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7 Indispensable Apps to Make the Best Business Decisions

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Sometimes in August 2004, Motorola released a very different kind of mobile device, Razr (Very thin and stylish), into the market. Howbeit, this product became very popular that even the rich and wealthy wanted to possess this mobile device. The success of Razr placed Motorola ahead of their competitors. However, in 2006 Motorola was in the middle of making a critical business decision; either to launch a new generation of smartphones or produce more Razr and send to the demanding market. Without further ado, the brand decided to send more of Razr to the market. And by 2010, because Motorola failed to launch new smartphones, they had to compete seriously with some emerging smartphone brands like the iPhone and Blackberry; thereby losing a whopping 90 percent of their market share; what a disaster due to inability to make the right decision! Making some decisions in business requires a more tactical approach, and if you are not careful, you might end up making a decision you’ll stand to regret forever.“Decision-making can be as simple as deciding what logo to use for your business and can as well be as complex as making the right investment or hiring decision out of so many options,” says Nicholas Dutko, Founder & CEO of Auto Transport Quotes Services.Below, therefore, are 7 indispensable mobile apps that would boost your chances of making the best decisions in life:

#1. iThoughts:

The iThoughts app is a “thoughtful app” that would help you to chop-up complex subject matter into smaller bit; that is easily accessible and understandable.

The thoughts tool helps you in mind mapping; which would support visualization and organization of your thoughts, ideas, and information.

The app follows a well-established decision-making guidance suitable for all kind of businesses.

It also synchronizes your data across all your connected devices; so you can access your account at any time and anywhere.

It is compatible with Mac and Apple devices.

#2. ChoiceMap:

The ChoiceMap app is a new free iPhone app that helps you set priorities and know what should come first — thereby making the right decision at the right time.

Making a concrete decision can be emotionally draining sometimes, but with the use of the ChoiceMap app, you’ve got fewer worries.

With this app, you don’t need to decide what is best (i.e you save yourself of the decision-making anxiety and headache). All you have to do is “acknowledge your priorities” and your options would be ranked as to how well they’ll meet your business needs.

ChoiceMap also allows you to reorganize your business schedule as well as keep track of your advancement records for car shipping carriers.

#3. OmniFocus:

The OmniFocus app is a magical app that helps you organize your work into distinct segments, thereby allowing you to understand every bit of your assignment — which would help in making bankable business decisions.

With OmniFocus, you can work faster and get more things done with Split View Multitasking. And with OmniFocus Free Sync Server, you can sync your task and perspectives everywhere and across all platforms.

One interesting thing about this app is that it helps you to ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you should and can do now, as well as accomplish it in no time. The idea is to create more focus so you’ll be charged up to make better decisions.

OmniFocus is compatible with the Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

#4. Deciderr:

The Decider app is yet another social media app. It helps you decide on what option to go for by receiving a response from worldwide users.

One advantage of this app is that you tend to meet experienced worldwide users who will give you a ‘yes or no’ answer to your burning questions. You can also give answers to featured questions.

It’s easy to ask your questions with Decider. All you have to do is put down your questions in a sheet of paper, take a picture of it and allow the world give you answers to them.

#5. MindNode:

The MindNode app is another mind mapping app that supports the discernable representation of your ideas.

This app helps you to better analyze, understand and generate new ideas. It thereby doubles your productivity by rearranging your thought and organizing complicated mind maps through “smart layout” thereby allowing you to make the right business decision with ease.

This app is very flexible and can be used in different ways. And it automatically syncs your data across all your devices. That is, you can begin the process on your iOS device and end it on your PC.

#6. Polar (Social Media):

The Polar app is a social media app that will boost your decision-making in business. Unlike the Decider App, it allows people to vote ‘yes or no’ as well as leave their comments in support of their vote.

This app is “Fast, Fun and Frictionless.” It is set up in such a way that the users can access and cast their vote in an immediate way, enabling the user to get instant help in making killer business decisions, as well as receive reasons why their decision is right.

#7. Decision Buddy:

The Decision Buddy app is a decision-making app that can help in chopping down of complex business options into small and understandable steps.

This fast and easy-to-use app leads you through the decision-making process following in pairs — allowing you to make highly effective and bankable business decisions with time.

One added advantage of this app is that it supports both individual and group decision-making. It allows you to first specify people you want to get your business decisions from, set open your options and receive answers to your tiring questions.

Decision Buddy is compatible with all kinds of Android devices.

In Conclusion:

Regardless of your kind of work or living, decision making is inevitable. Here is what is certain: You’ll either make the wrong decision and regret it or you make the right decision and thank yourself!

Use the above app and lower your chances of making the wrong business decisions…..

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