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6 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) PR Tips from the Pros

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The cryptocurrency industry is becoming increasingly popular. As such, it is easy to see why new ICOs are now appearing on a daily basis. Therefore, to make your ICO project unique, build an effective PR hype strategy. Otherwise, your project could end up losing itself among the several initial coin offering startups available.

Would you like to attract attention to your ICO? If so, read on to find out more on how to come up with a well-organized PR campaign that will help you succeed in your ICO project. Grabbing the attention of your core audience is the first step to success. The second step is to offer your core audience clear and precise details about your ICO project.

Ensure that you provide detailed information about the developers, the aims and the total protection of the contributors’ interests. This information is usually contained in the project’s White Paper. Here are tips for creating the most effective PR hype campaign in the world:

1. Identify Effective Communication Channels for Your ICO Hype

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and so on are the most effective communication channels. This is why it may be a good idea to use these social media networks to promote your project. Facebook provides many opportunities and it is a good idea to consider using it to improve your crypto marketing.

Peruse through several Facebook communities focusing on Journalists searching for speakers in the digital and tech industry. Become a speaker in the appropriate field. Check web resources like and ensure that you answer any questions users have regarding your projects.

Create a list of media resources which can promote your ICO. Interact with channels such as, CoinTelegraph,, Cryptocoinsnews and so on.

2. List Your ICO Hype on Dedicated ICO Platforms

The internet has several free sites that publish and contain ICO listings. One of my favorites is ICO Buffer which is among the best communities for posting information about initial coin offering projects. Some of the most popular sites devoted to ICOs include Smith & crown,, and

All of the resources we’ve mentioned offer special opportunities like advertising and premium placement. It is important to reach a wide audience and avoid limiting yourself to English sites only. Try to look for similar platforms in Asia, the middle east and Russia as the blockchain market is quickly developing in these places. Your translated version of the white paper should have all the details regarding your ICO project.

3. Get In Touch with Your Core Audience

It is important to maintain contact with your core audience before the ICO and throughout the entire process. Communicate with your potential contributors using tools such as Telegram and Slack. Also, take advantage of forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk. It can also be a plus to hire a specialist to keep the discussions rolling about your project.

A forum debate is a way of interacting with the audience that allows you to get feedback from your ICO’s future participants and users. Avoid ignoring queries which come by e-mail as avoiding questions asked by users can damage the reputation of a company and can also lead to customer disloyalty.

4. Aggressive, Professional Marketing of Your ICO Can Move Mountains     

A bounty program can be a strong and powerful means of promoting your ICO. But pay careful attention to national and international regulations in every market where you’re making your ICO available. It is important to attract the attention of customers to your ICO so that you can reward them with tokens for performing actions influencing the promotion of your ICO in a positive way. The best way to attract new participants is by giving a reward to users for subscribing to your email marketing list, participating in signature campaigns on bitcointalk and for blog posts that engage potential investors.

5. A Solid Event or Two Can Help Your ICO Gain Visibility

Every year, there are hundreds of events celebrating the success of the blockchain industry all over the world. Meet-ups, seminars and conferences are an efficient way to get partners and make the right acquaintances. Depending on your budget, you could even host your own!

6. For ICOs, Timing is Everything

Starting an effective PR campaign at least 3 months before your ICO will increase your chances of success. Draw up a media communication strategy and then define the sources for launching your commercial PR campaign.

Finally, ensure that you prepare all the necessary promotional materials – including digital content and press releases. Schedule PR events and confirm the presence of speakers by contacting each one of them. An Initial Coin Offering should be exciting. By following the steps outlined above, you can get the hype train rolling in no time!