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10 Ways to Support Your Small Business’ Employees

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A small business is only as good as the people that make it work. This means that employees are a critical part of the success and stability of any company. Make sure your employees feel appreciated, supported, and valued with these 10 recommendations.

1. Offer a flexible work schedule

Offering a flexible work schedule is essential because today’s workforce has changed. A nonstandard work schedule can help attract and retain the best talent available and give you a leg up against your competitors who may not offer this type of flexibility to their employees.

Offering a flexible work schedule also allows an employee to better balance other factors in life such as education, family commitments, hobbies, or interests outside of work without feeling like they are sacrificing time with their employer.

2. Provide paid time off for employees

Providing your employees with paid time off allows them to enjoy time with their family or do other things they need without feeling like they are losing money because of it.

Providing paid time off not only ensures that you have a more loyal and productive employee, but it is also an excellent way to show your employees how much you value the work they do for your company.

3. Be transparent about company goals and strategies

Your employees should know what your company’s goals and strategies are. This will help them feel more engaged in the process because they will understand that their work is an integral part of achieving those objectives, which helps to motivate them.

Sometimes employees don’t understand why certain decisions were made or how things affect other business areas, so it’s a good idea to be transparent about it with everyone on board, including yourself!

4. Encourage open communication between management and staff

A culture of openness is essential for a healthy company. As the CEO, you should actively listen to what your employees have to say to maintain an open dialogue with them. One way is by having regular meetings or gathering feedback periodically so that they feel like their voice matters and will be heard when needed.

5. Allow employees to take breaks or have lunch outside of the office 

Taking a break outside of the office may seem like time wasted, but it can help to increase productivity. Employees are happier, more energized, and have a better work-life balance, which leads to improved performance.

Lunch outside allows for creative time or socializing with your team members. Encouraging your employees to interact with each other and form friendships is vital for a healthy work environment.

6. Make sure your business has policies in place that support employee mental health

Positive mental health is crucial not only for the employee but also for your business. If their mental health is not in good shape, it will affect other areas such as relationships with colleagues, how they present themselves, and their ability to perform tasks.

7. Encourage involvement in the community

A great way to support your employees is to encourage them to get involved with the community. This could be through volunteering, being a mentor, or just donating their time. Offer paid time off for charity work, and not only will your community benefit, but they will also have a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. In addition, these activities can have an empowering effect on employees and provide them with new skills.

8. Provide professional development resources

Providing professional development opportunities is an easy way to encourage your employees, as it means they are continuously learning and growing. Offer them the opportunity to attend seminars and/or conferences.

When people are stagnant, they can start to feel unmotivated or uninspired. Giving them opportunities to grow and learn will provide them with a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

9. Invest in your employees’ personal growth

Your employees come from all different backgrounds, and with that, they also have many other interests outside of work. Some employees, for example, may have a passion for fitness and may find that they don’t have enough time to devote to getting better at it. Investing in their personal growth with perks like gym memberships or yoga classes will make them feel valued and appreciated.

Allowing them to pursue their other passions will bring them more happiness. This will, in turn, make them better employees.

10. Give them retirement benefits

Having benefits for your employees’ retirement is a great way to show them you care and want them to stick around for the long haul.

Some of your employees may be younger and not realize the importance of saving for retirement yet. Due to this, they may not realize the benefits of retirement packages. Educating your employees on 401Ks and explaining what is a fixed annuity will help them appreciate the benefits they receive by working at your company.

Once they no longer wonder what is an annuity, they will stick with you for a long time, and in some best cases, refer more people to join your team due to all the great perks. In addition, providing retirement benefits like 401Ks or IRAs will give your employees peace of mind knowing that they’ll be able to live comfortably in their later years.

Annuities are a great way to build wealth for retirement. But annuities can be complicated, and many people don’t know how an annuity works. Due to this, many employers don’t offer them as part of an employee’s retirement package.

However, the passage of the SECURE Act has loosened rules on how employers can select annuity providers and include annuity options within 401(k) or 403(b) investment plans. With more access to these valuable investments, employers can now buy annuities online and consider including them in their employees benefits. This means more and more qualified employees in the future may be in for a treat as they near retirement!

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