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Tweak Your Biz is a thought leader global publication and online business community. Today, it is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites and receives over 300,000 unique views per month [See our review of 2014 for more detailed information].

Originally founded as Bloggertone in 2009, the site was rebranded in March of 2012 to Tweak Your Biz. The site is owned by Bloggertone LLC, a Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of the State of Ohio, United States. Go here for logos and other press materials. Tweak Your Biz is part of the Small Biz Trends stable of websites which also includes:

  • SmallBizTrends - An award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Small Business Trends is one of the most popular and highly-trafficked independent destinations on the Web exclusively focused on small businesses.
  • BizSugar - This social sharing site points you to the finest and most interesting content shared by the small business community at large — a one-stop shop for great reading.  Over 1 million registered members.  The BizSugar Top 10 newsletter is eagerly anticipated each Friday.
  • Small Business Book Awards  - Recognizes the efforts of entrepreneur-authors and is a resource for small-business book lovers.  Business books are an important source of learning for business owners who may not have the time or budget for conferences.  Since 2009.
  • Small Business Influencer Awards - Recognizes the unsung heroes of small businesses:  the experts, consultants, professional services providers, vendors, journalists and others that serve and influence the small business market.  Since 2011.


Readership includes entrepreneurs, senior managers, business owners and professionals across many industries and multiple countries. (More about our readership.)

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Do you have information and expertise to share that other business owners, managers and professionals can learn from?  Would you like your reputation for expertise in your industry or niche to be reinforced, and to grow your online credibility and profile?  Then sign up to write on this site.

About the Team


Anita Campbell (on Twitter: @SmallBizTrends) is the CEO and an owner of Tweak Your Biz. She is also the founder of Small Business Trends LLC, a media and information company specializing in the small business market.  Widely regarded as one of the leading small business authorities she publishes several successful online media properties reaching more than 4 million small business owners annually , including Small Business Trends, with nearly 500,000 references on Twitter, and, the popular social media site dedicated to small businesses.

Before starting her entrepreneurial journey she was a senior executive with Bell & Howell Company, including serving as CEO of a technology subsidiary of Bell & Howell.

She is on no less than 3 Forbes lists of women in social media:  the 25 Most Influential WOMEN Tweeting About Entrepreneurship, the 20 Best-Branded Women on Twitter, and 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter.  She is also one of the 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.

Anita Campbell is the founder of the Small Business Influencer Awards and the Small Business Book Awards.  She is co-author of Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design (Wiley, 2011).

Managing Editor:

Sian Phillips (on Twitter: @_Sians) is the Managing Editor of Tweak Your Biz and Content Editor for Egg Marketing. With over 25 years' worth of experience in business and accounting Sian provides help to local clients with accounting; and global clients with editing and proofreading.

When not doing accounts Sian's day is spent proofreading articles, web content and books plus conducting interviews with business professionals. She is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too.

Community Manager/Co-Founder:

Avatar ImageNiall Devitt (on Twitter: @nialldevitt) is a digital strategist with 10+ years’ senior management experience including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, International and Online Marketplaces.


Avatar ImageFacundo Villaveiran is a director at Channelship where he works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities.

He is active in social media and is involved in Channelship’s business development and promotional efforts.


Avatar ImageFred Caballero is a Creative Director at Channelship. He is responsible for leading web projects and conducting social media training and strategy for companies.

He works directly with key accounts, particularly in creative and strategic capabilities.

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