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6 Smashing Photo Editing Tips That Will Thrill Photographers to Bits

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photos will, this Google photo is just a simple tool which just organizes your thrilling photos and the videos by different kinds of factors. But if we just dive deep inside the best effects of these tools then you will get to know that there are class features for the photo lovers around the globe. These Google-based features will help you to make your photo organizing quite plain sailing.

No matter, if you are a professional photographer or desire to keep the best memories safely then Google Photos is the thrilling option for you. Here in this post, we are also sharing 6 classy Google Photos tips and tricks that will help you in beautifying your photos immensely.


6 Astonishing Google photo editing tips to watch out for

Here is the list of 6 best Google photo editing tips:

#1 Editing the Photos in Google Photos is quite simple:

Google Photos provides you the basic photo editing tool which will help you in prettifying the photos. Though it does not include all the elements of photo editing tools just like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, it also provides the basic edits features. All you need to do is to click the photo which you desire to edit. You will be able to see the thrilling editing options at the right side on the screen. You also have the option to add and control numerous filters and adjust the light and color balance manually. You also have other options to crop, manage and rotate every aspect of the ratio in the photo. If you are not able to figure out about which options you must use then you must opt for applying “auto” option for the preprogrammed fixing of your photo. Google photo editing apps solution will help you to include the best filters in your photos and also control the position of the photo which looks best. These auto-adjust results are quite appealing.

#2 Authorizing unlimited storage in the Google Photos:

You will be thrilled to know that Google photos give you the facility for unlimited storage of your beautiful photos and the videos, nevertheless, only if you allow it for compressing their size. To become eligible for unlimited storage, then your photos and videos must also be flattened to around 16 megapixels and also 1080 megapixels resolution respectively.

This particular resolution is far better than enough for the regular users as such who make use of their stunning smart-phones or the regular camera for the photos and the videos. It will just create an issue for the professional photographers who desire to get their high resolution snaps to be stored in original size itself without compromising the quality.

Though this particular option is not authorized by default and you will just have to authorize it by clicking the hamburger menu which you will find at the top left corner and then just select the settings at that place. Then you are required to select the “High Quality” option which you will find at the top side and all your newly added photos and the videos shall be pressed and will not be a factor in your Google Drive Storage as such.

#3 The storage space gets recovered quite simply:

If you have a very less maximum storage limit of the Google Photos, then you can promptly regain much of the storage by just compressing the photos and videos which does not get compressed. All you need to do is click on the “settings” again from the top left hamburger menu itself and the clink on “Recover Storage” button.

You will see the dialog getting popped up which will show how much of the storage you will be able to recover through compressing of videos and the photos. All you need to do is hit on the “Compress” button here and then compress your photos. Through this, it will be a lot easier for compressing all the photos/videos which are just not compressed and this involves photos/videos in different Google services, say for instance, Blogger, Google+, etc. (excluding the Google Drive) You must also check out the option of “Recover Storage” which you will see at the right after you authorize numerous quality-oriented photos and the videos storage option. This will just help to compress the brand new photos/videos you click and the older ones will just stay in original kind of resolution and this will not be a factor in the unlimited storage if you don’t compress them as such.

#4 It will help you save some space in your smartphone:

Google Photos smartphone app is quite thrilling which helps you in enabling to delete the photos in your trendy smartphone which are just safely backed up in your Google Photos account as such. If you don’t have much storage left in your phone, then you can also let Google Photos delete out all the photos and videos are already just backed up as such. Ready to use business ideas for startup business will also help you to start with your business as in today’s date being an entrepreneur is what people look for.

In case of your smartphone app, all you need to do is just tap on the main hamburger menu just at the top left corner and just select “Free up device storage” option. Google Photos will just find all your photos and the videos and will be able to tell you as to how many of the items shall be securely and safely backed up and can also be deleted too. All you need to do is just tap on the “Remove” button and all the items will get deleted.

#5 Sharing of the flabbergasting photos and videos:

It is just simple to share your photos and videos on social media platforms with your friends and get huge hits on the heart button by your friends. ^_^

For using this option, you just have to open the photo, video, album or any kind of art and in the next step just click on the “Share” button which you will see at the top. You will get loads of sharing options here that will leave you gobsmacked. These sharing options will be seen with the suggested contacts in the middle. You will be able to share the quality content through the email and then add it to the album or just simply share on your favorite social media platform which involves the Google+, Twitter and the Facebook.

Apart from this, you will also be able to get the sharable link which you will be able to share at any other place too. You can then check out the shared content which will get opened in the Google Photos interface if you have not just shared over the specific social media platform.

#6 Elimination of geolocation from the shared content as such:

While you just share any kind of photo or the video, then automatically geolocation is also shared with this. Anybody will be able to track the accurate location of where these photos had been taken by making use of this information. You will also be able to ask the Google Photos to eliminate the Geolocation data from the content itself which is also shared by making use of the “Link” option available on this particular app. You will have to check out the “Settings” option and also authorize the option of “Remove geolocation in the items which are shared through this particular link itself. So whenever you will be sharing the content by using the sharable link, then the geolocation part gets eliminated through the same. Though you have to make certain that the geolocation will still get shared if you just make use of other sharing options say for instance through the social media networks or through the email as such.

The Final Word:

So, these above listed 6 smashing photo editing tips are the best to watch out for in the Google photos app in your smartphone as such. You will be able to edit the photos with just a few taps on the smartphone screen through these trending features available in the Google Photos app itself. Just buy the trendy smartphone and start using these best photo editing tips for getting the best result in your photos.


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