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Why Networking Business is Necessary to Create Trust For Your Startup Success

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Humans, by nature, are innately social animals. It is built in them that they seek each other’s company and try to build alliances among them. Networking in business is vital to your success. Humans unlike any other creature, have the ability to empathize and effectively communicate with each other. Building connections for that matter are also inevitable for the success of startups. But the truth is, it’s not always that easy!

Some consider it sheer luck, others label it as persistent hard work. But for me, it is a power of a network. Yes, the more people you connect with, the greater will be your chance to succeed.

Pick a random biography of any successful Entrepreneur and they will share the same advice with you. No matter how talented or passionate you are, if you do connect with other people you cannot channel that energy for greater use.

Embrace the power of connecting with people with various talents. You can learn something from everyone. Try to learn the basics of networking and use that to make the best of people.

In a world that is bustling with distractions where everyone is extremely busy, it’s difficult to engage people. Here are some ways that are going to help you to do so with ease.

Start paying attention

In a professional setting paying attention is a must-have habit. So much can be learned about anyone by just paying attention to what a person is saying. Verbal or nonverbal, any communication, attention makes it easier for you to comprehend the appropriate behaviors.

The first rule of networking in business is to behave properly in a business setting. Checking your phone while in a room full of people is a bad habit. Such behaviors are considered rude in the well-established business communities. Making eye contact, asking questions or even nodding while communicating reflects your interest in the conversation and in the person talking to you.

Make the best first impression

Body language speaks volumes about your behaviour and makes a prominent first impression. Your body posture and your facial expressions are the visible cues for creating an impression. You must always be aware of your expressions, voice tone, and your gestures while communicating to anyone related to business or in general.

Remembering the name

It is proven that people you meet for the first time, feel acknowledged and humbled if you ask and remember their names; for that matter introduce them to someone they don’t know as yet. One easy way to remember their name is by including it multiple times in a conversation. For example, how are you doing today, Larry? Did you meet Elizabeth? Elizabeth, this is Larry. My partner in the business. Just by including and narrating their names multiple times during a conversation makes it easier for you to remember them and you will notice that the other person will feel much better and is easily connected if you call them by their name in a meeting next time.

Make a story that connects

Make a story about yourself that gives insight into who you are and what your business is all about. For aspiring entrepreneurs, networking in business is important to become successful, and what benefits your startup is willing to provide to society. This is something that interests people and is going to build an instant connection.

The story that you make about yourself should be specific and must include a series of events that led to the actions that you are taking at the moment. It should be meaningful and motivational and must provide the audience with a benefit that they feel attached or attracted to.

Instill value in it

A successful person must find ways to which people can appreciate them. Being able to be of value to others makes you worthwhile and people find you more appropriate to make a connection with. You must understand that in today’s world, there is no one who wants to connect with a person that cannot add value to their lives. Therefore, in order to make a strong network of like-minded people, say professionals you are required to bring to the table that interests them rather than something that is of more interest to you.

Don’t forget the research

If you find random conversations sweat your palms and you wish to run towards the door to seek shelter, the more appropriate thing to do in such a scenario is to do prior research. In this scenario particularly talking of people in a business situation, I suggest doing your homework prior to the meeting and coming up with a few questions that are most likely to come your way during the meeting. This will resolve this issue and put you in a better position throughout the meeting.

Try to spark others interest

Many times all it takes to stand out in a crowd is your personal style and just being yourself. Yes, pretending is nice in business situations especially when you are trying to establish that first best impression, however, being too pretentious can become costly. Just being yourself in less formal situations and letting other know the kind of person you are, will help in building better connections.

Keep the learning doors open

When sharing experiences with others, understand that everyone doesn’t know everything. It is best to keep an open mind while communicating with others.


In today’s economy, the only currency that is relevant is your network. The more people you know, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

With the power of networking, you can easily get things done faster than usual. You can divide the responsibilities among your contacts. Help them first and after that you can ask for a favor in return. They won’t mind at all because you already did something for them.

When you ask for help they will be thrilled to help you. Acknowledge their help, appreciate them for their time and the effort they are putting in to make your thing work.

Networking is an important aspect in an entrepreneur’s life. Networking is the best form of learning when it comes to business. I hope these tips will help you to engage better and do more good with your work. Happy communicating!

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