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6 Compelling Reasons to Have a Business Letterhead in 2021

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A business letterhead can take your branding to a new level and help you attract you ideal customers so you can focus on what matters most: boosting your bottom line.

But are business letterheads relevant in a world that has almost phased out the use of paper?

A quick overview of class-leading business shows that they all have one thing in common: a powerful marketing communication channel. A well-designed business letterhead is almost akin to having a physical representation of your business. You would want it to feel weighty and evoke value.

More importantly, you would find instances where you’ll have to dispatch letters (as opposed to emails) when communicating with clients. But creating a letterhead design that catches your breath is easier said than done, especially when you need something that is top notch and aligns with your company vision.

So what are the main reasons why business letterhead are so useful? Let’s find out.

1. Demonstrates Finesse and Professionalism

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes (or your recipient’s shoes). You dispatch a letter on a simple white envelope and ordinary paper, like something that was pulled straight out of children’s textbooks.

If you’re sending ‘cold’ letters as part of a marketing campaign, most of your target audience probably won’t even open this letter.

However, you can make a stellar first impression by investing in a high quality business letter head that makes your business appear professional and cutting-edge. Your letter needs to scream ‘top notch’ in order to make an impact.

This is important, if you are sending:

  • job offer letters
  • invoices
  • notices
  • and more!

2. Marketing Your Business

Marketing is an essential component of maintaining a healthy sales funnel. To stay competitive, you must utilize every advertisement channel out there and relentlessly promote your brand.

One highly effective advertisement tool is the use of a business letterhead. Every time receives a letter from you, they’ll see your brand name and logo.

It shows that you are a seasoned veteran in your industry – orders of magnitude superior to businesses that don’t have such a presence. The psychological impact of business letterheads can’t be measured in mathematical terms. You will exude authority and command a formidable presence among key players in your industry.

Think about it this way: you’re going to send letters anyway. Why not send it in a way that makes an impact. It’s free marketing – the worth of which is priceless in today’s hyper competitive economy.

We also recommend using the same logo on your business card website, and any other marketing materials. Consistency in branding is one of the hallmarks of a successful company.

Note: if your current logo isn’t compatible for print, have letterhead designers create one that fits your marketing needs.

3. Communication Becomes Easier

A business letterhead gives you control over how people influence your business and provides you an easy means of communication with clients.

The letterhead contains your business identity and important information in a simple space. You can include essential details related to your phone number, email, address, and any other information that may be needed to get a hold of you.

More importantly, if someone is expecting a letter from you, marking the envelope and letter with your logo makes it easy for them to find you in a pile of mail. It’s easy for your client – who will notice this ‘perk’, even if it’s small.

You can also design different letterheads to identify certain individuals in your company. If you’re in the sales team or are part of financing, you can create specific letterheads to make it easier for clients to identify which part of the business unit they are dealing with.

4. Edge Out the Competition

Most businesses don’t pay attention to ‘small’ marketing channels such as business letterheads. It could make all the difference in standing out from the crowd and making a mark.

Suppose you and your competitor are sending out mails to solicit business from potential clients. The prospective client receives two mails – one in plain white envelope, and one with a letterhead that distinctly looks more professional.

5. Which business do you think they will hire?

This is where it pays to leverage every marketing channel you have access to. The business letterhead shouldn’t be boring and monotonous. It can be visually intensive to make that all-too-valuable first impression.

There is a very good chance that your competitor doesn’t have a business letterhead – and you do. This could be the difference between a healthy sales funnel and one that is struggling to get off the ground.

6. You Appear More Influential

A well designed letterhead makes you look like a large company – like Microsoft and UPS with power, influence, and infrastructure. It may help you get bigger clients who may not have noticed you otherwise. The illusion of power is an underestimated marketing tool that very few savvy marketers leverage – if ever.

Anyone can create a PPC ad – but business letterheads are commonly associated with companies that are at the top of their game.

Things You Should Consider When Designing Your Letterhead

You’ll have to take a few things into account when rolling out business letterheads.

First and foremost, don’t use a design that obstructs your view. Simplicity is always a good thing when it comes to design. The goal of the letterhead is to complement the contents of your letterhead, not taking up unnecessary space.

Second, you should think about the content you want people to see. What are the different means of reaching your team? Emails, phones, addresses, and website names. If you are sending sensitive information, you may also have to include legal terms to minimize your liability.

It’s also important to think about the type of paper in use. The weight and feel of the paper is also very important. A high quality paper will make your recipient feel valued and important – and that’s also part of good customer service.


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