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The Inventory Holding Cost Barometer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you considering making the jump into running an eCommerce business? With global B2C eCommerce projected to hit an astounding

One crucial decision for any business in retail, would be that of how you control your inventory – which in turn greatly impacts your supply chain, and ultimately the entire flow of your business as a whole. Should stock levels and inventory be mismanaged, issues such as inconsistent cash flow, sky-rocketing inventory holding costs and massive time and labor wastage may occur.

As inefficiencies in your supply chain and sales cycles build up, lost sales and disappointed customers will inevitably increase, with a potentially massive impact on your bottom-line and ultimate success of your company.

No two businesses are exactly alike, for we all have different operational needs. Thus, with the wide array of inventory holding techniques utilized today, what would be the ideal technique to adopt which would be right for your company?

  • Would it be Bulk Shipments?
  • Perhaps Cross-Docking as per Walmart?
  • On Consignment basis?
  • Or maybe even the increasingly popular technique of Drop Shipping?

Check out the various inventory holding techniques in the infographic below, and kick-start your eCommerce business’ road to success!

The Inventory Holding Cost Barometer


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