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Tips to Write Killer Meta Descriptions to Ensure Higher CTR

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The Meta Descriptions tag is a 160 character snippet used to summarize a web page content. Used in the search results, it allows visitors to know about a given page before they click on it.

The Verdict of Top SEO Blogs

There are debates whether meta tags play a role in ensuring higher rank in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Regardless of its role in ranking, the top SEO blogs suggest usage of meta descriptions.

Optimized Meta Descriptions are Crucial for SEO

The meta descriptions are significant for SEO. Let us check out their relation in details.

Content in Meta Descriptions Does Not Influence Search Algorithm

Search engine ranking algorithm does not consider the meta descriptions. Thus, from the algorithmic perspective, there is little need to insert the keywords in the meta description.

User Behavior Dictates Search Algorithm

As there are several factors that go into ranking of a website, it is easy to forget that Google analyzes user behavior as a part of the ranking process. It also measures user behavior, factoring it into the search results.

CTR is a Part of Algorithmic Ranking Process

Google is known to make use of two user search metrics. They are:

  • SERP click through rate
  • Dwell time

So, the relevant results are capacitated to drive in more clicks.

Meta Descriptions Improve Click Through Rate

We know that Google considers user behavior, chiefly the click through rate. So now the question is how can we improve the CTR? We can do this through killer meta descriptions. The website will earn a higher rank if more people click through the SERP entries.

Improving the meta descriptions do not need SEO finesse. On the contrary, writing skills are necessary here. This brings us to the main point:

How to write meta descriptions that ensure better click through rates?

Copy Organic Competitors

You can copy the organic competitors. Find out the kind of phrases and words they are using and decide if you can incorporate them. Also, check out the features and benefits they emphasize on. There is little need to re-invent the wheel always. You can copy the idea, but make sure to incorporate your creativity, so that you can stand out in competition.

Invoke Interest

People are quite inquisitive and if you can make them curious, you can get more users to click on your website. Frame a line that makes people curious to know what happens next. Here are some beginnings that you can use:

  • Discover how
  • Find out how
  • Ever wondered

Highlight Benefits

Perry Marshall, a well-known marketing strategist, recommends starting the ads with advantages. Follow it up with the features. Since this works with Adwords, there are high chances that it will work with the meta descriptions as well. The advantages demonstrate the things that the customers can get of it while the features are the characteristics.

Include Numbers

Using numbers in the titles is one of the best ways to get clicks. This is applicable not only to the meta descriptions, but it generates clicks also on YouTube, Adwords or Facebook. The inclusion of numbers helps to make things significantly more specific, thereby differentiating you from the competitors.

Mention the USP

Your USP or the Unique Selling Proposition helps you differ from your competitors. It may be just a free shipping or as great as the CEO being a Nobel Prize winner. Regardless of the fact, mentioning it will help to separate yourself from the pack.

Use Call-to-actions

Intelligent webmasters add persuasive information and definite Call-to-action (CTA) based texts, though it is not a protocol. However, a description that invites quick response is always an add-on.

Incorporate the Keywords

Do not forget to include the keyword. In case your website is to rank for the keyword SEO company, Florida, you need to include it in the meta description. Do not stuff the keywords, but sprinkle it to rank higher. Another benefit of using the keywords is getting highlighted in Google. This allows the searcher to see whether the page is relevant and thus, they are more likely to click.

A Few ‘No-No’ to Know:

Avoid snippets longer than 160 characters as search engines can truncate only to that limit.

Measuring character pixels is important for both page titles and meta descriptions. Avoid going over 512 pixels wide to be safe.

Don’t use tools to automatically generate meta descriptions, unless you are overburdened with it. For example, a large ecommerce site with ever growing product pages may need dynamic and programmatically structured meta descriptions.

Stay away of cheap meta tag writing service. An SEO writer having sound knowledge of webmaster guidelines, keyword usage and snippet creation is a good fit.

As it is with meta title tags, meta descriptions are supposed to be unique for each page. So, avoid duplicating meta descriptions through automated ways.

Quotes are any time ‘a Big No’ in meta descriptions. Google ignores descriptions put in double quotes. So, avoid using any alphanumeric characters in meta descriptions. If quotation marks are really needed, you can replace double quotes with single quotes.


The meta descriptions are really worthy to focus upon and should take up a significant part of the overall SEO efforts. To be specific, meta description is the bridge between your site link appearing in search result and a click by potential visitors. Do not neglect it and incorporate several strategies. Make sure to track the click through rate to find the things that are working for your business as well as the things that are not. SEO is an ongoing process. So, track the results and keep on improving.

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