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25 Instagram Growth Services That’ll Double Your Following

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Building up a decent following on Instagram is an exceedingly arduous undertaking. It involves spending hours combing through hashtags to find users that fit your audience profile, and then attempting to passively interest them in visiting your profile.

Most often you’ll come up empty handed, and only a fraction of your efforts will ever seem to win over followers. It also eats up all of the time you could be spending on producing and improving your content.

Don’t let this fruitless trudge continue on for any longer. There are much better and quicker ways to get more followers. This article presents a collection of the best tools to jumpstart your Instagram growth:

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1. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain is an Instagram automation tool with a sterling reputation. It has been endorsed by a number of authorities in the fields of technology, social media, and marketing. It receives strong ratings across customer review sites, and has over 4000 active users.

Aside from that, what makes SocialCaptain impressive is its implementation of artificial intelligence technology. SocialCaptain uses AI to carry out a range of activities for its users, including likes, follows, and comments. As it collects data from this, it alters its targeting behavior in order to strengthen its growth performance.

2. SocialUpgrade

This growth tool is the definition of lightning fast. Its sign up consists of only a handful of questions and some targeting specifications, and then it starts working almost immediately. Within a couple of hours you will see noticeable results.

What’s the driving force behind SocialUpgrade’s speed? The answer is its talented and highly trained growth managers. They make sure that your account is constantly active and attracting followers from the very moment you begin the service.

3. Jetflow Social

Jetflow Social is admirably thorough in its approach. First you start off with a consultation with one of their industry experts. Together you will go over your account and what you wish to accomplish. Afterward, a team of professionals will analyze their findings and pinpoint the exact audience they should pursue for you.

Soon your Instagram account will be booming with new followers gained from Jetflow’s automation techniques. Finally, they will send you weekly progress reports to update you on how much growth you’ve achieved.

4. River

River is a growth service that covers liking posts, following other accounts, and unfollowing in order to maintain your ratio. Additionally it has a whole host of freebies on its site, like a hashtag finder and an engagement calculator.

River’s main plan costs about $99 per month, although you can pay for a full year at a discount. There’s also a reseller plan, if you have a group of clients that you wish to manage with the service.

5. Firing Table

Not everybody has a ton of money to throw around on marketing. Some need to be frugal about their spending. Firing Table is considerably cheaper than its competitors by about 20% on average, with the lowest plan being $29.95 per month, but it doesn’t come at the expense of quality.

Firing Table offers more than account management to boot. For instance, you can pay a monthly fee to get a certain amount of likes for every post you make. They even have an affiliate program, where you can get $10 for each referral that decides to sign up.

6. SocialFlight

The design of a service’s dashboard has a greater impact upon your experience than you’d expect. A bad design can be a major hindrance to your ability to efficiently use the service, while a good design makes navigation more intuitive and productive.

SocialFlight’s dashboard is an example of one done right. It’s easy to use and figure out all of the settings. It’s totally online as well, so you never have to clutter your desktop with unnecessary downloads. You can simply open a browser, log in, and get started immediately.

7. Thrivesocial

Don’t be tempted by the idea of buying fake followers. While they might boost your numbers and make you seem popular, they are neither reliable nor beneficial in the long run. For one, they’re pretty obvious to spot, even for users casually browsing your profile. They also tend to disappear after awhile.

Thrivesocial only focuses on engaging with real Instagram users. That’s because organic growth is more stable and profitable overall. It results in genuine interactions with your posts, which will elevate your Instagram presence.

8. Stim Social

A solid selection of filters is a necessity for any automation service. It helps you narrow efforts towards a specific and receptive audience. Stim Social succeeds on that front. They allows you to narrow your audience targeting by gender, whether they have a profile photo, the amount of followers they have, they amount of posts they’ve made, and more.

Right now you can try out Stim Social for a free 5-day trial. No credit card is required and you can cancel at any time.

9. SocialMortal

Quite a few Instagram growth services will discourage you from sending comments while they are active. It’s usually because they are going at the maximum rate of activity per hour, and anything over that might cause some problems.

SocialMortal, on the other hand, is built to work around you. You are free to do whatever you want with your account as they discreetly operate in the background.

10. Influuu

During its set up period, Influuu asks you to do some research and give them a list of the top influencers in your field with the biggest followings. The input obtained from this, along with the rest of the information you include in your form, will inform their custom strategy for targeting your audience.

Influuu has three payment plans at the moment: Instagram Growth, Instagram Influence, and Instagram Viral. Each one is a major step up from the previous and comes with exclusive features.

11. The Millennial Marketers

The Millennial Marketers is a growth tool with a human touch. After sending in your submission form, your account is put into the care of their team of real people. They carefully analyze your profile, and then start interacting with your targeted audience.

Even with the lowest plan, you are treated as a priority customer. Their world class support team is extremely responsive and dedicated to resolving any issues you might encounter.

12. Instamber

Instamber is one of those services where you pay for what you want. This is ideal for anybody with particular needs to fulfill—such as a tool to that send out welcome messages to each new follower–and very little use for the other features.

It’s incredibly affordable with each of its plans. Their instagram bot, direct messenger, comment manager, and post manager are only $10 per month each. Even if you combined all four plans, they’re modestly priced when stacked against other services.

13. Falcon Social

Falcon Social isn’t kidding around when they say they give “white glove service” to their higher end customers. Their Premium and Pro plans are absolutely top-notch. They don’t just stop at automated activities and targeting; you can also get one-on-one consulting with their marketing and business specialists.

While they might be considered on the pricey side compared to other growth services, you undoubtedly get what you pay for with Falcon Social.

14. Stellation Media

Speed is often a major factor when searching for the right Instagram tool. Some don’t have the time to wait around to see substantial growth. For those who want to see results as soon as possible, you should check out Stellation Media’s Prime and Premium plans. They both come with accelerated growth speeds.

Another standout feature is their analytic reports. You can get extensive reviews of your Instagram account’s growth on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

15. InstaGrowth

You always want to have a ninja on your side. They’re swift and quiet, and are able to complete their tasks with extreme precision. Incidentally, that describes InstaGrowth pretty well too. No wonder they picked one to be their mascot.

Unlike other tools, InstaGrowth doesn’t have any sort of dashboard. Rather than constantly adjust settings, the only thing you need to do is send them a list of hashtags and the usernames of your direct competitors. Then they will get right to work on stealing away their followers and delivering them to you.

16. Combin

Are you the type who likes to test things out before you buy them? Then you should look into

Combin. Their Starter plan is absolutely free, with no hidden fees whatsoever. You just give them your email address and they’ll send the app download straight to you.

The free version has limits, butl it gives you a good taste of what the service has to offer. It has the same advanced user searches, audience management, growth tracking, and other features. Though, the priced plans are a worthy investment. They give you the ability to do unlimited actions and view statistics, and there’s an auto-task feature that’s coming soon.

17. TagScout

Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes you want more than the basic package that you can find everywhere else. That’s most certainly what you get with TagScout, which has a myriad of different plans and features.

TagScout doesn’t just do automatic likes, comments, and follows; it can also handle your DMs and post scheduling. Furthermore, they can connect you to engagement pods/groups, generate leads, plan out campaigns, design your profile, and a multitude of other things.

18. Authentically

One reason somebody might be wary about using growth tools is that they’re afraid something might happen to their Instagram account. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, if you go with a dependable service.

Authentically has had over 10,000 users since it started. During that time, there has been not any reports of accounts getting into trouble while under their management. They prioritize the security of their clients above everything else.

19. Magic Social

Magic Social is the most famous Instagram tool on the market, mostly due to the higher level of engagement customers see compared to the other Instagram services. By far, they offer the most up to date and accurate technology when it comes to target audiences and authenticity.

Using Magic Social, you can build your audience using custom geofences and pinpointing exact customer demographics.  Additionally, the platform relies on artificial intelligence to self improve and tailor the service to be more precise for user accounts. With over 10,000 customers and the highest rated product among consumers, it should come to no surprise the platform made #1 on the list.

20. Tree Frog

Who doesn’t like frogs? They’re friendly little animals whose presence indicates a healthy and thriving environment. In much the same vein, Tree Frog is a trustable service that will enable your Instagram account to grow and flourish.

If you’re feeling hesitant, Tree Frog currently has a deal where you can get 30 days for only $1. All you need to do is enter “treefrog1” into the promo code box before choosing your payment option. This solely applies to the Personal plan, but it’s still an amazing deal worth jumping on.

21. Likegrowers

Not everybody is looking for complete automation of their account. Some feel uneasy about others making comments for them, or they would rather have control over the accounts they follow. Many would rather have a basic bot for likes without all of the other bells and whistles.

Likegrowers is a service made for those looking for exactly that. It finds posts made by actual users and gives out likes. It also maintains a steady rate without overdoing it.

22. Growgress

Growgress is an automation platform that currently comes in two forms: Easy Mode and Advanced Mode. Easy Mode simplifies everything, combining all of the various elements into a single user-friendly page. It’s a great choice for newcomers still learning the ins and outs.

Advanced Mode, meanwhile, is an option suited for users with experience under their belt. It gives you the ability to break down all of the automation aspects into separate and more detailed modules. That way you can go in-depth with adjusting the settings to your liking.

23. Social Boosting Agency

Social Boosting Agency is rather unique as a growth service. It doesn’t operate on any sort of monthly recurring plan. Instead, you choose the amount of followers you wish to receive and they will work nonstop until you get it.

To start the process, all you need to do is provide them with a list of Instagram accounts with followers you would like to target. From there they begin engaging with these users, and then gradually reaching other to others that fit similar profiles.

24. XPLOD Social

Sometimes the best indication of a business’ quality is the company that they keep. XPLOD Social is a service that has been endorsed by several recognizable brands including Audi, Toyota, and Atlantic Records. That means that they definitely meet industry standards.

They serve more than just big names, though. XPLOD Social is also used by influencers, artists, models, athletes, and other users of all sizes. Their Instagram auto-pilot system will meet most anybody’s automation needs.

25. Vibrance

You have to appreciate it when a service is able to give you an exact estimate of what they can do for you. In this case, Vibrance promises that it will bring you at least 1,500 new Instagram followers each month.

What’s their secret? Just some old-fashioned manual socialization. They seek out real users in niche communities and encourage them to follow you through positive interaction.