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4 B2B Lead Generation Hacks That Actually Work

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Lead generation has become the livelihood for every business.  Nowadays B2B marketers have grasped the digital era and resorted to using online B2B lead generation techniques and strategies to accelerate the process. B2B lead generation has now become convenient and easier process and doesn’t seem as much as a burden. With the help of online B2B lead generation strategies, you will be able to develop more targeted and qualified leads which help you to get more deals in a much lesser time.

Following are 3 prominent and successful B2B lead generation hacks that help you create more qualified leads:


A landing page is one of the staring pages through which your targeted customers first visit your website. Getting people to convert on your landing pages can sometimes feel more like an art than a science. If You are giving away something of substantial value it’s not hard to get people to convert.

To design a high performing landing page, you have to first figure out your target audience. Most importantly, you need to consider what issues they are dealing with, what products or services they are looking for.

Start by following these tips:

  • Limit Distractions – It’s an accepted fact that distracted people don’t convert. Design your landing page by removing unnecessary elements like- popup, image sliders, navigation menu from dedicated landing pages, extra columns or sidebars. However, you should keep live chats making it proactive.
  • Use relevant and striking images – People respond to images much faster as they do to text. Your images need to support your product hence it requires to be relevant.
  • Create the form as short as possible – When you are offering a free download or trial or video. It isn’t really free. People have to hand over their personal information in order to get your offer. It may not be convenient for some people, so make it easier for them by not asking more than you actually need. For new leads- ask for the absolute minimum. This could be just their name and email address.
  • Check Responsiveness – More emails are now read on mobiles and tablets. The calls to action on your marketing emails are going to take people to your landing pages, if they are not optimized for mobile, you ’ve lost these conversions. The smaller space on mobile screen puts up even more obstacles in converting leads. There is little room for your images and content. You need to consider content which you don’t need on mobile and also limit the form to just name and email on mobile which could be easily readable.

People are very much acquainted with the term Word-of-mouth. It is the oldest form of marketing that also ends up being the most effective one. When something good happens to someone, they naturally want to share it with other people. The more they share the more exposure a brand or company gets, improving their incoming traffic and enhancing opportunities for new leads.

Customer reviews have also grown into a digital marketing priority for some brands because of their ability to create feedback loops that produce better offerings and happier customers.79% of people trust testimonials and online reviews as much as individual recommendations. There is a reason they call it social proof after all.

If you could create a referral channel, you will definitely have a constant process of driving new leads through your existing customer base. The best part is you can evaluate this flow like you measure other sales channels.

Few Tips For B2B Referrals and Word-of-Mouth Leads


Retargeting is a way to create awareness of your brand and drive clicks to your website. It is generally considered as B2C tactic, where an ad for the site on Instagram, Facebook and sometimes at the top of your email inbox, seem to be following you everywhere.

B2B lead generation companies can use retargeting to acquire qualified leads, increase ROI and recapture lost leads. If you have strong traffic but not getting conversions then retargeting campaigns allow you to target specific visitors with specific ads with the aim of convincing them to convert for your offer. By serving display ads to this highly qualified audience keep in mind your brand and create added opportunities for conversions.   Retargeting method not only helps you to generate initial leads but also to turn existing leads into customers. In B2B lead generation space, this process comprises of significant research and comparison which is mostly done online. It can be a valuable technique for acquiring the right kind of leads.


 One of the basic principles of customer success is to create a promoter for your business. A referral for you can be a lead but a referral for your customer can be a networking opportunity. A B2b lead generation referral program is an established process by which your happiest customers can recommend your products or service to their peers by asking your sales team to reach out to their contact.

B2B referral programs must go beyond the submission form on your website. They need to get customers:

  • Engaged with your product
  • Connected to your company
  • Excited about referring friends

Improve your B2B referral program with advocate marketing- consistently engage your best customers through your advocate marketing in order to nurture your relationship with them and reward them for supporting your brand.


B2B Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interests or inquiry of products or services and plays a vital role in every business’s marketing strategy. In order to have effective sales, you have to have qualified sales. If you want your message to be heard on more than one channel, it’s important to build a strategy that creates some demand. By implementing the above-discussed strategies and a healthy relationship between your sales and marketing team will help you get more quality leads and also increase the revenue of your company.

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