social media gives confident and direction to gain even more quality leads in the future.

Studies have proved that b2b business that uses social media to generate leads having it possible to get 24% more revenue; also it depends on choosing the right social platform where your audience engages the most.

Generating quality leads in social media can be done effectively through

  • Building a strong and positive network.
  • Adding a clear call to action in social media pages and posts.
  • Running social paid ads allows for generating quality leads.
  • Tracking and measuring your social media campaign performance.

Also, running b2b in social media, it’s important to make a unique approach in order to generate high converting leads and high ROI.

2. Identify your target prospects

Being in the b2b segment in social media marketing, it not only helps in building a list of followers but also it allows you to create real authority and positive brand in-between social audience.

So identifying your target audience between irrelevant prospects can be achieved through sharing your business information and analyzing who has an interest in your business product/service. After identifying the relevant audiences who engaged with your business information, and if you manage to build the relationship with them by sharing the same level of passion about your business, then the update will get even more exposure.

Analyzing your competitors

Every successful business has competition in the market. Spending some time in analyzing your competitors will help to understand how they are interacting with their customers and utilizing the social network to their business. Also, you can understand the kind of marketing strategy they are following to generate customer engagements that help your business to grow.

3. Choosing the right social platform

Every social media have their own way of interacting with its audience. When it comes to b2b business, it’s important to understand your business objectives and selecting the right social media platform that will lead to success.

Many b2b marketers have analyzed and tested that Face book and LinkedIn are more visible social media platforms for a b2b business. Face book and LinkedIn have a high active audience, and also both social platforms have the potential to generate high quality and relevant leads.

6. PPC campaign

If a business budget allows running pay per click campaigns, then start promoting your business through PPC campaigns which can increase your website visits and conversion. The organic results are completely free if you have the right support to optimize your website for search engines. On another side, if your website is not ranking organically then the pay per click campaign is another best way to bring your business product/service result in top of the search result page. Through pay per click, marketers can run a different type of target campaign be like

  • Targeting on Sales.
  • Targeting on Leads.
  • Website traffic.
  • Brand awareness and reach.

7. Redefining Target

The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to redefine the target demographics with accurate information; also it helps marketers to reduce marketing costs by redefining the right audience.

Digital marketing also gives access to analyze campaign results through analytics. Also, it allows continuous tuning of the campaign until the business sees the best result with less amount of investment. Free tools like Google Analytics helps to understand the performance of a business website and show how it hitting business target prospects.


Digital strategies are very important for any company’s marketing plan. Digital marketing will be one of the best platforms to increase b2b business customers. Due to its measurability and accurate targeting, a business can increase the relevant customer base with less investment.

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