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How to Save Thousands of Dollars for Your Business Using Daily Deal Sites

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Whether you’re a small business, a startup or a big corporation with millions of dollars in hand there are always opportunities for you to

Keep Track of Deals

Most of the top deals sites have daily newsletters to keep their users updated about deals. I have personally subscribed to AppSumo, BitsDuJour, and Giveaway of the day. They cater to different markets which cover most of my needs. AppSumo leans towards web apps and online courses. BitsDuJour is focused on downloadable Windows and iOS applications. Giveaway of the day covers most things including mobile app giveaways.

By following them closely I must have saved thousands of dollars for myself and my company. Here are some of the deals I’ve gotten through them.

  • Google Analytic course by Jeffalytics. It’s one of the best courses at the moment to learn about Google Analytic. If you’re a small business owner or someone looking to get Google Analytic certification then I highly recommend this course. Regularly it costs $497 and I got it for $39 and it helped me get Google Analytic certified.
  • GetStencil unlimited plan for a lifetime. It’s one of the most popular apps for creating images for social media. It usually costs $20/month and I got if for a one time fee of $39. We use it regularly at Creately for more than 3 years now. If we purchased it via their site we’d have paid over $700 for it now.
  • SerpStat lifetime deal. It’s an SEO toolset which I use for my freelance work. SerpStat basic plan starts at $19/month and I’ve got it for $39. I’ve been using it for more than a year now which would have cost me over $200.
  • Some other deals where I can’t remember the pricing include lifetime access to a customized CrazyEgg plan, heavily discounted prices for a PDF Editor and a whole lot more.

As you can see I’m a big fan of lifetime deals. However, saving money is not the only benefit. You will get exposed to new tools and products every day. You’re sure to come across some aha moments where you’ll think the promoted tool can benefit you.

Look for Coupon Codes when Purchasing

Sometime you can’t wait for a deal to appear in your newsletter. Sometimes you need to buy thing right away. In such cases, there are plenty of sites that list coupon codes for some of the most popular stores in the USA and Europe.

Not only for physical products, you can find coupon codes for common services like web hosting, social media tools, marketing dashboards and many more things.

So whenever you want to buy something from a specific store then search for a coupon code for that store. You’re more than likely to find one.

In fact, studies have found rich and smart are more likely to use coupons than someone who is poor. Which is probably why they got rich in the first place, they don’t waste money that can be saved via coupons.

Look for Founder Deals/Startup Deals

If you’re just starting a business then be on the lookout for startup deals or founder deals. Founder deals come in different forms and shapes. Some offer you usage of their software free for a set period of time. Others give you a set amount of credits for free. Some even offer customized lifetime plans at a deeply discounted price.

They provide these products and services for free or at a very low cost because you’re less likely to leave once you start using a service. So once the free period is over or the credits run out you’re more likely to pay and upgrade the service. This is why products like HubSpot, Shopify are valued so highly by investors.

For example, let’s say you start using an SEO tool like Moz via a deal. It takes time to add the keywords you want to track, get familiar with the tools and finish rest of the setup. And if you’re switching to another tool then you will lose the keyword ranking history.Will you switch to another tool when the deal is over? Probably not.

So it’s important to first figure out your organization’s needs before looking for deals. If you start looking for deals first then you might be tempted to go for the bargain product even it doesn’t fulfill your organization’s goals.

These deals are mostly targeted towards startups but there is no reason why a small business can’t use them. Almost any business has a website and some online presence and you need tools to manage that. Most of those deals will help you get access to those tools at a very low price.

My favorite place to go looking is the FS6 deals section. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive set of deals which covers almost everything you need to start an online business.

Deal Sites Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

From using co-working spaces to mastering outsourcing there are many ways to save money as an entrepreneur. But making use of deal sites and looking for deals probably save you more money than any other method. The only drawback I can think of is you end up buying products you don’t need just because there is a deal. Don’t buy products if you think you might need them, just buy them if you know you’ll use them.

From the few examples shown above, I’ve saved over $1000 for myself and my company. In the long run, they will add up to thousands of more dollars. So if you’re still not using them now is the time to start.

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