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Tips to Promote Your eCommerce Business Quickly

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If you use Instagram tactfully, then it can serve as an optical advertising channel for the promotion of your brand or products. As per the recent study, it has been found that this social media networking site offers brands with more than 25 percent engagement as compared to any other social media platforms. This highly-targeted social networking site is a prime channel that can help you to develop a brand name for your online business or service.

Just as there is a wrong and right way of using everything, similarly, here also the concept is same. There are some tactics which you should implement to make productive use of this platform; failing to do so may mean you don’t get the expected results.

In this post, we will discuss some effective ways in which you can use the Instagram platform to enhance the audience engagement and massive followers list.

How to get followers on your Instagram account

How to get Instagram followers is one of the major questions that are asked by newbies. There are five full-proof ways of adding more followers to your Instagram profile. Make sure that you implement these tactics very carefully because thousands of other people are also using it to get the desired results.

  1. Use of proper hashtags
  2. Posting at regular intervals
  3. Using the correct filters
  4. Sponsored product reviews
  5. Stealing the followers of your competitors

Now, let’s move a step ahead and discuss how each of the tactics above can be used to reach the goal.

#1. Using proper and appropriate hashtags

Well, hashtags play a major role in increasing followers on Instagram. And your goal is to hold the attention of the present audiences as well as growing the database at the same time. So, always make sure that you keep on posting new content and pictures that are appealing and attractive. Interesting posts attract the maximum audience. Engaging photos will route the readers to your site as well. Using related hashtags will enable users to search for your pictures and posts quickly. Do not just add the tags arbitrarily; make the required research to know about the trending ones.


#2. Posting at the right time

You just cannot post anything and at anytime. You need to find out the appropriate timing for the posts so that it can attract more of an audience. You are posting something to draw the attention of the audience, and so it is necessary that you find out the day of the week which serves at the best time to get the maximum readers. You can do this easily with the review report that we have already discussed above. It will help you to get a detailed analysis of your posting vs. engagement.

#3. Using the correct set of filters

Apart from keyword hashtags, there are several other factors that need attention too. And filters are among them. The community of Instagram responds to some photo filters more than others. Using these can enable you to get a better list of followers easily. Some popular filters include Gingham, Valencia, Clarendon, Ludwig, X-Pro II, etc.

You can use the available tools to review the Instagram account performance. It will help you to understand what is working for you and what is going negative.

#4. Sponsored product reviews

Optimized posting in the account is no doubt great, but if you want to bring more impact, then you need to go ahead and take advantage of the Instagram influencer marketing. This will give a broad exposure to your brand, bringing in a larger audience.

How to do this?

Now the main question that arises is how you can accomplish this? Well, just like the other tactics that are shared above, this is not free. But, if you do it in the right way, then it’s definitely worth the money you spent.

To start with the unusual tactics to grow your account, you need first to prepare a huge list of accounts that belong to your niche. For instance, if you are involved in selling beauty products, then you need to find some accounts from beauty bloggers. You can do this by searching with the use of closest hashtag keywords (already discussed in the above post.) While searching for these keywords you will not only come up with more related keywords but also the Instagram account featuring those keywords will show up on the search result list.

There are few things that you should look up in the profiles that appear in the results list:

  • Email address – Whether mentioned in the profile
  • Large following – Around 20k to 200k

When the email address is shared in the profile, it indicates that they are open to sponsored posts and you can directly email them asking the sponsored post pricing. The average rate ranges within $20-$50 per post, and it also depends on their size. In case, you are selling a product, which is unique and different, then you can also consider sending the product reviews as well as the posts.

#5. Stealing the followers of your competitor’s Instagram account

The best way to get more followers is to seek out for the Instagram accounts of your competitors and to get in touch with their audience. You can ensure that they can be your followers because they have already shown some interest in the products which your competitor is selling.

There are three kinds of Instagram engagement:

  1. Liking a picture
  2. Commenting on a picture
  3. Following a user


I have shared some essential tips in this post, and hopefully, they will come to use if you can manage things efficiently. The subject of Instagram as social media is vast and it is never possible to finish in one shot. Keep reading the following posts to know more about Instagram and other social media related tips.

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