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What’s In For Ecommerce In 2014

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After all the Holiday shopping is done, what’s there left for Ecommerce websites? Preparing for the year ahead, of course! There’s nothing like setting the stage for the upcoming big waves. Although it’s said that the future is uncertain, the year 2013 has started some trends which are likely to hit it big come 2014.

A few things are bound to to stay the same though; but webmasters, developers, and business owners should expect more challenges in the year to come. Here’s a sneak peek of Ecommerce website developments to watch out for.

More Customers Going Mobile

The handheld device mania has only seen the beginning in smarter phones and tablets. With huge companies such as Apple and Samsung leading the way toward the smartphone revolution, expect more traffic coming from the mobile end. Business owners should really think about investing in a responsive web design to cater to this trend.

Responsive websites appear more crisp and clear on smartphones as compared to non-responsive designs. Navigation would also be different and thus affect a user’s overall experience. Loading times as well as image resolutions are also something to consider when contemplating about this concept. But ultimately, the decision to go mobile will depend on the company and its specific objectives.

Personalized Marketing and Upsell Strategies

In the long forgotten days, many Ecommerce websites simply targeted their market by way of standardized email subscriptions or brochures. In recent years, it’s become more and more important to tailor sales strategies to individual customers. This is mainly due to the many emerging businesses offering the same products and/or services.

Oftentimes, it’s no longer a competition between the merchandise themselves but rather, between the quality of service provided. To better capture a fussy market, tactics like instant chat help and 24-hour customer assistance would certainly add a few positive points to the cart. Another great way of personalizing the user experience is through the power of simple pop-ups. May websites use this up-sell method of offering the customer related content or up-sells based on what he has purchased or viewed before.

Incorporating Innovative Technology

This aspect is more concerned with web design techniques like CSS coding and more creative layouts. These past years have seen the rise of minimalist pages showing only the bare essentials when it comes to general design, company information, and available products. Not all businesses can follow on this trend – one has to seek professional advice as to what strategy would yield more results.

Web developers and designers must continuously innovate or brainstorm ideas for an out-of-the-box experience for every consumer. If there’s one common denominator among Ecommerce trends for 2014, is that the user will always come first. Today’s consumers are more proactive; not waiting on businesses anymore to provide for their needs but actively making suggestions of their own. What’s left for the web industry and the merchant sector is to offer exactly these needs by frequently checking up on market temperatures and being flexible yet unique.

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