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Their Wishlist Can Drive Your Business Incremental Sales

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Wishlist does not mean window shopping anymore. It is much more beyond that. Wishlist feature is a powerful tool that allows customers to create a list of items that they ‘wish for’. It shows that they certainly have a much higher likelihood of buying something from the list. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for online retailers to convert visitors into customers.

Why They Wish For a Wishlist?

Online shoppers are increasingly using Wishlists to preserve what they’re interested in but didn’t want to or could not buy the items immediately. The Wishlist acts as a reminder and lets customers pick up where they left off with their shopping. This cross channel capability not only supports the continuity of the shopping experience, but also serves as a merchandizing vehicle to store and remind consumers of items they liked for future purchase.

Moreover, with a quick glance the customers can see the total costs of all the items selected with the option of changing the quantities, sizes, and other details of their order. Undoubtedly, these features add to the efficiency and convenience of an online transaction.

Here are 8 ways to utilise the wishlish and create more sales:-

#1. Create A Sense Of Urgency

When you remind your customers to purchase items they’ve added to the Wishlist, especially when the products are about to go out of stock, you’re creating a sense of urgency. It is a great way to incite readers to take an immediate action and hence increase your chances of conversions. However, you should not pitch them with irrelevant items to buy.

#2. Offer Discounts On Items Added To Wishlist

Discounts and sales work more when they’re personalized. When items added to their Wishlist goes on sale, chances are high that customers are more likely to take an instant decision. However, the email communication should look genuine highlighting the sincerity of your brand to get engaged with your customers keeping their interests in mind.

#3. Help Them Narrow Down To The Right Product

Wishlist directly store items for customers so that when they return they can easily find their sought after products quickly. When they research their Wishlist further, they’re sure to find the products that they would like to purchase. By allowing returning consumers to find their shortlisted items in one place you’re actually saving a lot of your customer’s time.

#4. Help Them To Make a Combination Purchase

Buyers can easily combine and compare products they’re thinking to buy when they’ve all the products sorted out on a Wishlist. Maybe they can add a few more items to the set of stuff they have kept in their Wishlist. They can make a great combination if the chosen products are together in one place. Invariably, the sale rises because people keep adding to their Wishlist and ultimately come up with a combination purchase. This is probably not possible without the Wishlist feature.

#5. Conduct A Wishlist Contest

If you give your customers an opportunity to enter into a contest once they’ve chosen their items, it enhances engagement and brand awareness. It breaks the monotony of the usual ‘buying and selling’ process. Most importantly, promoting these types of contests through social media networks makes your brand, and its current specials, reach its target audiences more easily. Moreover, chosen items also provide an insight into your best-liked products.

#6. Weave a Wishlist Into Content Strategy

You’ve enough reasons to get creative with your content marketing efforts. Weaving creative writing into your Wishlist is probably the best approach to boost sales during the holidays. If you can engage your customers with a holiday-themed Wishlist, you’re sure to make the most out of the holiday season. Creative Wishlist ideas through content marketing strategy increase the effectiveness of your brand.

#7. Use Reward And Linkable System

Reward your Wishlist users with incentives to share the list with others. Offering enticements like gift wrapping, personalized messages or gift receipt at the Wishlist stage can leverage upsells and provide more valuable service to customers. This allows viral marketing for your eCommerce website as other people gets to know about your products and services. It also make it easy for the users to share it with others by giving them a unique and easy to remember URL to access the Wishlist.

#8. Add Simplicity To The Wishlist

Confusing the shoppers at the basket stage with unnecessary clutter will only make them abandon their purchase out of frustration. Therefore, employing strong call to actions at the Wishlist stage is crucial for a smooth transaction process. Displaying payment methods clearly at the basket stage eliminates the number of frustrated shoppers who finds it difficult to checkout because of complicated payment options.

Neat call to action buttons denote a sense of trust and security, thus, encouraging the visitors to proceed onto the next stage.

A Wishlist can successfully fight shopping cart abandonment. Retailers are finding it accomplishing a lot of their marketing efforts – acquiring customers, generating higher sales, driving repeat business, creating incentives for more visitors and much more to add. You don’t lose on a sale if it is in the Wishlist.

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