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If You Really Need To “Multitask”, Then You Need To Do This!

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Every morning I open the newspaper, all I get to see is a new app being released, a new phone launched or a car having special features. All these signify only one possible thing- “ We are heading towards technology.”

Technology has helped us grow, our businesses to expand , do productive work and also conduct multiple jobs at a single point of time. But, this multitasking is the only reason for which we often produce nuisance within our minds and we are unable to meet our task deadlines. You must have read several articles on why we shouldn’t multi-task. A simple answer to this would be that you might just lose out on the most important tasks and instead of staying focussed on one thing which desperately needs attention, you tend to lose your concentration amongst the multiple work you do.

If You Really Need To Multitask, Then You Need To Do This

We need to understand that technology has grown advanced but not us human beings. We cannot stress our brains and push them to a level where it loses all its sharpness and dysfunctions at the end of the day.

Cloud Computing

Thus, the need is to upgrade the technology which facilitates multitasking. And talking about upgrading technology, Cloud Computing systems are the most talked about topic. It has been observed that the revenue (in billion US dollars) generated from Public Cloud Services has grown from 58.6 in 2009 to 154.69 in 2014. Current businesses use a lot of cloud computing system as a core part in their management processes. One of the most famous systems being the Cloud Telephony.

In my last article, I discussed the ways in which you can manage the tasks you are performing or you plan to perform. Therefore in this article I would like to introduce you to some of the practical ways by which you can perform multi-tasking (if you are really willing to) through a Cloud Telephony System.

Businesses are growing and the major concern is to drive prospective customers to the business and to do this, we need to keep in mind the interests of all our future clients. Therefore, I would like to discuss a few advantages of Cloud Telephony which helps you to multitask.

Here’s how you can start:

Record the customer conversations, whenever a customer calls.

This helps you to keep and maintain a database of your customer conversations.

How this helps in multitasking : How many times have you tried to recall what your customers had spoken to you about earlier? A lot of times, I guess! Now this is the real advantage of call recording. While you are talking to a customer, all you need to do is talk and listen and not put any effort to remember everything he/she is saying. The call recording system will do it for you.

So, the next time you plan to talk to the same person, all you need to do is listen to those recordings and then do your follow-up calls. Simple!

Insert a call tracking system for your callers.

This helps you to track all calls, the ones you are attending and the ones you are missing.

How this helps in multitasking: Isn’t it important to have the complete details of your callers, like where they have called from? Or in fact, is it always easy for you to get to those whose calls you missed while talking to some other person? No right! Because the moment we do this, we try to multi-task. Therefore, the call tracking system not only tracks all the incoming calls but it also gives the advantage to get back to your customers in no time! It tracks the date, time and the location of the callers, even if you miss their calls. Umm…smart!

Forward your customer calls, just by sitting at your seat.

This helps in not wasting time calling other people to attend the calls.

How this helps in multitasking: Isn’t it time consuming for the caller to stay on hold for a long period of time just to get connected to the right person to talk to? I’m sure it is! And moreover, it also creates a tension within your mind to leave your task at that point of time and run around to find the concerned person who could attend the call. Thus, you build up pressure in your mind to complete your own task and find that person. Call forwarding in cloud telephony makes it easier. How? Well, you can sit at your desk, and without moving a single step, dial the extension number on your mobile pad and your job is done! Isn’t that awesome?

Hence, you see Cloud Telephony is a real benefit for the business people as well as the callers. Less wastage of time, effective communication and superb connectivity, are the aspects it encourages.

Do you have some other relevant technologies which share such unlimited way of “Multitasking” ?


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