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7 Tips for Making a Successful Event Recap Video

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Let’s face it…

We love video. Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day. So when it comes to your next happening event, you might want to capture the best moments on film. But don’t just record the event.

Whether it’s a small training video or a large convention with keynote speakers – there are tactics to make your video rewarding and stand out.

Event recap videos are a great way to create video content to showcase a company’s culture and share with a larger audience. When hiring a video production company, Implement these tactics that will make your video engaging, memorable and with great purpose:

  1. Pick Good Music

It might sound obvious but the right music will help re-create the mood. It should match the feel from the event. Music is one of the most powerful drivers to create an emotional connection with your viewers. If your audience feels a connection to your video, they will be naturally attracted to your brand.

Don’t let your music over power your video. In doing so it could detract from the video rather than add to the overall impact. There are royalty free sites you can access to use a track from their music library. Cost can range from $10-$100.

  1. Make a Shot List

You need to be prepared. Planning is everything when it comes to video production. When making a list you’ll need to focus on times and places that the “must capture” moments will take place.

Using interviews and full length venue shots will capture the fun and energy of any event….but not if you miss them. Events have stories to tell. Use the interviews with the attendees to tell a story. Videos have a way of stitching together a cohesive story that makes sense.

  1. Keep Your Video Short

Event recaps can be used as a token memorabilia. The length of the video is important. A 60 – 90 second event video is ideal. Any longer and it can be considered more self serving.

Shorter videos are more engaging than longer videos. When making your event recap, you should consider conveying your most important message/information at the beginning.

  1. Understand the Purpose of Your Video

Videos have a way of extending the memories of the event and reminding people why they went in the first place. You can also highlight parts of the event for those people who couldn’t attend. Offering this type of video can help increase future sales or registrations to an event.

Whether your goal is to increase attendees for an upcoming year or reach out to those who attended,start with your goals in mind.

  1. Understand the Flow of the Event

You’ll want to meet with your clients or those in charge of the event. Understanding everyone’s expectations upfront will save you time and frustration the day of the event.

It’s best to get a schedule before hand. A schedule will show you how the day is to flow. Showcasing the event chronologically helps viewers understand the flow of the day. Your goal here is to leave the audience with … I wish I went. Definitely going next year. Or so glad I attended.

  1. Clear Audio is a Must

Clear audio is critical to the success of an event video. If you plan on interviewing speakers, they should have a great hand-held or Lavalier microphone. The latter is a small microphone used for public speaking in order to allow for hands-free speaking.

Audio is just as important as video in production. Audio must be clear, have the correct volume, and free of all distractions.

  1. Use Text as Needed

Adding a text overlay can give your video a professional touch. Use text as needed to help convey the message you are trying to communicate. There are elements to consider when using text overlay.

Be consistent with your typeface, don’t typeset over images (set them over solid shapes), use crisp white type over dark images and use bright colors and high contrast images. And use fonts and colors consistent with your brand.