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Top 10 Mac Apps Everyone Should Be Using for Business

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Every day we perform certain tasks and set new goals for ourselves. To keep all these things in your head is rather difficult and to tell the truth, in the era of modern technologies is rather silly. It is a well-known statement that “Time is money” and in the world of business, time means everything. And there is no wonder that apps aimed to facilitate the business are becoming more and more popular as they help effectively manage the processes in the company, control work and share documents between partners.

That is why we present a list of apps that will help you successfully and hassle-free runs your business.


Pages is a fast and powerful text editor for Mac, integrated with all major services of the Mac OS, equipped with all the tools for the layout of any complexity. This is a powerful tool with the help of which you can create your own page designs using various fonts and styles, or use Apple’s attached templates to speed up the work. With Pages, adding images, videos or any other element is very easy, so that any user can create text documents with very careful design, both in form and in content.

In addition, Pages allows you to export data, including in the format of MS Office Word. If you need to get the perfect application for working with text – this is Pages only.

Commander One

Commander One an essential file manager for Mac with a lot of useful features. Hotkeys, built-in archiver, queue operations, an excellent FTP client with support for FTP, SFTP, and FTPS for accessing remote servers and the ability to save all settings and passwords in the Keychain. Besides that, Dropbox, Google Drive, Backblaze, Box, Amazon S3 and other popular cloud storages are connected in the same way and are available as normal folders with which you can do anything you wish.


Thanks to the connection function of media devices, you can work with the contents of gadgets on iOS and Android, as well as cameras and other devices. In addition, the app offers a Team License for 5 Macs and Company License for 50 Macs


Spreadsheets are an indispensable tool for creating projects that require comprehensive control of a huge amount of data. That is why it is so important to have an app at your disposal that will guarantee proper work, and Numbers meets this requirement. The app is considered to be the best tool for working with spreadsheets on Mac.

Illustration of data using interactive graphs, filtering data in a table, updating and many more. All these things are possible thanks to more than 250 features that this utility contains. Besides, the app is integrated into the iWork office which, thanks to iCloud, you can share with all of your devices.

Disk Drill

Recovering files on a computer is usually not an easy task, and no guarantees can be given here. However, apps like Disk Drill can come to rescue. Disk Drill is the best app to recover data on disk and removable media (HDD, USB-Flash, SD, MMC, M2, etc.) and supports the following file systems as HFS +, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16.


Restore a file by simply previewing it with the Quick Look feature, use the Recover button to perform a quick or a deep scan of any block on a disk, repair damaged partitions and restore data due to Rebuild Catalog feature, protect the partition with the Vault Recovery feature (available only for HFS + or FAT) and many more. Disk Drill is a file recovery tool that you simply need for Mac computers.


Thanks to this app, you can create amazing things. MindManager allows you to work on the most complex memory cards, simplifies data collection and interaction between workgroup members (who can be anywhere – quickly, efficiently, smoothly and without losing time). MindManager also provides a bunch of tools for analyzing the current work and evaluating options for further progress, developing and selecting final solutions.

A large number of templates are built into MindManager – from minimalistic and formal to bright and informal. Here you can combine multiple cards using the link. This is convenient when you run several interrelated projects.

Little Snitch

Little Snitch is designed to monitor the network while you are online. It can prevent the theft of personal information from a computer. The app uses a powerful firewall that controls all data flows between the computer and the Internet.

After intercepting all the signals, the app gives the user a message allowing you to choose whether to send this or that information via the Internet or reject the sending. You can set such an alert for each transfer or you can configure to send this or that information without asking. In addition, you can configure the option so that the application offers answers automatically depending on the application that is trying to connect.


TeamViewer is one of the best remote access applications on the market. The utility allows you to record sessions on video, communicate to participants in voice and text chat and open remote access only to selected files/folders/apps. It can be used to administer, support and maintain computers, as well as mobile devices running iOS and Android from your Mac.


To connect two devices, you need to generate an ID and password on the server and enter them on the client side. The app uses secure data transfer channels with key exchange and an AES session. Besides that, TeamViewer has a very friendly interface with a lot of tips, so it is very easy to master.


This is a powerful and easy-to-use program for macOS, which will help to organize a platform for communicating with colleagues and collaborate on projects. It allows you to exchange messages, store and manage files and documents. Using this program, you can improve workflow and increase team productivity.

You can create open channels for your projects, groups, and topics, and chat with colleagues and like-minded people. Slack stores history and allows you to search for information on all your channels. On the channel, you can exchange files, messages, comments, images, video files, etc. In addition, the program can be integrated into various services like Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive, etc.


A very handy app for storing passwords, credit card data, databases, passport information, third-party application licenses as well as secure notes. Besides that, the service can help you to generate a complex password and synchronize stored information with your other devices via Dropbox, iCloud or Wi-Fi Sync.

Like other password managers, 1Password adds an extension to browsers that contain options for adding and administering accounts. When authorizing on the site, if the account for it has not yet been saved in the system, the extension will automatically intercept the data and offer to save it in 1Password.

OmniGraffle Pro

OmniGraffle Pro is a great tool for creating complex graphs, charts, diagrams. The app has a simple and intuitive interface that provides easy access to your projects, tools, styles, and other menus. The tools of the app include a Bezier curve, stencils, curves, and more. There are different styles to make a diagram presentable. Smart guides will help build a grammatical and logical structure.

In general, the areas of application of the app is in numerous, but mostly for presentations. However, keep in mind that if you need to present any semantic information in a graphic form – OmniGraffle Pro is a great solution.

Definitely, there are a lot of great Mac apps out there. It is just a small list of top Mac apps for business that is worth considering. Check them out and have a hassle-free work.

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