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Why 3D Printers Are the Future for Business

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The desktop 3D printing revolution began a few years ago. In 2016, the worldwide shipments for 3D printers increased by 34 percent. These numbers continue to rise by the day. Desktop 3D printers are now available in many homes and small business establishments, unlike in the past where large companies used them. Due to the increased demand for desktop 3D printers, manufacturers such as BCN3D have directed their efforts towards producing sophisticated, easy to use, and affordable 3D printers. Nowadays, BCN3D is a leading worldwide 3D printers manufacturer that helps innovators create the future.

However, this momentum cannot be sustained unless business owners develop a full understanding of how 3D printers can transform their businesses without breaking the bank or causing unnecessary headaches due to overly complicated processes. Bearing this in mind, let’s see how 3D printing technology can revolutionize your business regardless of your industry.

Room for Exploration

The most exciting thing about 3D technology is that it allows manufacturers to reach new horizons. Individuals can now use 3D printing technology to create objects that would otherwise be impossible to produce. For instance, surgeons can use MRI images to create a 3D copy of the human heart to help them figure out how to operate effectively. 3D printers have also made space exploration easier since scientists no longer have to carry many items to space.


Prototyping enables an individual to transform an idea into a tangible object. Initially, prototyping was a reserve for giant companies that could afford 3D printers. Even then, it would take weeks to complete a single prototype. 3D printers are now available almost everywhere. You can get a simple desktop 3D printer at about $200. Small businesses can now use 3D printers to create prototypes rather than depend on third-party manufacturers.

Prototypes can be created within a few hours, and it even allows them to make as many changes as they want. 3D printers have empowered SMEs by enabling them to develop and get their products into the market within a short time.


3D printing technology has enabled businesses to meet ever-changing consumer preferences. For instance, 3D printers are used in the dental industry to create crowns that match with the rest of the patient’s teeth. This technology has also revolutionized the textile industry by allowing manufacturers to effortlessly, and inexpensively create custom-made products for their customers. Unlike in the traditional manufacturing process, 3D printing technology doesn’t require retooling. The only thing you are required to do is upload the tweaked design and print it out.

Cutting Shipping Costs

Initially, 3D printers created objects out of plastic and metal. But now 3D printers can create objects from a wide range of materials. The best part is that these parts can be produced locally. Businesses no longer need to order spare parts overseas. 3D printers can be used to create these items, thus saving on shipping costs and time. Companies can now produce individual spare parts on-need basis because it only takes a few hours to get the job done with a 3D printer.

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