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A Successful Business Through Effective iPhone Apps

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Today’s business world has been transformed thanks to the emerging business trends along with technological advancements which have led to the development of various business development applications to boost our businesses.

Mobile applications allow business owners to track their progress and facilitate them to share docs, access CRM and even to manage their projects through their mobile phones.

iPhone as a Business Grooming Tool

It is interesting to analyze how iPhone has changed the prospects of conducting business. From managing your calendar to dictating voice memos to organizing your contacts, an iPhone is used as a business grooming tool by millions of users worldwide. People consume 79 minutes a day on iPhone applications. iPhone can be used to groom your business through its various applications and can also save valuable time which can be spent on other business related issues.

Stay in touch with your Business Contacts

A number of iPhone applications can allow you to always stay connected to your business contacts in your network. One such iPhone application is Contactually which allows users to make use of reusable email templates which also automatically updates the contacts’ information including their names, companies, job titles and makes it easier to follow your business contacts. It can also be used to send your personal introduction to any contact in your network.



Desk is an iPhone application which creates a single inbox for all your customer complaints and inquiries from various social media channels, live chat and email providing an easy solution for managing your business contacts’ queries and issues.




Converting Voice to Text

Dragon Dictation is an iPhone application by which you can create text messages or create emails. You can also update Facebook or Twitter profiles. A top-notch iPhone application, this application saves valuable time when you are busy and your business is always on the go.


dragon dictation


Scanning and E-mailing from anywhere

Genius Scan is an iPhone application which is designed to maintain a track of your business cards or other business documents while you are traveling or simply on your way back to home. By using the iPhone’s camera, it can scan documents which can also be emailed later.


genius scan


Developing an iPhone Application yourself or Hiring an Expert


hire an apple developer


The future of your business is in your palm really and how you employ your iPhone applications in order to further develop your business depends on you and your willingness to groom your business with the upcoming iPhone application developments. The question arises whether you want to develop a business grooming iPhone application yourself or will you hire a developer to design it for you.

You might be the best judge to understand what your business needs are but if you do not possess the technical skills to put them into practice, then it will be a good idea to ask an expert to help you in creating the the right business iPhone application for you. With the help of the right kind of business application for your iPhone, you will surely run a smooth and successful business.

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