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4 Cold Shipping Hacks You Need to Know Now

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Shipping items locally or to other states can, at times, be overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re in the line of healthcare or Life Sciences, where cold shipping services are paramount. Even though different Global Logistics firms offer cold shipping services, you need to know how to do it correctly. 

Besides the shipping requirements, finding a shipping company offering end-to-end shipping solutions for temperature-sensitive products like vaccines and blood samples can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be.

So, how can you participate in the cold shipping of your products seamlessly? Here are cold shipping hacks that you need to know now!


1. Know the Cold Shipping Regulations

One of the easiest hacks to ship your temperature-sensitive products correctly is understanding cold chain shipping requirements. But, first, get a copy of IATA’s Dangerous Goods regulations handbook (International Air Transport Associations). 

In the handbook, you will reference different guidelines for cold shipping services. For instance, if you are shipping healthcare products, it’s compulsory for you to:

  • Use time and temperature-sensitive labels. As the shipper or your agent, it is your responsibility to ensure this label is correctly affixed.
  • Include an Acceptance Checklist for your time and temperature-sensitive shipments. The checklist intends to notify the aircrew of the checks that they must perform on your shipment.

You will have to follow the IATA guidelines regardless of the shipping company you will use.

2. Understand the Packaging Requirements

Correct packaging is a must if you want to get your products to their final destination in top conditions. Here are easy tips to help you in packing your healthcare products, lab items, or Life Sciences: 

  • Get protective equipment like gloves, goggles, and face masks. This is crucial because it protects you (or your staff) from contaminated items.
  • Use special cleanroom containers to package all your temperature-sensitive products. These will keep the interior of the container free of contamination or leakage.
  • Ensure proper usage of all packaging materials so as not to cause damage to the shipment in any way.
  • Use a biohazard bag in case your item gets contaminated in some way.

These are just some of the many guidelines that you will have to follow to deliver your temperature-sensitive shipment undamaged.

3. Understand the Labeling Requirements for Cold Shipping

Labels are a vital part of every shipping process. Global logistic companies track down your shipment through the labels. Besides, labels also serve as handling instructions for the transport companies.

The labeling requirements are quite extensive when it comes to temperature-sensitive items like vaccines and blood samples. For instance:

Using a time and temperature-sensitive label (TTS Label) is compulsory. This serves as the mainline of communication between your company and the transport company. You also have to affix the label in the top right corner of the outer packaging.

Then, you have to include a specific label inside your box and on each package compartment. This ensures that all handling staff is aware of the contents and what precautions they need to take during transport. Remember also that your shipper name should be above your return address.

Other information that you should include:

  • Name of vaccine or other items that you’re shipping
  • Any special shipping requirements such as “This Side Up,” “Keep Dry,” etc.
  • The transport container number to identify your shipment from other ones carried by the same carrier.

Label your shipment 2-3 days before it gets picked for cold transport. The vaccine must have achieved its required storage conditions and temperature by that time. If you don’t do that in advance, there might not be adequate time to label the items and keep them cool during transit properly.

4. How to Ship Temperature-Sensitive Products

Once you have all the necessary paperwork and packing ready, the next step is to find a reputable cold transport company for your temperature-sensitive items. 

Many reputable companies specialize in shipping healthcare products throughout the world. In addition, most of them will provide you with door-to-door delivery services and customer support.

From your point of view, the only thing you need to do is deposit your box and wait for it to reach its destination safely. Therefore, providing reliable shipment tracking features is ideal for a shipper that gives you peace of mind by providing reliable shipment tracking features is perfect. 



Cold transport is a vital part of the healthcare industry that improves efficiency and reduces costs. With the tips above, your cold shipping experience should be seamless. 

The process is not as complicated as you might think. First, ensure you choose a reputable cold global logistic firm and follow all the necessary guidelines before sending your shipment. Then, with proper planning and consideration of certain factors, you can be confident that you’re doing the right thing.

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