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5 Lead-Generation Sources for Real Estate Recruiters

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Lead generation is a crucial part of real estate recruitment. In particular, proactive recruiting is essential in a streamlined recruitment program. This way, you can just “dip” into your talent pool anytime you need to fill a post instead of going through the entire process.

Before you can build a sizable, high-quality talent pool, however, you need to be an expert in lead generation. One half of this is knowing who is your brokerage’s ideal candidate; the other is knowing how and where to look.

If you’re a real estate recruiter or part of a brokerage’s human resource team, here are a few suggestions on where to find more leads:


MLS Data

The MLS is a good source of leads, especially if you’re looking for active agents. You can then sort this list based on performance so you can get in touch with the best of the best. The good thing is that the MLS also provides contact information, so you don’t need to hunt down these details on your own.

After building your contact list from the database, you can use Brokerkit and its CRM system to help you narrow down the field. You can create your own categories, making the search much faster and more efficient.


Social Media

It can be argued that social media is one of the most valuable recruitment tools available nowadays, considering that you have the potential to reach literally millions of people with just one post. Even those who aren’t in the real estate industry can be converted with a well-crafted job ad.

The key here is to know your audience. Know what they’re talking about and what’s important to them so you can become a trusted source of information. Pay attention to each social media platform’s search tools and familiarize yourself with algorithms. This way, you can ride the latest trend and make wise decisions regarding your content.

You should also know which social media platforms to use. LinkedIn is the most logical place to start your search, considering that it’s a career-focused site. However, there’s still a considerable audience on Facebook and Twitter. The former is great for establishing groups, while the latter is ideal for starting discourse.

Social media is also a great engagement platform in general. If ever someone is on the lookout for a job, you’ll be top of mind for them because you’ve already cultivated a relationship. The most important thing is to commit. Listen to what your audience wants and then give it to them. You might also want to consider releasing targeted ads for more exposure, especially once you’ve already built your credibility.


Career Websites

Career websites or blogs that are dedicated to career-related topics are other good places to look for leads, especially for active candidates. Participate in conversations and let people know about your brokerage. You can even work with the website or blog’s administrator if you can develop content in partnership with them to boost awareness and interest.


Industry Events

Back when the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet put a halt on social gatherings, industry events are one of the best places to get leads. What’s even better is that these events can put you in touch not just with job seekers, but also potential partners.

Many real estate industry events have migrated online these days, whether they’re purely for networking purposes or knowledge-sharing (see below). Many career fairs have also become online events. Start your search with local events and then move your way up to national or even global events if they’re available so you can cast a wider net.

Do note that some events are free, while some require registration fees and other payments. If you have a limited budget, just be conscientious about which events you’re joining so you can maximize your brokerage’s exposure. Also, be prepared for the return of live in-person events in the future.



Some online industry events are focused on providing learning opportunities. The best thing about these webinars is that you have a relative guarantee that those who attended are also interested in your brokerage. In addition, you can safely assume that the participants are open to various ways of advancing their careers. This is a good indicator of how they will approach their development once they get a job with you.

To help build interest around your webinar and brokerage, consider inviting some of your current agents and have them share their experiences. Doing this is also a good way to promote your company culture. You can also conduct webinars about the recent industry news, or invite experts to discuss the latest trends. If you want, you can even provide tips on landing a job in your brokerage.


Hopefully, with these suggestions, you can build a healthy talent pool of the best real estate professionals. Good luck on your search!


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