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Why Businesses Should Invest in Android App Development?

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The race between iOS and Android platforms seems never-ending when it comes to mobile app development. If you analyze the past data, Android has been ruling the industry since a pretty long time due to its extensive flexibility.

“88 percent of all smartphones sold to end users were phones with the Android operating system in the second quarter of 2018.” – Statista

The number loudly speaks about users’ preference. This inspires companies to consider Android app development for their business to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world.

Being a Google supported platform, Android offers a lot of robust features that help organizations to address customers’ problems, streamline business process, and boost revenue stream. Create scalable enterprise mobile applications or engaging consumer-facing apps by embarrassing Android app development services. Let’s deep dive into the technical and business benefits of choosing an Android platform for your future mobile app.

Advantages of Android App Development for Your Business

Open Source Platform

Being an open source framework, Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for free and helps businesses to save on the licensing cost. Leverage affordable mobile app development that improves your business by incorporating advanced features and functionality of the continuously emerging Android platform.

Extensive Customization

No mobility platform is as powerful as Android when it comes to custom development. Businesses are allowed to customize not only the app but also the Operating System according to their specific business model & daily operations. Stay competitive with the frequently changing market trends as Android allows to add or edit any features in your mobile app.

Compatibility with Multiple Technologies & Devices

Android apps are highly compatible with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. Developers can use multiple devices such as Mac OS, Windows desktop, and LINUX system for Android app development. Moreover, they can harness the application development tools and technologies offered by Google.


Android allows developing future-ready applications where you can effectively target a niche target market, handle more users, and enable users with the high-end features and functions as and when required. Moreover, Android apps are highly scalable and allow to integrate new features in order to meet user’s demands and latest market trends.

Quick Integration

Android allows for complete customization of an app and OS to meet the computing requirements of your project. Developers can integrate libraries, 3rd party tools, existing enterprise systems, payment gateways, social media channels, external database and more in the app. Moreover, if you are already having different mobile apps, you can easily integrate them with your Android application.

Faster Deployment

Compare to iOS, Android offers many more advantages. One of them is, Android follows a few steps for deployment. So businesses can deploy Android app quickly and make it available for use within a few hours or days.

Seamless Performance

The Android platform can be integrated with a wide range of devices so the operating system offers a seamless performance across different devices. Due to having compatibility with multiple devices, Android developers have kept peace with advanced tools and technologies to build business solutions.

Enterprise Mobility

Android app developers can develop highly customized BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COSU (Corporate Owned Singal Use) applications as per the tailored requirements of your enterprise. It is quite easy to integrate an Android app in your existing business ecosystem that helps companies to improve overall organizational productivity.

Multiple Sales Channel

Boost your revenue stream with Android app development as the platform enables businesses with multiple sales channels. Monetize your application through below mentioned revenue models.

Selling of Apps:

It is the most common method to generate revenue. Develop an Android app and sell it on Google’s Play Store. Customers need to pay if they want to use your app. When users buy your app, Google deducts its share and you will get the rest of the money.

In-app Purchases:

Develop a feature-rich Android app with an intuitive design that encourages users to make a purchase within the app. It is a highly effective way to convert your Android app into a profit-making store.


Another way to boost your revenue margin is to invite other companies or brands for sponsored advertisements in your application.

Low Barriers Entry

Android app development requires the least investment compare to iOS. To get a developer account on the iOS platform, you need to pay $99. While on Android, you need to pay $25 as a lifetime registration fee for any number of applications.

If you want to perform registration by yourself then you need to set up an in-house team of developers and a development center with all the required utilities. This increases your overall app development cost. Instead, you can hire skilled professionals from an experienced Android app development company who have proven experience of delivering robust applications.

Large User Base

According to Statista, since the second quarter of 2018, 329.5 million Android smartphone units are sold across the globe. This number is far greater than iOS that is 44.72 million units. By considering Android mobile applications, you can reach out to a very large user base. And, by ignoring this platform, you will lose limitless opportunities as well as the market competition.

Improved Time-to-Market

Work with a reliable agile software development company who have successfully delivered custom android applications to the varied industry domains. They enable you with an experienced team that offers you a robust business solution in a quick turn around time and enable you to gain a competitive edge over your competitors by launching a user-friendly Android app.



With custom Android app development, you can achieve your organizational goals, generate more ROI, and boost the sales by addressing your business challenges at the same time. Whether you want to develop consumer apps or enterprise applications, Android allows to build user-friendly and seamlessly working mobile app at the least investment of time, money and efforts.

Android mobile apps set up effective communication between businesses and customers. Stay ahead in the competition by developing custom mobile apps using the latest Android tools and technologies. Unlock potential business opportunities by converting your idea into a groundbreaking Android app.

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