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Autonomous ErgoChair 2: Best Ergo Chair for Gamers

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Enhance your gaming experience using an ergonomic chair that offers incredible comfort for hours together.

ErgoChair 2 is an upgrade to Autonomous’ original offering wherein the brand has elevated this chair’s functionality. When you need a stylish yet, functional recreational cum office chair, rely on this model. The ErgoChair 2 is available in attractive color combinations like grey, black and white, red, evergreen, baby blue, and all-black.

An ergonomic chair boasts of a design that supports the human anatomy. You maintain the right posture when seated in this ErgoChair for gamers by adjusting its height, depth, and lumbar support features. The best gaming chairs serve a dual purpose as they are ideal for home office usage too. Here are some important features of gaming chairs:


Handy Accessory

As reflecting in the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 review, this model particularly appeals to gamers. Despite not resembling a typical gaming chair, it offers all the possible comforts while you addictively play your games.

Considering Autonomous sells their product offerings directly to the intended user, you receive a premium quality commodity. If you are still wondering, “is the ErgoChair 2 for gamers the right choice?” Its many compatible features listed here should erase all doubts:

Breathable Mesh

Gaming on hot summer days can be uncomfortable even with the air conditioner on, as your chair also generates heat. When seated in this affordable chair for gamers, you can sit comfortably as its breathable mesh on the back and head support aids in ventilation. Since the mesh is made from durable material, constant pressure does not cause any damage.

Reclines With Ease

When you want to achieve a suitable sitting position, use the switch provided on the left side of your chair. Unlock to lean back and once you have chosen the perfect angle, secure it by locking the switch. Every ErgoChair review highlights the ease with which you can achieve a seamless recline on this model.

Cushioning on Seat

The essence of a comfortable seat is the cushioning that elevates your sitting experience. With its wide cushion, the ErgoChair for gamers has a 350 pounds weight capacity and accommodates all body types. On vacating the chair, the cushion regains its original appearance, so you can continue enjoying its softness on every use.

Head Support

Whether you are tall or short, you may adjust the attached headrest for angle and height. Maximum comfort is guaranteed with this provision, as the headrest is broad and contoured to support your cervical spine. You can choose to tilt the headrest towards your head or away from it to attain a desirable and supportive configuration.

Sturdy Base

The base of the chair is where its maximum weight is distributed. Even on reclining with all your force, the ErgoChair for gamers holds its ground. The strategically placed five casters or rollers allow you to handle your affordable chair for gamers with ease. Smooth movement on dense carpets is not a challenge, and a standard lift shaft bears the weight of your entire chair.

Relaxes and Supports Your Back

Since the backrest is flexible, you can recline your chair to achieve a relaxing angle. You can lean further back an extra ten degrees because of the inbuilt tilt mechanism even when the switch is locked. There is a lever that lets you alternate between the rockable and fixed backrest settings.

Seat Slide

Autonomous ErgoChair 2 review highlights the impressive seat characteristics, which include the forward tilting and slide provisions. Angling the seat forward and making your backrest upright relieves the load your spine otherwise endures. The seat slide raises your sitting area, so your back rests flat against the support provided.

Worthwhile Investment

The ErgoChair for gamers keeps you comfortable while gaming and also boosts your productivity when working. Besides its many cool and futuristic features, the significant plus points this Autonomous offering boasts of include:

  • Plenty of configuration choices that encourage a desirable sitting posture
  • A 30-day trial period during which you can assess if the product meets your expectations. When not satisfied, you can return the chair and claim a full refund.
  • 2-year warranty offer
  • Durable and sturdy frame
  • Generous and easy to execute recline
  • Scores high on comfort and functionality
  • Cost-effective purchase
  • Adjustable headrest, seat, and arm height
  • Flexible tilt range
  • Prevents aches in the neck and back regions
  • Made from breathable material
  • Relieves pressure points thereby, improving health and concentration levels
  • Simple to assemble as relevant tools and instructions are included in the packaging
  • Superior quality of the parts
  • Padding on the armrests
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Apt for home office use plus gaming


Is The ErgoChair 2 For Gamers?

An ergonomic chair is fit for gaming when it ticks the following checkboxes:


A chair is deemed high on comfort when it offers the user a range of adjustable features. These include altering the seat height, back angle, head, and armrests to better conform to the user’s anatomy.

Lumbar Support

Effective lumbar support is critical, especially since it is usual to lose track of time while gaming. ErgoChair for gamers is sensitive to this aspect and adjusts its lumbar support system to your spine’s curvature.

Back Support

When your chair’s backrest has a curvy design, it adequately supports your neck and upper back. Sitting for hours invariably takes its toll on these parts of your body. You may experience some pain and discomfort in the absence of high and effective back support.

Locking Mechanism

Scanning through the ErgoChair review draws your attention to the secure locking mechanisms in place. When you achieve the desirable tilt that provides maximum comfort, you can lock the angle. This chair accommodates different postures; hence, it rules out the common aches and pains associated with constant sitting.

Breathable Material

Mesh is considered the most breathable material as it encourages air circulation and keeps you cool even in the warmer months. Other chair fabrics like leather tend to activate your sweat glands as it rubs against your body while you are seated.

ErgoChair 2, with mesh across its entire back, headrest, and seating section, aids breathability and keeps you comfortable like no other in this category. A gaming chair that allows for adequate ventilation deserves to be your preferred choice.

Gaming while seated in the ErgoChair for gamers assures you of improved circulation and a healthy posture. Without a doubt, this Autonomous model wins hands down thanks to its dual functionality. Whether it is extended working hours or gaming sessions, discomfort is not a factor your body needs to endure.

Adjustment Provisions

The controls built into this affordable chair for gamers allow for tremendous flexibility and bodily support. For a clearer understanding, the extent of possible adjustments is enumerated below:


You can adjust the angle of your headrest by tilting it. To vary the height, lower the headrest or pull it up as desired.

Lumbar Support

Raising the height of your backrest or lowering it is possible using the up and down lumbar support adjustments provided. This cushioned provision firmly and comfortably holds your back in place while seated.


The button placed below each armrest allows you to raise or lower them. You can even slide your armrests either forward or backward till you settle for a comfy position.


On the left side of your gaming chair is a lever that adjusts the angle of your backrest. As a safety provision, another lever located on the rear of your chair enables you to lock and unlock the reclining angle of your backrest.


The rotating handle on the right is meant to adjust the back tilt strength. There are another two handles attached to the right, the larger of which adjusts the chair’s height.

With the help of the smaller handle, you can slide your seat cushion to the front or back, as deemed fit. An additional large handle towards the rear of your ergonomic chair is positioned to adjust the tilt in your seat.

On mastering the extensive range of handy controls, you can effortlessly alter your position based on the activity you intend to pursue. An ideal gaming adjustment recommendation is to bring back closer to your body and, once done, lock it in place. Setting the seat tilt slightly lower also facilitates a superior gaming experience.

A Class Apart

The many practical adjustable features associated with the ErgoChair for gamers are typically found in high-end models. This prized offering from the Autonomous brand stands tall in the category of an affordable chair for gamers. Considering it packs in way more than standard adjustments, your hunt for supportive seating ends here.

Even if different family members share the same ErgoChair, it will appeal to all. That’s because the presence of the many adjustable elements makes customizing this chair so conveniently doable.

Source the Autonomous ErgoChair 2, which is earning the title of being an all-purpose computer chair. You will soon realize there is no better return on your investment than the health benefits it guarantees in the long run.

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