qr code marketing plan

10 Benefits of using QR Codes in Cross Channel Marketing!

The QR Code, which appeared in the late 2000s, has experienced a great growth without really breakthrough. Like the Flash Code, we saw it already populate our daily lives and deploy to connect the physical world to the web much more popular. But here, the link remains distorted, and despite the proliferation of smartphones, advertisers, […]
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2D Barcodes: A Breakthrough in Inventory Management Technology

Ever since their start in the early 1970s, bar codes have come a long way. Today, we are well aware of these long black vertical lines and see them on every product we pick up at the mall or supermarket. So, you must be now wondering, what exactly are barcodes and what is their main […]
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Benefits of SMS Marketing


SMS Marketing Tips & Benefits

Whether or not you have already got an SMS strategy that’s lagging or you haven’t started with SMS, we’ve some prime tips about a way to craft your best SMS Marketing program. Ask Permission The very first thing you would like to do is to get permission from your shoppers to text them. This is […]
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Router Options Home Environment

Top 5 Router Options for Your Home Environment

Internet routers are an essential component of internet connectivity in today’s world. The advancing era has introduced some amazing router options with built-in processors that can make the entire experience a lot more worthwhile. With services like BeamForming and Wi-Fi 6 on the horizon, manufacturers are actively competing to cater to the masses effectively. We […]
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Use Text Messaging For Your Business

10 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Your Business

Marketing to your customers can be tough because the average consumer is subjected to a sea of ads every day. The question is: how do you make your ad the buoy the consumer can cling to on the otherwise crowded ocean? Is text messaging for business the answer? Even the wittiest copy could be ignored […]
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Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality in Education

Software developers and hardware engineers are continuing to surprise people with advanced augmented reality technologies. With each technological breakthrough, this digital revolution is becoming more impressive. And you can see the impact in different domains, including education. Loaded with interactive digital elements, augmented reality is paving its way in the real-world environment of education. According […]
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The Future of Augmented Reality

What Next For Augmented Reality?

How Far Can We Go with Augmented Reality? The demand for better, faster and more powerful technology mounts year by year, day by day. And now, the real and digital worlds are merging into one. Today we’re answering the extraordinary question; how far can we go with augmented reality? Are you a fiend for facts? […]
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