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Love It Or Hate It: Businesses Can’t Ignore Google+ Marketing

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Though Google+ is the newest of the big social networks, it has quickly become the second largest media platform after Facebook, boasting roughly 400 million active users. On the plus side, Google+ marketing offers handy features for business that other social media sites do not. Like it or not,

Here are a few reasons why:

# 1. Google has combined Google+ into their search algorithms. This means that your Google+ page may actually affect your SEO rankings. This has contributed to the major growth Google+ has seen as it now provides Google users with a “personal results” segment in their search results. An active company on the site will have more relevant content available for indexing into search results, and that will increase the range of their reach.

# 2. Google+ Circles are a way of dividing and organizing the people and pages you follow and you can keep your circles private or share them with the public. Setting up your circles is fairly simple and you can do however you want, however it is important to note that pages can’t add someone to their circle unless or until that person has circled them or mentioned them in a post. Building your audience and connections with Circles is similar to Facebook Likes in that after adding a page to your circle, you receive updates and content from them.

# 3. Google + Communities are groups that people and pages can join in order to have conversations about specific subjects. They allow businesses to find potential customers based on their interests and broaden the visibility of their page. Having conversations and contributing insight is a good way to establish your company as an authority and reputable source on a subject. Not to mention, this inspires more people to connect with your business and page.

# 4. Hangouts are another interesting and unique feature of Google+ marketing. Hangouts are basically video chats of up to 10 people at once and can be kept private or broadcast live, recorded, and put on YouTube. This video application lets companies broadcast team or client meetings, trainings, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and more  to a real-time audience or they can be recorded and posted for later use.

# 5. Google Authorship is another aspect of Google+ that authenticates your content. Essentially, this tells the search engine to “trust” you as a quality source for information. You “claim” blog posts and other content to verity them as credible sources. Although Google has never openly confirmed this, it’s likely that verified articles rank higher in Google searches because they’re deemed more trustworthy. Setting up Authorship is easy and it will increase the overall recognition of your page, help your content stand out, and increase your odds of showing up in personalized search results.

So are you on Google+ yet?

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