Ways to Improve YouTube Marketing Strategy

Effective Ways to Improve YouTube Marketing Strategy

The no. of people who visit YouTube is more than the combined audience visiting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a year. And due to that many brands are turning towards the YouTube platform as a way to advertise the products and bring in leads for their businesses. YouTube marketers need to expend a lot of […]
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Marketing Techniques To Boost Awareness

Online or Offline? Which Is The Best Marketing Strategy?

Every single business you’ve ever heard of uses a type of marketing strategy, but rarely is it the case that they use only one type. What I mean is that there is no brand out there that only focuses on offline compared to online promotions. Usually, it’s a mix of both types to yield the […]
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Harness the Power of Social Media

Are You Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy?

Right now, with just the touch of your fingertips, you have the capability to put your brand in front of a limitless number of potential customers. A recent report by Statista predicts that there will be 3.02 billion social media users worldwide by 2021.  Take a moment to think about the opportunities this affords you […]
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Build a Winning Marketing Strategy on Instagram

How to Build a Winning Marketing Strategy on Instagram

If we say, “social media,” do you think “Facebook?” While the platform still boasts the most extensive user base, its growth is slowing. Instagram, however, is thriving. In 2018, Instagram’s user base exceeded the 1 billion user mark. Not only that, but more than half of them use the platform daily. As more and more […]
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Set a Successful Marketing Strategy

How to Set a Successful Marketing Strategy?

Now that your MVP is launched and out in the world, what now? Studies have shown that around 59% of businesses don’t make enough money to cover the development cost. And this is either due to poor development or a poor marketing strategy. You can have the best app in the world, but without a […]
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customer retention


11 Ways To Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy That Increase Client Retention

We all know how difficult it is to retain the customers that you have attained after convincing them big time. Winning and getting new customers on board is exciting- this is why B2B marketing strategy is utilized so that your customers can have a satisfactory experience. However, when you think of attracting new customers the company often […]
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11 Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy on Instagram

There is no question that social media marketing is one of the best approaches to build your brand and generate online sales. Social media is now looked at as an essential investment in one’s brand. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the top social media channels to market your business online. However, let’s talk about […]
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6 Steps to Create an Effective B2b Marketing Strategy

Want to create a winning B2B marketing strategy? Start by asking yourself what your goal is. For most marketers, the biggest challenge in B2B is lead generation. Once the goal, how to boost your lead generation? In a few years, the web has revolutionized the way of designing B2B marketing. How To Create A Successful B2B Marketing Strategy   […]
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How to Perform a Content Audit to Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Content has become the driving force behind the success of any modern-day business. Especially when we consider businesses that primarily depend on the performance of their marketing campaigns and website on the internet. The more content a brand publishes that are of high quality and provides an overview of their expertise, the better they perform […]
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