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#TYBSpotlight: SE Ranking: Professional Tool For Effective Online Marketing

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As an online marketer, it is one of the necessities to improve your website optimization through keyword rankings. However, the quantity of website ranking sites is increasing due to the popularity boom of internet marketing niche. As a serious marketer, it is to your advantage to use the powerful rank tracker that can output 100% accurate results.

SE Ranking offers the key benefits that you can implement to run a huge amount of websites. Competitors’ websites rank monitoring, internal optimization analysis, online marketing plan, advanced keyword research and reliable website rank checking are the golden toolkit that you can try to track. It is perfectly integrated with Google Analytics. What is really great, you can import your backlinks for Google Webmaster Tools account fot detailed analysis.

Let’s get started…

So, just go to the free trial page and you can sign up with Facebook, Google Plus or just enter your data to complete the sign-up process.

Adding a website

It is a high time to add a website to get full results: add a website, a website title, search range and check frequency. In the advanced options you can tick the box “Exact URL” and “Match subdomains”.

seranking adding a website

Keywords and search engines

You can enter all your keywords: one keyword per line. Add search engines to be tracked and set target regions. Wait a few seconds and you will get the overview of your ranking results.

seranking adding keywords

Google, Yahoo, Bing and any target regions are available to be tracked. Each pricing plan has a limit of keywords. The SE Ranking Cloud Plus has a limit of 1750 keywords at 149$ per month. It is easy to upgrade the plan in case you need to track more keywords than 1750. Moreover, the Plus account allows to track unlimited number of websites.  In case you can get other preferences, it is easy to customize ans create your personal plan with a certain number of tracked keywords.

seranking search engines

Analytics and Traffic

As soon as you get keyword rankings, you can go ahead with the website analysis. What you can get:

seranking rankings

View the Top 1, 3, 5, 10 ranking results, average position, search visibility and traffic forecast:

seranking analytics

If you don’t want to miss anything important, add the notes to each project.  All website rankings are automatically updated at any time you want. You can also recheck website positions manually. SE Ranking provides the positions ups and downs for the last month and detailed ranking charts for better website analysis:

seranking ranking charts

Writing eye-catching snippets is a good way to attract more people on your website. You can check how effective your snippets in search engines here:

seranking snippets

Monitor Competitors

To address any gaps in your website optimization, you can easily monitor top competitors, based on the keywords, you are using for your projects. It is possible to add up to 5 competitors for each website.

seranking competitors

Online Marketing Plan

It is a step-by-step SEO guide that helps you to create and optimize your website. It is perfectly designed for SEO newbies and SEO professionals in order not to miss any important things.

seranking online marketing plan

Website Audit

Internal website analysis will specify all the factors that can prevent your website from reaching the Top. You will find here the following recommendations made by SEO experts that will improve your website performance and your website rankings in search engines.

seranking website audit


It is available to get White Label reports in .xls, .html, .pdf and .csv formats. Manual and scheduled reports are provided on the projects including Google Analytics and Traffic column data. You can easily get weekly and monthly reports on your e-mail.

seranking reportsAs an online marketer, the finance module is designed to save time while invoicing clients of SEO agencies. It is the best way to handle with all finance issues. You just need to set the price for top ranked keywords every day and you can send finance reports based on their positions to your clients.

seranking finance reports

Break down the Silos…

SE Ranking provides a user-friendly interface, report options, additional accounts and client access that really allow to manage your website tasks and simplify the overall SEO work.

SE Ranking Cloud offers the following plans:

  • Personal at 9$ per month;
  • Optimum at 39$ per month;
  • Plus at 89$ per month;
  • Enterprise at 189$ per month;

SE Ranking PHP offers the fixed plan at 499$. Try a free trial for 14 days without any credit card required. You can also check the Live Demo. If you want to buy SE Ranking, use the promo code: smm10 and get a 10% discount.

seranking pricing plan

SE Ranking is a multifunctional service for both individual SEOs and SEO veterans. Its variety, the ease of ranking options and reports make the service valuable and easy to use for anyone. If you concern about the website’s progress that’s what you need to consider. It is easy to track your website rankings at any time wherever you are with free SE Ranking apps for Android and iOS.

It is the best SEO helper to check keyword positions of your website, subdomains and inner pages. You can track your site rankings in Facebook, YouTube video and etc.

There is a good solution for those who run a lot of projects. SE Ranking PHP can facilitate to track un unlimited number of keywords and webites. You can manage this script version on any VPS or server with PHP/MySQL support. You can also work through several different proxy types.

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