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Outsourcing Blogger Tasks to Increase Productivity

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Do you often think about expanding your blog but, at the end of the day, you find that there isn’t enough time? Don’t worry as you are not alone in this battle. Many bloggers do feel the same. Many blogger are already so busy doing everything on their own from content creation to social media marketing, optimizing the blogs to managing accounts and what not. All this not only divides their concentration but also decreases their productivity. A blogger hardly gets any time to work on expanding his blogs.


It’s time to reduce the work load

There comes a time when blogger do need a break, they feel burned-out and, cannot find more ideas for their blog. Do you feel the same? Just stop for a while and ask yourself what it is actually that is limiting you and what if you hire someone to help you out with all the hustle. If you really want to increase your productivity and expand your blog then outsourcing certain tasks is a great option.

Why should you outsource blogger tasks?

To find more time to create content

Many bloggers spend a lot of time dealing with the technical stuff, creating graphics, promoting their blog and thus, are barely left with any time to create awesome content for their readers. Remember that, content is your blog’s identity. Bloggers must concentrate more on creating content which is actually their expertise.

To attract readers

Blogging is not only limited to writing articles and publishing them. Many bloggers have started embedding videos and podcasts in their blog posts to increase their value. Along with this, they have to present their content well. Hence, bloggers need to include high-quality images and graphics in their posts as well. Managing all such stuff alone is quite difficult and time-consuming.

To create strong network

Bloggers have to connect to their readers to know more about them. Knowing the audience is really important so that the bloggers can create what the readers actually want. They need to know about their readers’ interests, issues, and viewpoints. Hence, bloggers need to maintain a strong network between them and their audience.

What to outsource?

The first step towards outsourcing tasks is finding what you really want to outsource. For this, you can make a list of everything that you do for your blog. These could be the things that you do on a daily basis, weekly basis or once in a while. Also, you can write down if there are any additional things that you want to do but, you are not actually doing right now for your blog.

What to outsource


Now, examine the list and find out what are the things that must be done by you only. These things should be your priority and you should spend more time on handling them. After that find, out what are the things that you cannot do or you need some help with. These could be the things that you can outsource.

Nowadays bloggers are hiring virtual assistants (VA) for different tasks such as blog management, promotions, dealing with the technical stuff and even in coming up with new ideas for the blog. The above task will help you identify what things should be outsourced according to your situation and skills.

But, here is a list of tasks that can be outsourced in general by bloggers:

#1. Blog management

Having a blog does not mean that you should be a techie also. If you find it difficult to manage the technical stuff of your blog then, you can hire a virtual assistant to manage and maintain the blog. The VA will handle the tasks like:

  • Setting up the blog
  • Designing the blog
  • Designing logo
  • Customizing themes
  • Taking back-ups regularly
  • Keeping the blog up-to-date
  • Updating the plugins
  • Managing accounts
  • Managing blog security

#2. Preparing content

One cannot just think about a topic and write content in minutes. The success of a blog post is dependent upon long hours of research and brainstorming. A virtual assistant can just cut down your burden by doing all the relevant research for you such as:

  • Coming up with a list of new topic ideas for the blog
  • Designing eBook
  • Researching facts about the topics
  • Analyzing your competitors
  • Finding popular keywords
  • Creating an outline for the blog posts
  • Storyboarding

#3. Content creation

Although writing the content of the blog should be solely a blogger’s task but, many bloggers nowadays hire content creators for their blogs. Even if you do not want to hire a writer, there are a number of tasks associated with content creation that can be outsourced such as:

  • Editing and proofreading the content
  • Creating graphics or finding appropriate images for the blog posts
  • Formatting the blog posts
  • Editing videos and podcasts
  • Providing transcripts for the videos and podcasts
  • Creating eBook formats
  • Designing eBook cover

#4. Managing content or blog posts

If your blog has many readers, numerous of blog posts then hiring a VA to manage the content can be really helpful to you. Also, if your blog is quite popular you might have to handle a lot of guest postings. A virtual assistant can manage your blog content by:

  • Uploading or publishing blog posts
  • Scheduling blog posts
  • Categorizing blog posts
  • Repurposing blog posts
  • Managing the guest posts
  • Adding tags to the blog posts
  • Creating or designing forms

#5. Promoting the blog

No content is good content without readers. There are a number of ways to promote a blog like guest posting, blog commenting, blog community, paid advertisements, SEO, and social media marketing. Still, many good bloggers have to deal with the struggle of getting an audience. Trying to manage everything on your own could be a reason for it. Thus, bloggers can outsource tasks like:

  • Sharing content to various social media platforms
  • Handling social media accounts
  • Handling blog community, Facebook groups, or forums
  • Designing social media graphics
  • Coming up with marketing strategies
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Managing email marketing
  • Advertising
  • Blog commenting

#6. SEO management

Search engine optimization plays a major role in attracting organic traffic to the blog.

It is a crucial part of a website that should be improved and worked upon every day. But, learning SEO may take time. Hence, bloggers can hire someone who is expert in this field. There a number of tasks that can be taken care of such as:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Preparing and analyzing reports
  • Coming up with an SEO strategy

How will the productivity be affected with outsourcing tasks?

Do not trap yourself anymore

Blogging is no more a one man show. It is more of a business and hence, its every aspect needs to be taken care of. Instead of trapping yourself into completing the tasks 24X7, just divide them with somebody. It does not mean that you need to outsource each and every task. Just pick the ones that are troubling you.

the productivity be affected with outsourcing tasks



First step towards your business

Even if you are a great blogger you might not be an expert in every field. You can use hundreds of software to manage your blog but, at the end of the day, you have to learn the technicalities on your own. Hiring somebody will help you in mastering everything very easily. You will be able to handle everything like a boss!

Get better results

You will be able to see better results in terms of earnings, rankings and attracting an audience. Hiring someone to manage tasks will not only help you in developing a bigger picture of your business-blog but, will also increase your productivity and will bring a sense of satisfaction as a blogger.

Make your blogging journey much more interesting

As you will divide your tasks you will feel less stressed. You will be able to concentrate on the things that are important rather than on everything. This would give you time to look for better ideas and opportunities for your blog.

Handle General Tasks easily

Sometimes a situation arises that you do not even have time to answer your emails. Some general tasks such as creating presentations and spreadsheets, organizing your cloud storage, or managing your files seem so huge. Even though these tasks seem simple but they require proper attention and time too. A VA can easily handle them for you.

You will widen your perspective

If you are putting 50% efforts in promoting and connecting to people on your own then, with additional help you will be putting 100% efforts, which is really great! You will be able to understand the market and your customers at another level.

So here is a clear picture of what tasks to outsource, and why to outsource. Managing so many things on all alone could be difficult and overwhelming for a blogger. What do you think about it? Are you already outsourcing your tasks? If yes, what are they? If not, then just think about it, make a list of everything and turn your blog into a business!

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