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10 Benefits of using QR Codes in Cross Channel Marketing!

The QR Code, which appeared in the late 2000s, has experienced a great growth without really breakthrough. Like the Flash Code, we saw it already populate our daily lives and deploy to connect the physical world to the web much more popular. But here, the link remains distorted, and despite the proliferation of smartphones, advertisers, […]
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2D Barcodes: A Breakthrough in Inventory Management Technology

Ever since their start in the early 1970s, bar codes have come a long way. Today, we are well aware of these long black vertical lines and see them on every product we pick up at the mall or supermarket. So, you must be now wondering, what exactly are barcodes and what is their main […]
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Top 5 Best Multi-Channel Customer Feedback &Amp; Survey Apps

The simplest definition of customer experience is how your customers perceive the quality of their interactions with your organization. In today’s digital world, experiences can make or break a business in a matter of days, hours, minutes or seconds. Sentiments spread quickly on the various channels we have today — it can increase product demand and customer loyalty as […]
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Apps or Spreadsheets for Your Fixed Asset Register?

Your business will have a fixed asset register. A fixed asset register is the best and most effective way of ensuring that your business critical assets perform at their best for the most time possible. What this means is that everything you use to make money will be logged. As well as this, financial information […]
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How Asset Tracking Apps Can Save Your Business Money

First of all, what is asset tracking? How does it work? How does it help you? Your fixed assets are making your business money, but no doubt if you’re looking around your office you’ll find more useful things. Those are your assets. Anything you can see around you. Why track them? So why track them? […]
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27 Ideas for Winning the Unboxing War, 2019

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an anachronism of a bygone age. We do this all the time. It happens when someone buys a product and shares it with their followers on social media. Yet many brands are only just catching on. It’s called the unboxing experience, and it can make tremendous things […]
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