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5 Tips To Design Digital Signage For Your Business

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Digital signage systems may work wonders for your business. It’s no doubt that from this very minute you’re in a hurry to make up an appropriate content, style, technical stuff and waiting for revenues. Since digital signage is a cool tool for both offline & online advertising with the vibrant visual elements and possible engagement of social media users. Nowadays there are even more powerful promo instruments such as face recognition, artificial intelligence, touch screens etc. Discover with us 5 important tips for succeeding with this type of promotion your brand or service.

Your audience

Who are those people whom you target with your digital signage displays? First of all, you should decide on the profile of your audience and its segmentation. This step will be very helpful in planning your content for segmented target groups. Avoid the major mistake: don’t think about them in terms of what you want them to see and how you want these personas to act after consuming your content. Rather try to guess: what does your audience want? Your inner marketing objectives are helping your target groups as well as making their lives easier. That’s why before initiating the next project in this field, consider whom you’re trying to persuade literally to buy your product/service.

Call to action

A call to action (CTA) has come to this sphere from offline marketing campaigns. You must guide your potential clientele in the right direction. That’s why a call to action placed at the bottom of your content is a must. It should be brief, easily readable and concise since you have only some seconds to impress and motivate to proceed. An irrelevant or weak CTA means dead signage and waste of money. On the other hand, as you may read on telemetrytv.com, a powerful CTA will help your audience:

  • to know what steps they may take next;
  • to learn how your company can help them in the best possible way.

What’s the most powerful way to reach peoples’ minds? Start with an action verb, then emphasize the urgency to make your audience act ASAP. 


Any digital signage should be catchy. However, there is a certain sound degree of creativity. There is no room for over-enthusiasm when we are speaking about fonts. First of all, think about readability and forget about something too sophisticated or crazy. Your goal is to get the message across to the right people in the right place. It should be easy to read. That’s why some awesome or outstanding fonts are out of place. It’s better to avoid contrasting colors that are clashing.

In fact, there is another important tip, namely initial caps, when the first letter of each word is capitalized. Experts claim this is a powerful push to the viewer, when precious seconds to make an impression are not being wasted.

White space

What does this term mean in the digital marketing industry? Well, this is an empty space surrounding all content in a design layout. The trick is that the space is not really “white” or empty: in reality it envisages how the message appears to the human eye. Some digital nomads are afraid of white space but this is a big mistake. It’s like literally overcrowding on the screen which bears no visual comfort for views. White color surrounding the signature visually protects it from mess with graphic elements and other text symbols. Wise use of white space really helps focus attention on your key message.

Social Media Aspect

These are different worlds but now they are joining forces. Digital media focuses on SMM while digital signage is more about offline channels of promotion. Together they may take the advertising efforts to a higher, to say unbelievable level. In this process social media envisage:

  •         increased user engagement;
  •         bright visual message;
  •         enhanced interactivity;
  •         higher promo campaign outcomes.

A digital screen with interactive elements like a touchpad, face recognition or artificial intelligence will contribute to a higher interest from the users.

In fact, digital signage displays can serve as public social media to build events and brands. Different types of screens, interactive formats such as real-time Instagram streams, videos, and customer stories presented through the pictures and slots will surely boost sales. While real-time products and services updates followed by users’ instant responses on the screen may fuel higher interest from the audience. In fact, not only does big business need it, but digital signage is also a powerful medium in social & government campaigns to influence citizens and display crucial messages. While building your strategy, consider perfect view and superb clarity of the visual content as well as if your external screens are able to withstand different weather conditions.  

Remember that all human beings are very curious. That’s why don’t forget about numeric facts & digits. They will make your ideas & messages more memorable to the people reading them.

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