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Why Telecommuting Employees May Be Just What Your Business Needs

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Working from home has become more popular than ever. According to

Decreased Overhead

Business overhead can vary greatly depending on the type of company you’re running. One expense that having telecommuting employees can save is office space. There’s no need to lease a big office for your crew if they work from home. In fact, if you’re running a service based company, you can even telecommute from your own home office.

Some businesses don’t necessarily lend themselves to a no-office setup. You may still need certain staff on site. For example, if you have walk-in customers, you may need a customer service representative to come in each day. However, you can still decrease your office space budget by instituting telecommuting for other staff like your marketing associate or your bookkeeper.

Better Choice of Talent

Ever wonder how areas like Silicon Valley and Hollywood became known as the capitals of their industries? It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that it’s hard to figure out whether it’s because the companies grew  among the large amounts of talent in the area or whether the talent came to the area because of all the companies already located there. However hotbeds of talent came to be, if your company isn’t located near one of your industry, you may find yourself with a limited pool of employees with the right skills to choose from.

If you allow telecommuting, you can hire employees outside of your physical area to lend their talents to your company. Suddenly, your choices are worldwide. If the best person for the job is located in Rio, no need to convince them to move their lives to Poughkeepsie or to pay for relocation expenses. Instead, you just have to hire them and let them do their thing from across the planet.

Happier Employees

One of the most  overlooked benefits of having telecommuting employees is that you will likely have happier employees. Research shows that commute time is a major factor in how satisfied employees are with their careers. Workers are also concerned with balancing work with personal pursuits like expanding their hobbies. Working mothers are especially concerned with ways to balance making a living and raising their families.

If you allow telecommuters a telecommuting option in your company, you’re more likely to have a workforce that has an ideal commute, has time for personal pursuits, and can balance family with work. Happier employees are more loyal to your company and less likely to be poached by other companies. It will be obvious in interactions between employees. It will bleed over into their interactions with clients. And it will make your company better overall.

Do you telecommute or have telecommuting employees? Please let me know your thoughts below.

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