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How to Start a Business Like Uber – A Complete Guide

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The traditional taxi business has been taken over completely by Uber and Lyft on-demand model nowadays. The taxi industry has experienced astonishing growth in the United States. Every business is currently running and generating revenue through mobile applications because this is an easy way to reach more people and create a strong customer base. Not only the Uber app is successfully running, but all the on-demand apps are generating profits. You should know how to start a business like Uber if you want to step into this industry to increase your proficiency and receive higher profits. Let’s delve deeper and see what all processes and costs are involved in it.

Why There Is a Need for Businesses Like Uber?

As per the latest report of statistics, between 2017 – 2023, the taxi market is going to be doubled in just six years, and in 2022, the total revenue by taxi business will go up to $2.80 Billion. Keeping this in mind, one can think of starting a business like Uber and Lyft to give utmost convenience to the people. Uber’s business model has its competitors in the market like Lyft and Ola, but Uber is still on the top. At this time, starting any on-demand business will generate higher profits because people are getting aware and have started using on-demand applications to redeem their services.

This business model is in its developing stage and will draw higher profits if an on-demand model is executed properly with awesome marketing strategies. If you don’t have any experience of how to start a transportation business like Uber and Lyft, this is the right platform for you because you will get ample of information about the features involved and the cost of building an Uber-like an app.

Before looking at the features of an application similar to Uber and Lyft, you should know your competitors prevailing in the market and do detailed research of their revenue generation and the overview of their business model. Once you know how they are making a profit and from how long, you will get a fair idea of how to set up your base in the market and expand your business.

Let’s Have a Look at the Features of Uber:

  • Book Or Schedule A Ride
  • Track The Driver On Real-Time Basis
  • Let Someone Else Follow Your Ride
  • Pay Through Multiple Payment Options
  • Review And Select A Driver
  • Add Several Drop-Off
  • Review And Rate After Ride
  • In-App Calling And Messaging
  • Save A Destination
  • Driver’s And Trip History

These are some of the essential and basic features of Uber, which should be there in your clone app. You can add or remove any features according to your wish to make your application more attractive. Your clone app can be precisely like Uber with small differences, or it can be entirely different from your preferred features. Developing can be easy, but implementing and running an app afterward requires excellent marketing and advertisement strategies. In marketing, you can do various things like pay per click (PPC), online marketing like Website creation, and adding more and more content in that website as your on-page work and creating link building, writing winning guest posts, or affiliate marketing as your off-page work for your website. If you do all things very carefully, you will see more and more visitors coming to your website and app.

Cost to Develop an App Like Uber

After looking at the basic features, you must be wondering how much does it cost to start a taxi business. If you want to add only the basic features in your application, its cost lies somewhere between $5k to $25k. Firstly, you have to choose a perfect app development company who can take up your project and build a feature-enriched application according to your business needs.

The cost varies from company to company and its location. An application should have all the basic as well as advanced features so that it becomes easy to reach more people and create a strong customer base.

The cost of an application depends on multiple things. Some of them are listed below:

  • Are you building your app from scratch, or you only want to enhance the features on the existing app?
  • Do you want a local developer or someone from overseas?
  • Do you want to add only the basic features or you want a fully customized feature enriched application?

All these factors depend on how much does it cost to start a taxi business. Keep in mind all the things and consequences before implementing an Uber-like application in the market.

Future of Your Taxi Business

Nowadays, every online business takes some time, but it generates enough revenue after a particular period. Uber-like taxi business is gaining popularity ever since it was launched because earlier, people struggled with booking taxis, and it was challenging for them to stand on the road and hail for taxis. Still, with time, everybody is becoming aware of this business and enjoying booking taxis anytime anywhere.

Uber has expanded its presence in around 70 countries and continuously growing. The demand for online taxi business is never-ending. Booking a well-maintained car is super easy nowadays, and every business which is coming in the industry is generating higher revenues.

Thus, we can say that the taxi business is something that will continuously grow because of its convenient and affordable taxis. Investing in such a business is a great option if you are looking to earn more profits in the long run.


People want to be picked up from their location and dropped at the selected destination quickly. People changes, and so did the transportation. With the advent of technologies and updated GPS facilities, it becomes easy to choose any service online and redeem it hassle-free. Not only the taxi-hailing business is increasing, but almost every service has its mobile application, which is helpful for people.

The taxi app has become so convenient that it will tell you the exact location of the driver after you book it and will provide you with the best route through GPS, which is without traffic to reach safely at your destination. Pooling is also a great feature of this application where you don’t need to pay the whole amount; it will be separated among the riders in the application. All in all, it is a great app where newcomers can invest and earn higher profits.

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